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Pretty difficult for the first few miles on the Buckeye Trail portion, but still a lot of fun. The Towpath is a good break while you walk back. Some cool views along the way.

There are a couple trees/obstacles along the Buckeye Trail when I went; was not a problem though.

We were very happy with this trail. Enough space between elavations and beautiful scenery.

My son is in Boy Scouts and is working on his Hikkng Merit Badge. Great trial, while we were hiking there were Trail Angels of the Buckeye Trail fixing up part of the trail. They were courteous and kind people. Lots of elevation and saw many signs of wildlife. Would definitely recommend.

This starts at a Blue Hen Falls (or you could start at Boston Mills and take the Buckeye Trail connector to Blue Hen)...pops our behind the ski resort...takes the Towpath to Stanford House...and then follows the Stanford Trail to Brandywine Falls.
Some good challenging hills. Beautiful scenery. Not a marked trail though - needed to check the app frequently to make sure I was on the right route.

Maybe I took a wrong turn but this started out easy, but got very steep and kinda tough. Beautiful scenery, water and wildlife. Just not easy for someone with a bad knee. My dog loved it!

great but a little muddy.

Awesome hike! FYI - A potion of the trail takes you behind the ski resort.

I think the only way to enjoy this hike is after either a several week drought in the summer or weeks of below freezing in the dead of winter. The mid was really awful and it took us forever to finish due to all of the slipping and slopping. The best parts were that it is well marked, good ups and downs and of course Blue Hen Falls in the beginning.

Lovely. Muddy today but we only saw one person in five miles. Perfect for the dogs. Several stream crossings. Some good hills. Not for when the knees hurt.

4 months ago

coulda done with less mud but "spring", ealry march, is mud season so not much you can do... but was a great trail with great views

Fantastic hike. The first 4.8 miles are rough but if you get through that you get to a beautiful outlook at 4.8 miles. Also Blue Hen Waterfall is easily accessible from the trail. Very muddy but it’s that time of year. I did get off trail for a bit but it was easy to get back too.

Great section. Lots of ups and downs. Clearly marked blazes. Lots of great views.

Great loop through the woods with beautiful landscape that follows the Buckeye trail from Boston Mills to Jaite and returns on the towpath.

Well balanced trail with a lot of easier parts but some challenging climbs/descents. There were a lot of downed trees when I went down making it a bit more challenging in some spots

I wouldn't call it easy! Definitely has some good hills!

Perkins is hardly an easy trail. The first hill is killer and there are some really good ones after that. If you are doing both trails, it's more than 4.1 miles. If you do both, it's nearly 7 miles! I've done both several times.

How is the muddy hill now? When I went down it in June it was pretty treacherous and I slid. I also had a problem getting up it. It's the hill with a couple of wood stairs at the bottom and a creek. We'd like to do this one again, but, I want to make sure that hill is passable now.

Nice moderate trail with a few decent accents. Nothing too strenuous. Nice views, quiet and once away from the falls area--few to no others on the trail. Nice day hike.

10 months ago

Really nice trail! I usually start at Boston Store and turn around at Jaite.

I agree with the review below that says that the trail averages moderate. There is a nice ridge walk here that is easy breezy, but there are some serious climbs as well.

If you continue past Jaite, the trail can get pretty sloppy and rough with mud.

Challenging and fun! We did this as part of a loop starting at the Boston Mills Visitor Center. We continued from here to Jaite, at which point we walked down Vaughn Rd to the Towpath. Took the Towpath back to the Visitor Center.
We will definitely hike this part again!

Moderate to difficult trail. Not for beginners. Nothing exceptional outside of wooded trails. Definitely challenging. Would like to revisit in the fall to see the foliage.

I like this trail listed as moderate, however I would say it averages moderate. The reason I'd take moderate as the average is because this trail goes from really kicking your butt with elevation change to fairly flat and easy. This trail should be listed as hot and cold! I loved it!

I actually did 2 miles more by exploring the blue blaze off the other side of the extension parking lot. It offered more elevation change and I was looking to achieve a personal record. The extra mile out took me to Brandywine parking lot and I turned around and hiked the mile back for an even 10 miles. Great work-out and everything is marked very well.

Great trail! 5 or 6 nice inclines.. Well maintained.. Not a lot of scenic views but there is a neat creek near the beginning to check out. Will definitely do it again!

Friday, July 14, 2017

The draw here is variety...nice woods and some open fields. Starting and ending at Kendall Lake is easiest in terms of finding one's way. (You can get to it from the parking lots on Quick Road and the trails are marked but it's a bit more touch and go.) This trail gets away from the roads and that means low traffic noise. It's a good distance and some worthy elevation changes. (The local schools use this trail as their cross country track, ergo the name.)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Great . Come with water and food ! Up , up , up you go . Be prepared for that !

fun day hike. good amount of inclines. don't underestimate the mud

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I'm going with Colin on this one. This is the hardest trail I've done in CVNP and we've done most of them. This trail should be rated Difficult and not Moderate. There are several hills and at one point it seems there is one after the other. One hill was very muddy and difficult to get down (and up coming back). I slid on that one even with hiking boots on. Fortunately, there was a stream at the bottom and I got most of the mud off. Looking forward to doing this one again mid-summer.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

In my opinion this is the hardest section of the BT in the CVNP. I have done this section a few times because I like the challenge and it a good workout if you make it one. Some of the climbs are pretty steep and relatively frequent. I would say that this be rated hard because this should not be in the same category as other moderate rated trails in the area that is for sure. Love the challenge of it though. I have done harder trails elsewhere but this one is one of the harder in north east Ohio.

Monday, December 26, 2016

This was a great trail, but with the stream very high and flowing fast today, we weren't able to cross and only made it a mile and a half before having to turn around. Will definitely come back again.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Parked a car at both trail heads and hiked from Jaite to Blue Hen in about 2 hours. Come close to the freeway at one point and must cross one road, otherwise felt removed. A decent variety of views and terrain; well worn path is easy to follow. Recommend waterproof boots for the rainier months and for crossing a small stream.

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