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All the trails at EastFork are great, the only request I would have would to add more trail markers as some of the trails share common links and its easy to get off course.

Nice trail. Trails aren’t marked all that well in places, so this app came in real handy. Just open it up and make sure you are on the right path.

Fun trail with great views and wildlife. It’s longer than the 4.4 miles the app says.

15 days ago

This is a very good area for a quick hike or walk. The brochure indicates there are 3.74 miles of hiking trails. We went back to back days after a rain and the falls were flowing a decent amount. There is a nice picnic area with four picnic tables close to the trailhead. Most of the trails are covered by a canopy of forest trees.

love this trail for a short local trail. beautiful waterfall!! gravel path makes it nice for when most places are swamped with mud.

trail running
1 month ago

Easy trail with primarily gravel surface. Good option if you're trying to minimize mud while seeking a trail/nature setting.

This was our first time on the trail. We absolutely loved it. From the car down to the creek is just a few minutes. The views by the creek are just beautiful. We decided to go off the beaten path some to get to the playground for the kids. Some spots we had to climb over trees nothing too difficult. Plenty of places to wade in the water. Possibly our new favorite trail.

I attempted one single trek of this back on Tuesday May 1st. The weather couldn’t have been better!! Check out my most recent group of photos. Some portions of the trail were still soggy muddy from horse tracks, especially near the campgrounds area. That’s my only dispute on the trail as a whole- the perimeter should be strictly hiking only to keep from the large puddles and dips from lasting. There are plenty of horseback trails in the park: Cascade and Red Fox trails to name a few. I didn’t complete the entire trek on Tuesday. I stopped at the turnaround on the dam at Slade Rd. I had severe stomach and kidney pain on top of my feet killing me. It was tough! Lol I began at the park office at Bantam and went east, around the lake passed camps 2 and 3 and then to the campgrounds. I did deviate from the trail then and walked southwest on Park Rd 4 to the the North Shore boat launch. After resting the Sun had fallen over the trees with night approaching and I walked the lake shoreline around the north cove (a total bitch!!) of Slabcamp Run and then around to the Slade Rd turnaround where my girlfriend graciously picked me up. It was black night by then. Roughly 30 miles in all and 14 hours later! Next time I won’t be so stubborn and cut down on the pace and camp overnight along the way. I love Eastfork though and make it a must to take care of the trails and nature.

2 months ago

Great warm up trail. 8 miles from trailhead to Camp 2. Frequent water access along the way. Many vistas of lake. Very well marked with red blazes that are faded in most spots, but you also follow blue blazes almost the whole time.

We opted for roads on the way back due to time, burgeoning injury, and novel scenery. Saved A LOT of energy and time.

Pretty mucky in areas when we went this weekends. Last two miles (eastern half of loop) was big altitude swings. Camp 2 had tiki torches, fire rings, wood shelters, and easy access to water.

Enjoyable camping!

Well maintained and marked. Nice wooded area walk.

shred the gnar!

3 months ago

Super muddy and the trails and not all clearly marked.

Went there after a good rain and the falls were flowing well. The path was dry and good to use. Family enjoyed listening to the water and exploring :)

3 months ago

Easy hike. Takes about 2 hours give or take. Was sloppy but I expected as much. Not very well marked, but that’s what gps is for. I will be frequenting as it warms up.

4 months ago

We’ve done this hike a couple of times and my dogs enjoyed it as well.

4 months ago

I've been on this trail several times recently and find it to be ideal for working up to longer distances and/or overnight camping, or breaking in boots and new gear. The full out-and-back hike to campsite #2 (?) can be broken up into a variety of shorter loops and has several bail-out points to roads. It is not a remote wilderness experience of course but once you are familiar with it, becomes a go-to "backyard" walk/run/bike in the woods if you live on the east side of Cincinnati. It is one of the few longer trails in the area.

Pretty scenery and well marked. The trail was extremely wet and made it kind of slow and difficult, but I guess that’s what I get for going in February!

5 months ago

Slippery and slow but very technical for running.

trail running
6 months ago

Love this little place for an easy run. Well kept and beautiful.

Decided to go while everything is still frozen. It was amazing. Trail was easy even snow covered.

7 months ago

Love this trail hiked it a few times, can get muddy during the wet seasons.

trail running
8 months ago

Park at the mountain bike trailhead. All other documentation states this is a 14 mile trail. Most of the trail is poorly marked, especially the first section. Stick to the red trail markers, they were very faded and extremely difficult to see. The majority of the trail is single track. If you're running, watch out for tree roots, I found many buried under the leaves. Lots of thorns on the last bit before the loop and the loop itself, some where at head height, so watch out! It had rained for about 20 hours prior to my run but was not overly muddy. The leaves provided the most difficulty. I saw at least a dozen dear, maybe more! Overall it was a good run that was not overly challenging, exactly what I needed to try out some new shoes.

Not bad. I wish there was a decent map for the perimeter trail on here. I think it's 28 miles long.

One of my favorite close to home short hikes. Great to take the dogs also.

9 months ago

Nothing to write home about, but some decent views. trail is poorly marked and a lot of horses and mountain bikes as well.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

This is a very nice spot to o for a nice hike with options for several different pathways. Areas to rest with streams along the trails.

Friday, June 16, 2017

It was super muddy when we went and the trails weren't well marked.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Good moderate difficulty trail. Not very scenic. Mostly woods - you do get a peak of the lake occasionally.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Parked at the first lot on the right off Slade Rd off 222. Walked towards the woods and ended up on the Buckeye Trail. Was a great hike with my dog. We loved the scenery and the waterways that we passed, crossed and waded through. Excellent hike. We will be going back!

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