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Great challenges between OM Cave and CF. Lots of fun. Made up for parking lot crowds

Saturday and Sundays they have a shuttle if you hike the long trails that will take you back to your original destination. 10.00 each but worth it if you’re tired

Challenging but beautiful! Went on a Saturday and was heavily populated with hikers! Trail walkers are the best! Smiling and having fun

Did this route today. Was really fun. Have not run in Hocking Hills for 30 years. Trails were only muddy in a few places. Maps everywhere making you able to connect trails for a nice loop. Good workout.
Running here you have to understand there are time you will stop or slow down for hikers. I prefer that on long slow runs. Helps me keep an easy pace. All the hikers were super friendly. Water was cool. Plan to run here again. Just wish Ohio had more elevation.

25 days ago

Beautiful. Very kid friendly.

Amazing! This was so much fun! So tiring though, so worth it! There are a lot of people who do this route (not the full amount just sections) but it was breath taking really great view!

1 month ago

Hiked this in the winter time and it was truly magical. We hiked through some really icy patches, yak trax were 100% necessary in the lower gorge. We hiked through beautiful frozen falls and springs in every direction. We will definitely make the trip in the winter again this year for the beautiful experience.

1 month ago

Nice. Would be fabulous when falls are flowing fully.

The cave is very cool and much less crowded than the others. Definitely worth checking out

I did the section of this trail from Old Mans cave to Cedar Falls and it was my favorite section in the entire area. Particularly the section from Hemlock bridge to cedar falls is spectacular. Definitely recommend it. Doing the longer side trails allows you some privacy from the main groups who park right at the main attractions, also one of the best cliffs and waterfalls is on this trail.

Great mix of popular sightseeing and bushwacking/trail blazing. Follow the blue trail markers up to Old Man's Cave, then the white trail markers back down to the trailhead

2 months ago

Another heavenly masterpiece
Nice paved trails
Not crowded on weekdays

3 months ago

A short trail and uphill climb lead to another beautiful stone outcrop with an amazing waterfall slowly dropping into an azure pool amongst the sandy floor. Another humbling experience that can't be missed when you visit the park. The trail to the cave is around 1 mile.

on Ash Cave

3 months ago

Absolutely my favorite trail in Hocking Hills. We went in mid-March and it lightly snowed making everything even more beautiful. It is an easy trail that is paved about 80% of the way. The upper rim trail is not paved but is easy as well.

5 months ago

Beautiful, easy, not too crowded. Went in late December. The falls were starting to freeze and were gorgeous!

6 months ago

Very easy short hike to picturesque rock overhang with waterfall and shallow pool.

6 months ago

beautiful views

7 months ago

Easy trail with a great view at the end. Definitely recommend to put this on your must see list when visiting the Hocking Hills area.

Went on 10/21/17. Ample parking at trail head. I would rate the trail as mildly difficult (there are not many flat areas to walk, a good portion of the trail is on a decline down to the cave and incline back up). It took us an hour to walk down to the cave and back up to the parking lot. Age ranges on the trail varied from young to older, also saw several dogs on the trail. It was very busy and some of the trail is very narrow making it a little more difficult to safely walk past other people. My 10 year old daughter needed some help with parts of the trail (on some of the steeper declines). The cave is very large and pretty, though not as impressive as others in the area. It does have a lot of large rocks to sit on to rest while looking at the views (but with so many people in the cave at once, it turned more into a people-watching event). There was a small waterfall but it had dried down to a few drips (there hasn't been much rain in the area lately).

nature trips
8 months ago

My first trip to Ash Cave. We wanted an easy walk after finishing our hike at the Whispering Cave trail, so we took the accessible trail which was beautiful, lots of things to look at on the way. I have been to Old Man's, Rock House and Whispering Cave and this is the most impressive of them all. The 100 ft waterfall was beautiful and we were able to play in the stream. The cave was busy but not overly crowded. Someone was using the cave for their wedding at the time and there was also someone who had set up a xylophone and was playing (which made for an interesting sound throughout the cave). Still plenty of room to wander around. Can't wait to go back and check it out this winter when the waterfall is frozen.

8 months ago

I believe this is the mile loop that goes around Pike Lake. Not the longest or most scenic trail but it is a nice walk around the lake. No real elevation change or any difficulty. Nice view of the lake around the entire trail. It's also a great place to camp for the weekend. No cell service but the park does have hot showers, flush toilets and running water.

Overlook mostly overgrown. "Waterfall" at the cave was just a couple of drops, hardly an actual waterfall. Heavily trafficked, but ample parking. Cave is large and less crowded than Old Man's Cave but almost as impressive. As with the rest of the area, you will have ZERO cell service.

9 months ago

tough walk

9 months ago

Just gorgeous!!!

4 days ago

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13 days ago

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