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For birding, this hike can't be beat!

Really nice trail! Great views of the reservoir right next to it and was empty. Took the eagle trail to get a little closer to the lake and the Maple Highlands trail back. Very nice hike.

Great hike beautiful area with great views of the lake.

We did the entire perimeter loop for 12.8 miles. There were really good stretches of this hike but the two sections where you have to walk on the road to get around the lake were kind of a bummer. Not at all strenuous, beyond just a longer distance. I enjoyed it but there are much better day hikes elsewhere and prob wouldn’t come back. Trail was well marked and maintained.

Had one of my best hiking experiences here. Yesterday was my first time there and I cannot wait to go back. So serene and the trails were definitely moderate which I enjoy. I only did 6 miles but it was great! I highly recommend this place for some great spiritual hiking.

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed this hike. The trail was well maintained, and we enjoyed the scenery- lake, 2 waterfalls, limestone cliffs, a beautiful visitor’s center and the pioneer village. We encountered just a few hikers/runners, and most of the trail was away from road noise. The hills were moderate and the trail was easy to navigate. We decided we would like to do this loop again in the spring and enjoy the wild flowers.

Great hiking experience. A few muddy/slick spots after a rain overnight. Nice moderate rated trail. Recommend hiking the loop counterclockwise as reviewed in other posts.

Great trail. Felt very secluded. There is a portion of road that is highly traveled that I didn’t care for but Is needed to make the loop. Definitely need hiking boots due to wet areas. Second half after the road was hard to follow sometimes due to wooded areas not marked as well. Wore out my Labrador!

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3 months ago

I love this trail! The trail is well marked so you won’t get lost. It’s full of fun swimming holes with a couple of rope swings and logs to take a breather on. It’s good for walking or running but I wouldn’t bike it because there are a ton of trees in the middle of the muddy path.

This was a very scenic and well marked trail! We finished it yesterday and with the leaves changing, made it a beautiful hike!! I would do the Lakeshore Trail again!!!

I hiked this trail yesterday. It was very peaceful. I like that they maintaine the pathway. If it gets too wet or muddy they put boards, logs, or rocks down. The trail does need to be marked better in a few places though. Especially towards the end. I have no doubt this is probably an awesome trail for bike riding but not one of my favorites for hiking. Oh, also, the trail says 7.2 miles. By the time I was done I was at 8.25. So maybe plan a little extra time in your trip if you decide to hike this trail.

One of my favorite hikes in Ohio. The views of the lake do not disappoint. The landscape changes various times to keep the hike very interesting. I hiked the trail counter clock wise.

hiked this trail today. great trail, well marked. spent about a mile on the road in the middle and near the end. didn't see another person the whole way today.

Absolutely fantastic scenery, was continuously surprised all the way around. At times you are right up next to the water, and other times in the thick of the woods. The eastern half felt more remote. Can link up this route with the George Loop trail to avoid some of the road travel. Very well maintained route - quite possibly the best day hike in Ohio.

This is the blog post and review written by my wife4.

Nice hike. I stretched it out to 15.9 with a couple of the side trails thrown in. Will definitely do it again possibly take the Buckeye Trail further north from the bridge to the north end of the lake and back. Lost my Fitbit in the last couple of miles before you get to the bridge on the west side if anyone comes across it:)

State park trail that is fully paved with a lot of traffic. Nice area that is family oriented offering parks and campgrounds. Includes Glacier Grooves which is an amazing section of trail that captured the glaciers movements across the region during the last ice age. For this reason alone I give the trail a 4 star. Definitely worth seeing if you're into that kind of thing.

Bikes not allowed! Found this out too late and still had a nice time on trail despite pushing bike. Surface has both dirt and gravel but has a boardwalk for a large portion of trail. Scenic view of marsh and surrounding woods. Some overhead canopy along with some wildlife. Scenic outting I'd definitely do again.

This is a long hike (13.4 miles for me) with some short uphill sections. The trial has lots of tree roots so watch your steps.

I was there on a very warm Saturday in mid-September and there were NO bugs the entire 13 miles! This was HUGE plus!

The South part of the lake is much prettier than the north-east side.

There are no functioning drinking fountains at the restrooms so I had to drink from the sinks. That was a negative.

I would give this a 3.5. The trail was a little overgrown.

The trail is poorly marked at times, so take your time! I had to use my map quite often and the 7.9 miles turned in to 13, which i didn't mind so much because I wasn't on a time crunch. There are a few challenging areas and plenty of beautiful views. I didn't care for the on road section, as it's a heavily traveled state route.

Nice hike on a hot day as your under a canopy of trees in a marshland. nice observation deck and access to the state park beach. Saw a few deer along the way. Very relaxing and well maintained

4 months ago

Terribly overgrown! Could only stand to hike half of the loop. Spiders everywhere.

Great hike with plenty of cover for a out of the sun. Nice Beach area south of the busy main beach.

partially overgrown sometimes
mindful of road

5 months ago

I love walking out here... I only wish it were longer.

Absolutely love this location and all the options it has to offer for family and friends. So many memories have been made here

I’m so happy we chose salt fork! Rent camped at Bigfoot Ridge and it was just perfect.

Okay trail. I used it for running and got lost which is probably my own fault but the trails were a bit overgrown and very technical. I would recommend this trail for hiking and enjoying nature rather than running. Very beautiful had I taken the time to enjoy it.

Whole family(dogs included) love this trail .especially lower section close to lake,

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