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Decent overall, but trail could use some maintenance. Also, I went today (March 12, 2018) and two significant portions of the trail were completely underwater.
Two stretches are along roads, one of which is quite busy.
Some nice secluded stretches and a pleasant stroll through Pioneer Village.

Really nice trail. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do all of it due to all the flooding. I would recommend waiting if it’s been raining a lot during the week or checking the water level before you go. Because, a lot of the trail is right next to the lake.

I love to walk my dog here. It's very close to my house!

Great trail, kinda reminded me of the Burr Oak Backpack Trail but half the distance, lots of views of the lake, a little sketchy hiking along route 73 and on the bridge, the whole trail was challenging yet fun due to the week of on and off rain prior and a layer of leaves which then turned it into a "slip n slide", all in all I enjoyed it and will return

trail running
5 months ago

Well kept trail. Unexpectedly sandy in places. Beautiful beach and view of Lake Erie grace the northern half of the loop. However, chased by a basset hound... people, please keep your dogs on leashes, or train them otherwise. All in all, great 3 mile jog.

mountain biking
6 months ago

For a short period of time, this trail was changed to bi-directional. It has since changed back to CW only and the bi-directional signs have been taken down. There has been a group dedicated to maintaining the trail and it has been in excellent condition. There are also talks of additional trail being added along with a donation bin and new trailhead entrance at the north end of the mountain bike parking lot.

nice and quiet, very pretty. highly recommend!

Two eagle's nest and one visible adult eagle by parking lot. Makes this a 4 star. Boardwalk has a lot of brush on it but I guess they want it that way.. Poor signs to guide your way. Beach is suppose to be natural but it's fun to walk down and enjoy.

Best hike I've done in Ohio! Challenging in areas, I loved that it got hilly and narrow. However, didn't like that parts of it were on the main road. Make sure to pay attention to signs because it's easy to get off track to other trails at some parts (I recommend taking a phone picture of the trail markers to refer to). Also, according to the maps the trail is actually 13 miles not 11 and takes roughly 5 hours.

Great hike! Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of the slightly sketchy highway walk.

It's a good trail maintained pretty well if you do the whole loop bring lunch

Nice, quick hike with helpful signs along the way. The trail is very narrow in some spots, so if you don't like being hit by branches, long pants are a good option here.
The lower trail has beautiful views of the lake along the way and it wouldn't be a terrible idea to take that route both ways as there's nothing too remarkable on the upper trail.
There's a nice dock towards the last leg of the lower trail, so if you're wanting to have lunch/dinner here that would be the perfect spot. Enjoy! This is certainly a beautiful park with lots to see and do!

Short nice hike

this trail has what all different ohio trails have combined into one trail. it was exhilarating running a quarter mile over the interstate bridge, while it was down pouring. yes it was a torrential down pour for 80% of the hike. I recommend this trail for anyone who really enjoys what secluded hiking is.

Really nice trail. Best in Ohio I've seen, perhaps second behind Hocking Hills. worth a trip

Good for horses only. Too much flies and horses shit

nice variety of paths from beginner to intermediate. plenty of maps and location tags to keep you on trail. Getting hot? Follow the signs to lakefront walking to cool down. Great.

easy walking on the boardwalk, varied views with a bird sightings, great beach access. Perfect for newbie walkers.

Trails are a little complicated but so much to see!

9 months ago

Nice easy place to go for a run. Pretty scenic and right on the reservoir.

This is an absolutely amazing trail, it's not perfect but the challenge is sweet. It's a little root riddled in areas when dry and makes for a lump ride and a swap currently (May 15th, 2017). I won't likely return until I'm sure it's completely dry. I came to hike the whole loop and 95% of the trail is a swap. I've gone 3 miles in 1.5 hours mostly on a trail of logs and dry patch jumping. It's totally kicked my butt. Also when you finish do a thorough check for ticks or shower here in the camping area, they're nice. Cheers

did white A loop at end of April..nice walk by the lake and past a cemetery

walked blue trail 4-23-17..nice trail.took little over 3 hours...says it's 12 miles on map

11 months ago

Very nice, very scenic, peaceful. There's some real nice views of the reservoir, and some small feeder creeks with waterfalls.
Lots of birds. I was very fortunate to see the bald eagle in his nest.
The Buckeye Trail (not the Maple Highlands trail which parallels it in areas) are hard pack 10' wide and smaller off shoot trails are 3' wide hard pack gravel.
Very little in the way of elevation changes, all fairly mild.
Definitely not the Appalachian Trail but pretty with good exercise.
Great for simple hikes and enjoyment.
Like the guide says 2 miles in and 2 miles back.
At a simple relaxed walking pace round trip is about 2 hours.
Very nice campgrounds with great views of the lake.

11 months ago

great trail, perfect for a 5hr day hikes. very muddy, though

We did the entire Blue Bridal trail. This was very challenging! There wasn't much break time between inclines and declines and this time of year is very muddy! It takes much more strength and endurance than drier months.

Also, we stuck with the trail and it was 8 miles, but I started recording from the parking lot because it was a good 1/4-1/2 mile to the trail head. We weren't certain we could park at trail head because it is for horses.

Nice fun trail. Really good views
But to many side trails That don't line up with the map..

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This trail shows up under dog friendly, but it is not :(

Lovely views of both the lake and the dam made this a nice longer trail. Well marked trails made it easy to traverse. Only downside was the amount of trail that was on the surrounding roads. Would recommend if you are looking for a 10+ mile trail to knock off the winter rust from your hiking boots.

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