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9 days ago

Great trails and well maintained. Campsites have water and pit toilets available. great place to start backpacking.

We hiked this trail in late July and enjoyed large portions of it. The portion of the trail north of campground 3 was disappointing though. There were spider webs across the path probably about every 100 feet so you couldn’t really enjoy the hike or sites without that constant distraction.

This trail is super difficult. We only made it about 1 mile out and realized it was out of our access. Lots of bugs even with bug spray so be prepared. The trail does not seem to be maintained well either.

20 days ago

Beautiful Hike. My wife and I did the full 26.8 mile hike today! Definitely a challenging hike to complete in one day and took us just over 11 hours. The trails are well marked and well maintained. We will be back.

22 days ago

Ran across a few things that I wasn't expecting to see on the trail. At some point there must of been a obstacle race here and 4 of the obstacles are still up. The trail is not marked and by lightly used they mean that the other reviewer and I are probably the only ones that have been on it in months. There were several, and by several a mean a few dozen, spider webs that I attempted to clear out of my way but still ended up covered in webs by the end of the hike. The lake views were pretty and the trail was decent. Nothing too strenuous, but I would recommend using a hiking stick for help on the one steeper incline with the rope and to clear away spider webs.

needs maintenance

25 days ago

nice overnighter, lots of up and down hills. well marked trail

All the trails at EastFork are great, the only request I would have would to add more trail markers as some of the trails share common links and its easy to get off course.

If you like walking in the woods, along a river, by a water fall, climbing a fire tower, looking over a gorge, being almost alone in nature, then this trail is for you! This is one of my favorite trails in Ohio. Starting at Pleasant Hill Dam and going to the Lyons Falls Trail, most of the up and down hill hiking will be on the first half of the 10 mile hike. After crossing the bridge where the cabins are and near the main campground, the path is a level hike along the Mohican River and through the woods. Wonderful sights and smells of nature!

1 month ago

We did this loop as a family camping/backpacking summer trip. Our 5 kids ages 16 to 1 1/2 enjoyed it most of the time although some of the terrain was pretty intense for the younger ones. We started going clockwise at 11am on a Saturday and only met 3 other hikers before we got to the halfway camp by 3. Trail was well marked and several campsites/water crossings along the way. Hiked out Sunday in 4 hours and saw nobody. Beautiful trail and private. Would not do this trail again in 95+ degree weather but it would be a great spring/fall trip.

1 month ago

I read all of the reviews before I left and Nothing in those reviews prepared me for this trail. The hills on this trail are intense and you will spend miles at a time going uphill. If you go counterclockwise the beginning is nice and relaxing but once you hit mile 4 the trail gets intense. It was well maintained but muddy everywhere. Its a nice trail that was well maintained but it should be listed as hard not moderate. The views were also not as exciting as I expected after all of the hype. It was exactly what you'd expect to see standing on the side of a mountain but nothing special.

Great hike. Can’t wait to do it again.

Very strenuous! The hills are steep...... I recommend bringing trekking poles as they are needed ( I’ve never used trekking poles until this trip) The Park has both a North and South trail. If doing both as one large loop it is 40 miles. There is water at or near every campsite. Also there is a fire tower that you can climb to the top of for a great view on the way to camp 1. If you are only doing half of the loop be prepared for a 5 mile road hike on a busy 2 lane state route back to the trailhead. Again this trail is very strenuous and will test your endurance!

i love hiking here, it's close to my work and there is not a lot of foot traffic so i can really enjoy my time in nature, trail are well marked and maintained.

Even after 4” of ran the previous day not really muddy. Creeks higher tricky to pass. Never saw a soul. Moderate. 2 mph possible for an out of shape old guy. Camp anywhere!

my wife and I were here about 3 weeks ago and the trail was really nice and enjoyable until the second day. we had camped about 6 miles in to the trail loved the campsite it was right next to the creek. upon us leaving the next day to finish the hike we noticed the trail markers strated to go away there weren't as many and the amount if huge trees down in the trail was ridiculous the trail at that time was not maintenance at all.

Did loop midweek and had trail and Campsite#3 to myself. Well marked. Water at campsite is nice. Some spots are muddy after a rain but passable.

I love this place! It’s my go to hike! No where better in my eyes

I attempted one single trek of this back on Tuesday May 1st. The weather couldn’t have been better!! Check out my most recent group of photos. Some portions of the trail were still soggy muddy from horse tracks, especially near the campgrounds area. That’s my only dispute on the trail as a whole- the perimeter should be strictly hiking only to keep from the large puddles and dips from lasting. There are plenty of horseback trails in the park: Cascade and Red Fox trails to name a few. I didn’t complete the entire trek on Tuesday. I stopped at the turnaround on the dam at Slade Rd. I had severe stomach and kidney pain on top of my feet killing me. It was tough! Lol I began at the park office at Bantam and went east, around the lake passed camps 2 and 3 and then to the campgrounds. I did deviate from the trail then and walked southwest on Park Rd 4 to the the North Shore boat launch. After resting the Sun had fallen over the trees with night approaching and I walked the lake shoreline around the north cove (a total bitch!!) of Slabcamp Run and then around to the Slade Rd turnaround where my girlfriend graciously picked me up. It was black night by then. Roughly 30 miles in all and 14 hours later! Next time I won’t be so stubborn and cut down on the pace and camp overnight along the way. I love Eastfork though and make it a must to take care of the trails and nature.

3 months ago

Another great trail to day hike to see the Spring wildflowers.l go out each Spring.

3 months ago

Great warm up trail. 8 miles from trailhead to Camp 2. Frequent water access along the way. Many vistas of lake. Very well marked with red blazes that are faded in most spots, but you also follow blue blazes almost the whole time.

We opted for roads on the way back due to time, burgeoning injury, and novel scenery. Saved A LOT of energy and time.

Pretty mucky in areas when we went this weekends. Last two miles (eastern half of loop) was big altitude swings. Camp 2 had tiki torches, fire rings, wood shelters, and easy access to water.

Enjoyable camping!

You can park near the camp office. The loop trail starts at point "A" between the parking lot and the camp office on the north side of the road. Each point is marked well. You have a great chance of seeing deer on this trail. I've hiked it several times and seen deer almost every time.

3 months ago

The trail begins at the very end of the camping road. There is no signage or markings for the trail. Hopefully, in the future the ODNR can add them. There is a steep hill to climb/descend where a rope was added to aid you. There is also a tire crawl to cross a creek. The trail is 1.25 miles one way.

3 months ago

I purchased the guide for this trail at least 8 years ago, if not longer. Never got to go before a left the country for a few years. Finally, went last weekend. Really enjoyed the trail. It's much longer than the 9 miles on the old guide, but the topo map on this site seems accurate. The hiking app on my phone came up with just shy of 14 miles.

We arrived at the trailhead by the cemetery just before noon (after missing the turn on Shay Ridge Road because Waze didn't load enough maps prior to losing cell signal, so we had an unplanned visit to New Matamoras). There were already 6 or 7 cars parked there, but there was still space for at least one more after we parked.

We took the counterclockwise direction toward the cave and natural bridge. The vast majority of the trail was in good condition with few muddy spots. The trail had been improved since my guide was made with switchbacks replacing what had previously been straight up the hill ascents or descents. This added about 1 1/2 to 2 miles to the trail on either side of the campsites in the middle. It seems like we saw a couple of campsites within the first couple of miles. There were several near the midpoint. There were also several on the second half of our trip, so while we hiked about 7 miles before stopping, it appears that there are options for that distance +/- 2 miles regardless of which direction you travel.

We had decided that we didn't want to mess with pumping or purifying water, so we had driven down and around to TWP 427, which is shown on the AllTrails map, and dropped off a 2 1/2 gallon jug of water there. When we hiked back around to that point, we passed one small campsite and stayed at another that was near where we left the jug. TWP 427 was passable with a Highlander to the point where the creek and the trail cross the road. We may have been able to cross the creek, but I was just caching water and didn't need to risk getting stuck. While were we camping there, a group of two Gators came down the road after dark. We also heard at least one go up the road in the morning.

While we encountered 4 groups on Saturday, we didn't see any when we hiked out on Sunday. There are a lot of sites with past or current oil wells. While it isn't shown on the AllTrails map, there is a section of trail that we encountered on the second day, that starts at the summit above TWP 427 and follows an dirt road. It was sort of boring.

It was a good hike. Would do it again.

Super muddy, which is to be expected in Spring. Much of the trail is a mowed path with overgrowth beside it. Only small parts are actual wooded hiking trails.

3 months ago

I hiked the Lakeview Trail all the way around the lake today. I would say 50% was easy, 25% moderate, and 25% hard. There was a lot of damp spots, some so wet you could not pass and had to climb up rough terrain to make your own path to get around. Only experienced and agile hikers should attempt this feat. It was 8.05 miles long in my Samsung Hiking app, and 7.6 miles on the Alltrails app.

We've done the north loop, it was beautiful but pretty tough. Heavy rain can make the creek a little scary, but it's largely avoidable. the campgrounds are nice, especially having the access to water. Go early on weekends, the parking lot seems to fill up quickly.

4 months ago

I remember doing this trail 3 years ago and yes it was great for an overnight 2 day hike we had several hiccups where we just winged it on navigation. the trail was slightly overgrown and not well marked. with the help of good guessing and land navigation we made it. did make the trip more interesting and kept you on your toes. so if your not good with land nav./ gps tracker id advise against this trail.

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