Watford City

43 reviews
20 days ago

Have been going nearby to Watford City for work frequently and finally thought of finding a nearby hiking trail after many boring nights in the hotel fitness center. Checked out reviews and this looked like a great trail that wasn't too short or too long. Happy to say this loop lived up to expectations!

The comment on here stating that the best view is behind the "improvised fence" was definitely correct. Took a few pictures and panoramic shots up there until I was satisfied. Had a Smiling Moose sandwich for dinner on the bench to the right of that "improvised fence" and it was awesome to have a good view of the Badlands at the same time. The River Bend Outlook was also an awesome place for pictures and I did enjoy hiking along the ridge-line for the rest of the loops afterwards.

I'm not an experienced hiker and this was actually my first real trail outside of the pushover "Green Belt" in Austin, TX. Had a good time and was surprised to finish the loop in about 2 hours, but I was by myself and only slowed down for pictures. In the near future I plan to return to this loop to hike the opposite direction, or try a slightly longer trail in the park. Thanks to the fun I had here, I plan to look up well rated trails around the Houston area and see if anything compares, which is doubtful.