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Nice loop featuring good blufftop views of the Missouri River and downtown Bismarck. Also features the site of an 1800's military outpost. Mostly exposed to the sun, so bring water, hat, and sunscreen in summer. Overall, one of the best hikes in central North Dakota.

Did not call ahead but did leave a donation in box. Hot and sunny hike - glad other hikers had suggested pants for the tall grass. No problems with pants. No problem following trail as there we foot print in the sandy part for us to follow. If you hit the sandy part and are not sure where to go - the trail is to the right side of the butte wrapping around the back of it. There was a log book to sign so someone must have brought a new one. Fun high point! Did not see any snakes or wildlife. Enjoy!

Nice trail with lots of signs because it does get confusing which way to go with all the challenge trails and access roads. The mosquitoes were out and some parts of the trail were worse than others, but we didn’t use bug spray, so we did get bit a few times. We didn’t find any ticks though. We did see three deer, one doe and two fawns. When we initially pulled up, there was a large metal gate that was closed and locked but had signage about only being open on weekends during the day, but there wasn’t a parking lot so I just parked to the side so I didn’t block the gate. A trash can and bags are provided to clean up after pets. Great trail for kids to play but be aware of bikers, there were a few groups that came through and the trail is pretty narrow in some parts. Only a 10-20 mins drive from Minot. We’ll be back but definitely bringing the bug spray.

for a guy moving to minot from west Texas I was very happy. plenty of wildlife and beautiful

Great hike with the family! My 4 year old and 8 year old had no trouble at all. We wore thin pants and T-shirts since it was warm out and the long grass didn’t bother us. Super fun hike for the whole family!

I arrived at 630am and was treated to a beautiful view atop North Dakota's highest point!

I didn't drive completely to the trailhead. I opted to stop before the trees near the fence (near). I'm glad I did, my SUV wouldn't have liked the road much further!

After the first initial climb, you're treated to some waist-high grass, wasn't my favorite in shorts. The summit needs a new log book, every page was full!

Just prior to arriving at my car, these mosquito-like bugs started attacking me. The bites swelled up quickly but never itched much. No idea what got me!

The trail is not maintained much and you can lose it in the high grass, but just keep looking for higher ground and you'll find it again!

A nice walk easily accessible from the city. The entire thing is paved, so its popular with bikers and trail runners. Lots of playgrounds, picnic shelters, and volleyball courts for families. A nice mixture of sun and shade to keep even hot days bearable.

Be aware of flooding on the Missouri River, because this area is known to flood regularly.

As of 2018 the trail system is now over 10 miles. Most recently added is the Ravine Ravine. This trail is 2.5+ miles and has 2 water crossings. One of the water crossings has a bypass if you don't want to get your feet wet. This is a great getaway less then 20 miles west of Grand Forks ND. Park pass required, but worth every penny.

Fun trail for various ages! Great activity for a family!!

This trail was beautiful! Be careful-there we’re a ton of ticks in the high grasses and bring plenty of water for everyone in your party. Also be careful around the bison. All the ones we saw were very calm but they can charge at any time. One was directly in our path to return and we had to keep our distance. The rock formations and petrified trees were pretty awesome though!

road biking
2 months ago

Great paved trail that winds along the river. No worries of cars or other motorized vehicles, except for a few crossings. Kids have freedom to explore and ride. Quiet and very enjoyable. Fun place to Geocache too!

nature trips
2 months ago

Camped. Hiked. Played in the river. Observed a lot of nature with the kids. Trails are narrow in many areas. Great for mountain biking. Camping areas are in wooded areas to stay cooler in the summer heat. Lots to see and do!

trail running
2 months ago

Very fun. Close to town but wasn’t busy.

Great views, creek crossing can be somewhat challenging. I joined this trail with the talkington ‘sp ‘ trail. Underestimated water usage. Temps over 90. Great way to experience the Park.

Quick and easy high point to hike. We had a more difficult time locating the trailhead than anything else. We also had some concerns about the location being on private property. But we didn’t have any problems. We didn’t see anyone in the hour we were there. We called ahead twice with the number on summit post.org. And didn’t get an answer either time. We drove the car along two track on the the right side of the fence to a small hill just before the trail head. This app was very helpful in making sure we stayed on trail. There was one sandy spot at the base that was confusing. When we started going the wrong direction, we were able to turn around and pick up the right trail immediately.

Nice trail. A couple of steep areas that were slick due to rain the night before went out and back approx 3 mi and took the left veer to petrified forest. Worth the hike. Amazing!

2 months ago

It was a solid trail. We started about 3pm in the afternoon and made it almost the entire loop. Set up camp about 1 to 1.5 miles from where we parked (we started on north side so camped on south side). Most the hike is up on the perched high grassland. A lot of pronghorn and buffalo.

on Bison Plant Trail

2 months ago

As of right now, there is a sign on the gate that says the trail is only open on the weekend. There is also construction going on near what looks to be the parking area.

Good trial, lots to see! Overall lovely hike!

3 months ago

If it has rained in the past 2 weeks do not try this Trail. they will be too many muddy Hills and you may not finish it . you might just end up hurting yourself . you're better off just waiting until it dries before you try the Trail.

Great trail that gives you a bit of everything the Badlands has to offer. I would give this a moderate rating though as there are some steep areas. Saw bison and pronghorn while hiking. Well marked. No shade, so hat and sunscreen required.

3 months ago

A nice and easy hike
Good for biking too
Nice view of the river
Part of the time.

3 months ago

3 months ago

4 months ago

Great views and access to the Mighty Red River of the North. I enjoy the path for the access it gives to serenity close to GF/EGF. The Greenway is great for walks, bike rides, access to unlimited fishing spots, runs, picnic spots, hammock chill time and many more things I'm sure I missed. Within the last few years, there has been a company that rents out canoes/kayaks out of the Lincoln Park boat landing parking lot so hit that up to really enjoy the river. Frolfing at Lincoln Park is good as well.

Went on Fort Lincoln’s Mother’s Day Hike. North Dakota can be pretty sometimes.

The trail is a great way to experience the park. I did this on a 100 degree day in July, but the actual hike was not that challenging, providing you bring enough water. The biggest challenges were the flies and frequent crossings of a muddy creek.

NOT A TRAIL!!!! This is a wide sidewalk through the center of town and crowded with people. You’ll be lucky if you get a little dirt on your shoes.

7 months ago

Nice and easy

I followed Waze app and takes you right to the mailbox for donations and start. Be sure as others say stay on right side of fence(he even has cameras). Pass old farm house and enter through gate. Trail is to the left as you reach bluffs. Nice hike and awesome views !

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