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26 days ago

This is a beautiful trail that winds through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It can be used for backcountry camping which is what I did. I saw wild horses, buffalo and 3 prairie dog towns. If you are planning to backcountry camp on this trail heed my warning. There are many stream crossings throughout this trail. The water can not be filtered because it contains bentonite clay. It will ruin your filter. Bring the water you will need for your trip. Also heed this warning, make sure you pay close attention to the weather. My weekend had no rain in the forecast but a HUGE thunderstorm rolled through one evening. I woke up the next morning to find that the river crossings had risen to over my head. They don't call them the badlands for nothing people! It is a beautiful trail none the less!!

27 days ago

Easy, but steep hike up to the top of the hill. You definitely get some amazing views.

Simple, easy trail across a flat area. You get to walk through a prairie dog town, but they go into their holes when you walk through.

Nice, easy trail with a few small inclines. The mosquitoes can be unrelenting however so if you go when they're out, make sure you bring lots of bug spray and be ready to reapply frequently. Overall though, especially considering the area, it's a nice little park.

The Grand Forks Greenway really makes the city more livable. You can spend part of a day biking it, or if hiking is more your thing, there are several unpaved trails to explore a bit closer to the river. All of the trails are entirely within the flood walls, so it's pretty much a 10ish mile long park winding along the river with nice wide trails on either side. Also, it's rarely crowded which makes it perfect for biking.

1 month ago

Watched the sunset from one of the lower points and it was beautiful. Definitely recommend finishing the day here, still very nice during the day too.

4 months ago

Great trail that is marked very well with lots of scenery. Didn't hike much of it but what I did I really enjoyed. I'll be going back for more that's for sure.

This trail was beyond my equipment and provisions. Physically, I could've walked the trail, however my judgement told me, I did't have the equipment required for such a trek. The outdoors requires a level of respect, and out hear anything can happen.

I enjoyed the photos, don't buy upgrades walk'em !

5 months ago

5 months ago

It was more miles then they posted. It is a deceiving hike because the lake had so many fingers and it is a long way around. It was however beautiful.

This was my 14th high point that I scored. The hike was very easy to start off with. when you get to the actual climb you need to kinda look for the trail, there are a few of them that makes you think you are and then aren't. I came up one trail and came down another. but left the same way i came to the base of the butte. The view from the top was amazing, and seeing the different color of sediments was pretty awesome. Wildflowers were just coming out, so I got to see some awesome wildflowers that usually aren't seen. I almost lost my shoes twice in the white soil (i forget the actual name besides the fact that there is calcium in there) If it looks wet, don't step on it, you will sink. Literally slick as snot. I did my hike early in the morning to avoid snakes (because i had read many accounts of people seeing rattlesnakes while doing this summit). Also there is a mail box, the land own does want a some money as a contribution of opening up his land for hikers to enjoy. So do show your thanks and appreciation for what he didn't have to do for us to enjoy. Everything I read is $5 dollars is what was written as a donation.

6 months ago

THIS WAS SUCH A GREAT HIKE! I did the painted canyon trail at the start of the morning, and talked to a girl at the visitor center and she recommended me this trail. She said that she usually walks the trail in a little over 2 hours. I thought she was crazy. But this trail brought you through the petrified forest. up to the top of the prairie grasslands, and down into the badlands. Seeing all the petrified forest was amazing how much there was just out here. Seeing the Missouri River from down below and the colors of the sediments was incredible. Then hiking the last third of the trail through the badlands was pretty awesome. The terrain had a couple steep moments, but they were just hills, nothing to complain about. If i would of see a bison or two in the prairie area I think would of made the most of this whole trail.

This was a nice warm up hike before i did some more hiking in the area. dropping in and coming out of the canyon wasn't hard at all. It didn't even seem like a 1.1 mile hike while doing it. It was awesome to see the different sediments up close, and being up close with nature with the interstate being right behind you.

6 months ago

Good short hike. For geology buffs - amazing!