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We absolutely LOVED this hike. Very lush, several waterfalls and great exercise coming back up.

19 hours ago

Umstead State Park added a loop behind (to the west side) of the visitors center for addtional parking, and it provides access to Sal's Branch Trail.

The loop is visible on Google maps.

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20 hours ago

Wide gravel road of constant uphill. Easy to add distance to make a 7 mile run. Great views from the top. Good footing and not a technical run.

21 hours ago

A moderate hike but still a nice place to stretch my paws.   

We've had a lot of rain this spring and summer.   Consequently the trail was a little muddy and slightly overgrown.  Still a nice walk to a panoramic view at the top with cell service.  For my two legged friends who don't live in these parts, cell service should never be taken for granted.  Download before you go.

My nose must have been off on Tuesday, I couldn't find a waterfall.   Is it on a connecting trail?

Four woofs for the view.  

Swimming hole!   Bring a towel and get your paws wet.  

This is a must stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway.   Get there early!   The parking lot fills up early.

Theres a fair amount of elevation change.  Fortunately there are stairs at the top, stairs in the middle and stairs at the bottom.  Lots of well maintained stairs plus a bridge and a bordwalk with an asphalt trail in between.   There's really not much of a trail to get your paws dirty.   Thanks USFS!  A great trail for older owners or owners with younger children. 

Four rest rooms in the parking lot if you need to do a quick change into dry fur before resuming your journey.   They're pit toliets but they're clean and well maintained if you need to do your business and can't sniff and pee along the trail like I can. 

Remember to practice safe waterfalling.  Stay at the bottom.  No climbing.  Finally, remember to always keep your owners on a leash so they don't get lost. 

Five woofs.

one of the best in area. definitely no crowds. parts are challenging to follow and some scrambling with steep drop offs.

Panthertown is my home and is run by a great conservation group. This is a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. Don't be afraid to get your paws wet.

I took a guided hike led by the conservation group. A little steep in a few spots for my over the hill owners. They just took their time and stopped to breath a lot. The rest of the group had no problems. Those young bucks. Dog friendly.


Five woofs!

Easy/Moderate hike to incredible view.

Nice paved path to go and see the overlook.
There will be few stairs to climb, otherwise fairly easy hike for all age levels.

Beautiful views from all around. Fairly easy and paved.

Beautiful views from all around. Fairly easy and paved.

1 day ago

Beautiful trail...loved seeing bear tracks! The falls were beautiful and I wouldn't call this necessarily easy! Much better to hike during the week than on the weekend when there is heavy traffic!

Get there early if you want a more quiet walk. Many families there by mid morning to tube in the creek. (Which looked fun!) The trail was manageable for my older parents and younger kids. The waterfall and creek make for beautiful photos with the family.

Have walked this trail several times over the past few years while doing some geocaching in the area. It's a nice little walk but can be a bit buggy at times.

on Hollow Rock Trail

1 day ago

Easy to follow trails. Took two 10 years old and a 12 year old. They had a blast.

My husband & I hiked this trail yesterday with an early start. Beautiful trail with lots to see. Love to hike with water features from the creek raging along the trail, waterfalls, & peaceful trickling streams trailing down the mountain, its here. Calm pools for fishing, wildflowers & rock formations, you won't be disappointed! Glad we arrived early as we finished our hike, loads of eager tubing fans were trekking up the trail to get a chance to ride the waves of cascading water in the creek. There is something for everyone here. A great day all the way around!

Nice, short trail to the summit of the highest point east of the Mississippi River.

1 day ago

Not steep but long climb, the first mile was a very wide pathway but after that it was more of a trail. Overall good trail. 3 waterfalls along the trail. Some difficult parts but mostly easy

Absolutely adored this hike. Definitely uphill both ways, but manageable for an avid hiker. Lightly trafficked. The view was fabulous, probably one of my new favorite spots in Western North Carolina.

Definitely a nice hike through the quiet woods of the Pisgah. One tiny little waterfall on the trail. Always hang a left no matter what. It was nice, but I probably wouldn’t do again.

They are currently adding MORE trails! I actually got to see some of the men working today. From the overlook path, you can now go around and loop back to the White Pine Trail without actually backtracking. Spiderwebs are more abundant the closer to the river so carry a long small stick to knock them down. The view from the point is gorgeous! The Gilbert Yager Trail is currently closed due to erosion as of today. July 17, 2018.

Very well kept, beautiful hike! i wouldn't say this is 'easy' as it's got some inclines children might find diffcult but it was nice! Also, it is well-traveled, go early if you want to find parking.

Great trail also went camping here a few years ago it was snowy and windy got down to -20° But I loved the experience. Trail is beautiful and scenic and strenuous but was well worth it. also be carful near the summit there is alot of slippery rock I almost slid off myself. keep a good footing and stay safe!

1 day ago

was slightly disappointed how many people crowd the falls but other than that great hike plenty of views places to rest on the falls and relax absolutely beautiful and is a moderate trail would hike again

Depending on the way you decide to go on the loop from the crossroads go left for a strenuous stair case going up right beside the whole water fall or go right to climb 3/4 foot high natural staircases. it's a good hike bring plenty of water and be prepared to get exhausted. when you reach the top of the falls you are met with a stunning view of the falls.

1 day ago

Not much to see on the way up but the top has a gorgeous view that makes this all uphill hike worth it! We went on a Sunday and it was rather busy but not so much that we couldn’t enjoy it.

So beautiful following the fairy dust trails! Views clear as day!

Decent elevation, dog friendly, lots of nettles and the path is thin at times, which made it harder for the kids.

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1 day ago

Great places to explore the old dunes of the island.

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