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nice flat trails for the most part, very lush vegetation. unfortunately, we didn't get to see the elk. bummer.

we did see tons of wild turkeys. creeks are beautiful, a bit buggy in the bottoms.

crazy ride to get there on hairpin turns on steep gravel roads, but, very worth it.

This is the most beautiful hike and very easy. There are many springs along the trail and ways to get sidetracked and go “off trail.” Be warned. Midnight hole and the falls are NOT marked. The only way you know you’re at the falls is by the hitching posts for the horses. The picnic area is also beautiful and located near Baxter Creek. Also bring water shoes. I regret not bringing mine as the water was very inviting.

My wife and I took this hike the day before Mother’s Day. It was absolutely beautiful and we did get in to cool off in Midnight Hole. If you go about .2 past the falls there is a bridge over the water that we were told about by some other hikers. It is well worth the extra time. All in all it is a wonderful hike that basic hikers shouldn’t have any trouble with

Beautiful trail, peaceful spot to eat lunch at the falls

14 days ago

Outstanding!! We thought at one point that we were never going to reach the grassy meadow off of the gravel road since the road is straight up, but hang in there and you will be rewarded with a trip to Ferguson cabin, a cabin that sits at the highest elevation for a cabin, then onto the Science observatory, and then the panoramic views are well worth the hike! Follow Garret's directions. He was spot on...

18 days ago

Very easy trail leading up to Campsite 37

Wonderful, peaceful trail without dodging dogs.. Very nice!

Love this trail peaceful and not as heavily used and the views are awesome

Beautiful views from the top!!

1 month ago

Road is wide, gravel road. Some steep parts but nothing too crazy, great views! Science center up here looks cool but didn’t get to go in there, there are bathrooms. Very easy trail I would rate as easy instead of moderate, good for beginners.

Love this hike, it is beautiful! The hiking path is clean and wide and unobstructed. The hike for the most part follows the river closely but at times the trees obscure the view of the water. I wish there were markers to let you know when arrive at the falls because I have missed it and walked right passed it and arrived at the next falls. You do have to “hunt” for it along the river if there is no crowd to tip you off. No dogs are allowed on the trail, which stinks. I’d really love to take my 4 legged child with me. We always clean up after our pet and they enjoy the outdoors and need exercise also.

I've hiked this trail many times over my life. It's a pretty easy trail, and the views are awesome. Also, on the way up, you'll find a great swimming hole with tall rocks to jump off of. Always a summertime favorite of mine!

Family hike to Davison Gap
In and out about 8miles. Plenty of stream crossings but a good and moderately strenuous trail for the early season legs.continuing down the gap would have gotten us to a few cabins for viewing, but stopped here rather than continuing.

Easy 5.2 mile hike to campsite 37. Great waterfall views and great campsite. Plenty of firewood and places to get in the water.

My fault misreading that dogs were allowed on this trail. Of course, it was in January when we visited and when we got to the trail to the waterfall, we discovered no dogs allowed. We walked the creek area and still enjoyed the little rapids.

Great trail! But the waterfall is at the 2 mile mark so no need to keep going further in search of a different waterfall.

I love this easy hike, and the Midnight Hole and Mouse Creek Falls are worth your time!
Happy New Year outdoor lovers!! :)

Love this trail and all the history!!!

4 months ago

Today was our second time on this trail, both times with our own and friends’ littles. Last year we hiked it with our 5 year old as well as 4, 6 and 9 year old. Today we hiked with our little who is 6, another 6 year old, and a 4 year old. We hiked about 4 miles out and back, past the Woody House. It looks like the house was being painted this year, as it was cleaned up from last year. The kids love the trail as it follows the water line and over log bridges, providing lots of magical places to explore and play. We tend to
hike more moderate and difficult trails with our daughter, as her favorite part is climbing and scrabbling, but this trail provides enough fun to keep her engaged despite its ease. We’ll be back again!

great trail. not that hard of a trail. actually runnable. runs along Ridgeline of mountain. one of my favorites

River was nice to walk along. Did not have any views. Finding a friendly hunting dog made it a little more fun.

6 months ago

This is a beautiful trail along the river for the entire length of the trail. Although you gain about 1300 feet of elevation, it is very gradual.

6 months ago

Not a hard trail. Hike along a ridge line. Not a lot of views but lots of birds and other small animals. I did see a bear just at the beginning of the trail. Complaint was that the bear was scared out of it wits by hunting dogs along the boundary line. Too bad that this occurs along this trail. Had to listen to the dog barking.

6 months ago

I have mixed feelings about this trail. It is a matter of which way you hike. Leaving from CATALOOCHEE it is harder. If you are only hiking it to see the buildings you are better off hiking from other end. Buildings are well maintained and worth the time to explore.

Great hike with lots of views of the river. Parking is minimal but worth it. The falls are picture perfect and there and several other areas where you can get down the the river.

on Big Creek Trail

mountain biking
7 months ago

AllTrails hosed us on this one: drove to the trail head to find that BIKES are NOT PERMITTED on this NPS trail. You owe me half a day of vacation Looked like a nice trail...oh well, guess I've discovered way more trails than not with this app. Please update tag - also there is a trail listed as Cuyahoga Valley NP that is really in Great Smoky Mtn NP.

Loved this trail. Great views along the river to Mouse creek falls. beautiful spot

Pretty awesome trail. We came just a little before the colors were completely changing in the trees but it was still beautiful everywhere. This trail is not very hard but steep at times. Here's what you need to know:
You're going to come up on a closed gate reserved for special trips for cars to go to the science building (which is cool as crap). Just park near the gate somewhere and start hiking up the gravel road. The gate is the beginning of the laid out trail on all trails. Then you'll reach a split in a pretty grassy Meadow area. Take the first obvious left and you'll come across Ferguson Cabin which is an awesome place that has been around since 1874. There are a few apple trees around this trail and we came just around the time for them to start falling off of the trees. My girlfriend wouldn't let me eat one because she was afraid they might be poisonous but I was going to risk it. I took a few so I'll let you know how it goes.
Anyways, you then hop on the cataloochee divide trail then to take a right to the science building. On the left you'll see a beautiful view of Mt sterling and on the right by the science building you'll see purchase knob and the views behind it. Then you'll head towards the trails to the knob which will be a shortcut back to where you made the first left split off of the gravel road.

Great trail. Very steep incline. Down trees over the trail in one section.

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