The walk around Lake Junealuska is one of our favorites. This is another that we do several time a year. Nice paved path, beautiful views of the lake, surrounding mountians and cottages in the residential area. While there the Corneille Bryan Native Garden is a must see.

This is one of the best trails around. We do this one at least once a year. Don't stop at the falls...keep going and you'll arrive at the Midnight Hole...great place to take a little dip. Further up is the back country campsite....nice quiet refreshing walk in the woods. Love this hike!!

this is about 30 minutes away from WCU so I come here quite often. The main trail is a steady incline but the top is beautiful and a great place to sit and have a picnic. This trail is very kid and pet friendly!

3 days ago

love this trail for day to day walking and running. basically level . I really appreciate the people socially distancing and passing by going into the road. at this time you walk clockwise around the lake. I feel this really helps with avoiding traffic overload. dog friendly.

We hiked this trail yesterday afternoon. We loved it! The majority of the trail follows alongside a gorgeous creek. The views are postcard worthy. There are several areas where you could stop and put your feet in and a swimming hole that has clear blue (ice cold) water. I love waterfalls and this one is nice, however, the hike is definitely worth it just for the water views along the way. The trail was all in the shade for us, and the path was easy to walk with a slight elevation all the way up. We parked in the lot labeled “hikers parking” and walked about 0.6 miles to the trailhead. We also walked a little ways past the waterfall where we went over a bridge that crossed a wide part of the creek. Probably the best view of all! Totaled about 6 miles but it was very enjoyable!

Absolutely beautiful and definitely doable for about anyone. Some people might take longer than others, but a good trail.

5/30 Easy walking trail with a few little paths to, rocky rapids, nice swim at the about 1.5 miles in, if you plan on swimming bring water shoes/sandals

6 days ago

Section hike on Segment 2 of the Mountains to Sea trail - Balsam Gap to Orchards Overlook

I did not realize I was supposed to take the pedestrian bridge across the lake so I kept following the walking path around the lake. Circling the entire lake is more like 3.5 miles rather than listed 2.2. There is a path/sidewalk the whole way, beautiful and very well maintained.

Really great trail. Nice wide trail with very gradual grade. Creek ran along trail. At the start the creek is a not very close, but the further you go on the trail the closer you get to the water. There is one pool area that would be wonderful for swimming on a warm day. The falls are big and awesome. Somewhat muddy and a few trees down, but really nice leisurely hike. Nice picnic area and bathrooms were open. Very few people around.

Great trail for what would’ve been an amazing view if there had not been fog.

Great trail. A bit muddy due to all the recent rain. A few large trees down over the trail but passable. Nice falls at the turnaround.

Nice short trail. Pretty overlook view if you can spare 20 min and willing to get out of the car.

Excellent hike with great view! Unfortunately, had to add on extra mileage due to gate being closed.

13 days ago

Cloudy, couldn’t see anything

Amazing trail that has beautiful views of a mountain creek along most of the hike. The waterfall is actually not that impressive, but the creek views are

Beautiful hike. It was along the river for the majority of it, providing multiple opportunities for us to pull off and sit on the rocks to relax and take in the view. Multiple large trees down along the path that may be difficult for older folks to get around/over. Water fountain in the parking lot/campground closest to the trail head was clutch, but bathrooms are all still locked.

16 days ago

Pretty view with an incline but short Hike and it’s open currently!

We are considering this hike on Saturday or Sunday. Does anyone know if it’s open?

I am a water girl, so I loved this hike. Great way to ease into our week of hiking. There are views of the water all the way along this hike. There is a swimming hole that looked like lots of fun and the water was pure blue. Lots of opportunity to venture towards the water (off the main trail) for photos or just to sit and enjoy the rushing water. Easy to social distance on this trail. During our visit, the gate to the trailhead was closed. Walking to the trailhead added about .9 miles. Beware, parking is crazy! We parked in the pasture at the bottom of the entrance.

21 days ago

Beautiful and easy hike. Two bridges go over the lake. Gorgeous background of the mountains.

22 days ago

Not exactly the train, but when you drive up, there is a gate blocked so you are unable to get to the top. It is about a 2mile bike to get to the top where there is a house used as a rest stop. The view up there is amazing. A little steep. This recording was on the way back down to the car

A gorgeous trail with amazing views of the mountains and lake. Lots of birds, it was really easy and a cute day to spend..Happy Hiking!

1 month ago

2 months ago

Steep incline in the beginning! But short enough that it’s doable for most. Loved the lookout! Huge parking area with picnic tables and great views. And there’s a secret trail to get to the air plane that had crashed back in 1983. Eerie site!

2 months ago

Beautiful trail! This is a great leg workout. The trail was steep, muddy and slick but worth the hike!

2 months ago

This is a fantastic trail to walk around, especially when it has been rainy out. I took all four of my kids on a wonderful family walk. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get out of your mountain house to get some relaxing exercise.

Very enjoyable. Lots of people on the trail. I went a bit further to view the 1983 plane crash. Certainly a place of respect

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