Backpacked in for an overnight with my son and nephew. Lots of good camping spots along the trail.

I hiked this trail today (5/16/20) for the first time and it's now my favorite trail. I loved everything about it, but the water crossings most of all. I took 2 dogs with me and they handled it fine :) TIPS: 1. Bring a pen for the log book in the cabin. 2. Plan on your shoes getting wet - there's no getting around it. 3. Bring bug spray. 4. Bring hiking poles- the water crossings are slippery. 5. 11.08 miles from parking lot to cabin and back. That was using Mapmyrun. 6. I had ZERO cell service. I have Verizon. cell service. I can't wait to go back!

Super fun hike with lots to see on the way up.

Loved this trail, beautiful day for a hike. We started at the Blue Ridge Parkway side and hiked down the ridge to the bottom. Phone recorded a much longer distance even thought we started with a detour. Not sure if the distance recorded by the app is accurate but if so, this out and back trail should be listed as closer to 10. (I think)

23 days ago

I would recommend staging two cars for this one to cover more miles. We started at Alligator Back Overlook parking north on the MST (white blaze) and hiked to MP 234 (Mahoghany Rock Rd) on the Sparta Trail to finish up. Side trips to the shelter at Bluff Mtn , Wildcat Rocks to gaze down at Caudill Cabin way below and finally the Mahoghany Rock Tram remnants just past Devils Garden Overlook. Nice, woodsy views w some meadow distance views mixed in.

Cedar Ridge trail from Longbottom Rd to Brinager cabin

no shade
27 days ago

Good hike. Moderately strenuous at times. Very narrow trail with little to no areas to get off the trail. All uphill. Runs along Game Lands. Stone Mountain overlook marker on All Trails is not accurate. Can somewhat see it further up but view is mostly obscured by trees. Lots of wildlife. Environment varies from shaded canopy to open ridge. Lots of sun on clear days. Park has no signs from road. Must park in dirt lot just past small bridge. Trails are marked on opposite side of the road.

Very nice trail, as to be expected at Doughton Park. Started at the bottom from the LongBottom Road parking lot. Entered the trail 50 yards past the gate to the right. The trail immediately ascends and doesn't stop for the first mile or so. Lots of switchbacks on a 12" wide path most of the way. Path is quickly high above the Grassy Gap fire road and Basin Creek, which can bet heard for at least the first mile. After a while it levels off here & there, and descends only a few times throughout the climb to the top. Trail is rated as moderate, but I'd have to say that the rating is an average rating, because the ascent is rather strenuous, whereas the descent is fairly easy. Regardless, it's a very enjoyable hike. Mostly in the woods with some nice views, both Eastward and Westward, along the way. As a side note, we discovered a road bed around 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up to the right of the path across the bear sanctuary line. Haven't seen any mention of this road but am curious as to what it is and where it goes. May have to go back and check it out at some point. Great hike regardless. Just be prepared for some oxygen debt on the way up.

Really enjoyed this trail. It is very open (not a lot of shade), so I wouldn’t hike it on really hot and sunny days. My boyfriend and I hiked it yesterday and it was perfect weather. I’d like to hike it in the fall with all of the leaves changing. I would certainly recommend it to my friends.

Excellent trail. Difficult at times (relatively steep ascent in some locations). Stunning vistas in certain spots, truly beautiful. Would recommend doing the full loop if in good shape.

Started hike off Longbottom Rd later than I'd have liked & took the Cedar Ridge Trail up to Brinegar Cabin....the trail is steep & pretty narrow in a few places with some switchbacks to help here & there. Perfect 'social distancing' hike midweek since I only ran into one other hiker & didn't stay long at all at the Cabin before heading back. Time didn't allow any looping but this was a great way to enjoy a beautiful day.

I hiked up the Flat Rock Ridge Trail from Longbottom Rd. It feels great to climb, with great views along the way. There is a nice rock outcropping in the last third of the Flat Rock Ridge Trail. Great place to take a break. When you see the fence at the Bluff Mountain Trail, you can climb a steep side trail to the Basin Cove Overlook on the BRP, or continue on the BMT, which goes along the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is some very scenic and easy going walking. Before you get to Bluff Mountain and the overlook, which I believe is Alligator Back, there is a great rock outcropping just off the trail. Very worth it, and nice place to grab a snack before climbing Bluff Mtn. When you get to the top of Bluff Mtn, you hike across the meadows near Bluff Lodge. Good place to stop for a meal or long break, at the picnic tables. The trail passes by the Bluff Coffee Shop, which I hope will open soon. Then along the parkway, going through the Doughton Park Campground. The Cedar Ridge Trail begins where you could go see Brinegar Cabin. You descend on this trail, fairly gradually, around 4.3 miles back to the starting point at Longbottom Rd. I love this trail, because it has a lot of elements of what I enjoy. The climbing, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the meadows, good break places (like picnic tables) and view spots, and a fairly long day at close to 17 miles total. I've done this trail 3 times in the last few weeks, trying to get back in hiking shape after being injured last year. I highly recommend the Doughton Recreation Area Loop for a full day of hiking. The trail is in great shape. Thank you to the trail maintainers.

2 months ago

Stunning views as always. Pretty crowded on a Sunday morning (probably due to coronavirus stir-craziness). Mileage on this map is an overestimate...whoever posted this hike initially spent 0.5 miles at the waterfall. Overall the hike should be around 7 miles. We added the Blackjack Ridge where it came in at the connector between the MST and the Cedar Ridge trail which made it 7.3.

2 months ago

This is an interesting hike along a creek to the cabin / homestead. Bring poles -16 creek crossings.

Great loop. Went counterclockwise and it was a slow climb to the summit. Stopped to look at the homestead and the people climbing Stone Mountain. Took a side hike to middle and lower falls. Couldn’t get to lower falls so that was disappointing, but middle falls was awesome and so was Stone Mountain falls. The stairs to it were a beast!! Ended up being more like 6.2 miles before we were back at the lower parking lot. Great hike!

Date: 1/28/20 Weather: 50°, sunny. Beautiful day! Parking: small dirt lot across the street Trail markings: minimal blazes but trail is clear Total length: 9.4 miles, longer than listed Overall: a really lovely hike past a river at the very beginning and quickly heading up the mountain to a ridge line with a view of Stone Mountain. Winter seems like a good time to hike this trail, as I imagine the leaves would block most of the views. I loved the little cabin at the turn-around point on the Blue Ridge Parkway, enjoyed my lunch there. Would recommend and will definitely return to Doughton!

3 months ago

4 months ago

My dog and I took the trail from the Stack Rock parking area to Rough Ridge and back. The trail is rocky and has a lot of roots as other people mentioned but personally that is one of the reasons I like this trail. If you prefer easy footing like gravel or paved trails this is not the trail for you. I recommend wearing high ankle waterproof hiking boots as you cross multiple wet areas and the roots do trip you up on occasion. It’s also important to have solid footing for the rocky parts of the trail. There are limbs and a few trees down and there were two places I did not exactly see the trail but my dog found it no problem. The trail is in need of some maintenance but it’s not too difficult to manage if you regularly hike. There was some snow and ice around in places which added to the beauty of the scenery. That said, if there were a significant amount of snow and/or ice I would personally not do this trail in those conditions. The views at Rough Ridge are worth the uphill challenges for sure! My dog and I did not see a single person except at Rough Ridge (which we love!). **We did see a black bear in the woods not far from the Linn Cove Viaduct visitor center. It minded it’s business and so did we but thought it was worth mentioning** We also did this trail over the summer and my biggest complaint was the traffic noise (especially motorcycles) along the parkway. It was not very noticeable today on a winter week day. Definitely dress in layers. The hike up is warm with the climb and the wind is cold. Adjusted my layering several times. If you hike regularly and want a challenging hike with fantastic views including magnificent vistas, waterfalls, serene forests, rock structures and solitude, this hike is worth doing!

Great trail for a beginner. The views are incredible.

6 months ago

Gently rising trail up to Caudill Cabin. Great place for a snack. Lots of rock hopping over at least a dozen streams.

First day back in awhile took it easy

Perfect for our group of 3 hikers with mixed experience levels and 2 dogs. Lots of opportunities to take breaks and watch the view.

Beautiful day for #peakweek There are all kinds of off-road markings which I’m not sure where they go yet just stick to the “actual” trail. I think they are marking the boundary, maybe. Enjoy!

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