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if you a dog lover this is not for you.not worth the price and the man at the gate was rude.

Trail has really changed since last hike. While not a difficult trail, there are some stream crossings and some log/rock obstacles.
Trail now clearly marked with red blazes too.

2 days ago

Beautiful waterfall but a bit difficult to find after the hike through the logging road. The logging road was nice and easy, wide enough and an easy walk for about 1 mike in and 1 mike out. The trail around the waterfall was a bit cleared but still a challenge to see at times, especially as you tried to approach and see the waterfall. The trail was semi cleared, lots of debris, less traveled so lots of poison ivy along the way to watch out for. If you have allergies to poison ivy, wear long pants to avoid contact.

2 days ago

Difficult trail to navigate, but following the directions given earlier was able to find a path to the water fall. A pleasant adventure and a beautiful waterfall worth the trek.

Great hike, some obstacles but well worth the small hike to the falls.

Bring a trash bag and take some styrofoam out with you! After all the flooding the falls are surrounded by little bits of it. If we don’t take it out, it’ll stay there.

Great little trail! There are three or four areas that are moderately difficult to traverse but overall very relaxing. You cross three wet areas. To stay dry you have to cross some rock areas but overall very nice. Great reward at the end!

There are good descriptions of the trail, dangers and difficulty found here. If you really want to have some fun, rappel Big Bradley. Although I must admit, my son Anthony and I did it twice, it was before all of the rainfall the area has experienced.

The hike is easy and both the lower and upper waterfall in my opinion is one of the most beautiful vin western N.C. I have never met anyone on this trail but highly recommend this hike that starts out along a old logging road to a turn around where the trailhead starts. Unfortunately all four times I have been the gate is locked but there is very little uphill walking. Just remember that on both sides of the road is private property.

The trail is easy and Pearson's Falls is ok but I like Melrose and Ostin Falls much better. Be sure to see Bradley and Little Bradley Falls while you are in the area.

30 days ago

We took a last minute trip here on a Saturday afternoon. It was our first visit. We ended up getting charged full price adult admission for the kids even though both are under 12. The gate guard said kids over 5 now enter for $5.

The path is easy to follow and under shade. It’s quite a short walk though. Suitable for seniors. There are a few spurs to meander through. The falls cascade beautifully and are worth the visit. There are signs and chains up to prevent getting in the pools at the base. I’m not sure I’ll be back for the price but worth it one time.

Went with our 4 kids when it was pouring raining. Some precarious parts but it made it an adventure! Awesome hike

This is such a beautiful waterfall. Once you get to the falls find a nice rock to chill on and enjoy its peacefulness!

Monday July 2nd the road was closed 700 feet from the trailhead. Huge trucks were dropping off construction vehicles and a car in front of us decided to drive past the road closure sign. They circled back around to let us know the workers told them the trail was closed due to repair.

Just wanted to give people a heads up :) Try staircase falls 10 min away

Very pretty hike. A little difficult due to recent downed trees and mudslides. Had to do the limbo a few times!

Much of the trails have been ruined by all the flooding... the trip can be dangerous for Dogs and small children... serious multiple story drop offs on tight trails... but it’s a great trek and the water falls is beautiful!

Great trail , some trees down due the all the rain this spring

My sister and I recently hiked to the falls. It was my first trip there. We took her neice and my grandson with us ( 2 and 8 years old). This trail is definitely a moderate hike, you will have to cross the creek a couple times which can be tricky as the water moves really swift, the rocks in the stream.are also very slick. Water/hiking shoes a must as you will be getting wet. The trail on out visit goes pretty smooth, but note that there does come a portion where the trail seems to just end, but be creative and go under or over the fallen massive tree that spans across the creek. While we were there we actually turned around and went back before deciding to try one last time. So glad we did as well as the trail literally picks up on the other side of the massive falls. Trees. After that the trail can get very small with a good drop off on your left side to the creek /valley below. Once you make it to the falls, the view is so amazing and breath taking. I think I could just sit and watch it forever!!

WOW. This is a good one! Due to recent flooding the trail is a little washed out(ok it's blown out in a place or two) but if you just take a few extra steps and keep going... it's really worth it. Be aware that there are a few trails around that go in different directions so make sure you pick the right trailhead.

2 months ago

Love this trail and the walk along creek and falls!! It was short but still worth the price of admission.

If you don’t want to hike and just relax, take the hike on the opposite side of the road. It’s a 0.3 mile hike and you will reach a really beautiful cove where u can go in the water and relax.
The hike is really nice. You get to cross the river on multiple occasions. The trail has some obstacles which makes it a little interesting. However, the waterfall at the end is wonderful and you can actually climb above the waterfall to go under the falling water. The pond under the waterfall is not deep and you can go in and enjoy.
However, while hiking keep an eye on the marking. We forgot to take a turn and kept going on another unmarked and damaged trail before we realized that we were not on the actual trail and had to come back.

A beautiful glen, creek and falls. Well maintained. Very pleasant walk.

Trees down, water was way up. The road bridge crossing the street where the trail begins has been washed out and rebuilt and is now gravel. Mud slides have damaged the trail. It was an interesting hike with a multi tiered waterfall as the payoff. You do get wet, I believe, due to the water being up.

Jun 10th - recent storms trashed to pathway. Major damage to trial and surrounding area. In some areas the trial was completely gone and in most areas exposed tree roots that you show could easily fit under. River crossing was interesting too. You needed to be very creative to cross without get wet. If I was thinking about this hike I would consider waiting.


I rated 5 stars because I know that once I actually get to hike this trail, it will be awesome. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning and got my hopes up to hike this trail only to drive an hour and not be able to get through due to washed out bridges and roads. They have the roads blocked off. We drove another hour trying to find another way to the trail, but there is no other way. We asked the men working on the roads and they said there are two ways to get to the falls but that they are both closed. I asked how long it would be and the guy could not give me an estimate, but it ensured me it was going to be a little while. Maybe I’ll try again in a month or so. I hope this review saves some people the trip.

A great stop for a picnic on your way to Saluda or Tryon.

I loved the falls the hike was more difficult then moderate lot of downed trees and trail is washed out at one point we had to climb over a bunch of rocks. The water crossings were great in my opinion I love water and it wasn't deep. I suggest the Forest Service do a little maintenance maybe a footbridge over the washed out spot.

Beautiful trail, though it’s not marked well. towards the beginning of the hike is a river crossing so you’re most likely to get wet, tho it’s worth it. Wouldn’t recommend small children nor dogs that have to be on a leash (could be dangerous for you going down to the waterfall also there’s no railing that keeps you/them from falling).

Beautiful, easy little hike that ends in a gorgeous little waterfall. Makes for a perfect day of hiking in the summer. Kid and dog friendly. Awesome to take a hammock and let the kids play in the water at the end of the hike and just relax.

great trail!

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