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1 month ago

A childhood favorite. The firewatch tower and hikers cabin were torn down years ago. At the top, there's another trail, that's overgrown quite a bit now, that heads down to the cliffs. THAT'S where the best views are hidden. Adventurous hikers can scale down the cliffs to an alternate trail below. Don't go alone and watch your footing!

Back at the main site under the cell tower area, there used to be a little field. Small enough for a picnic and kite flying (they don't call it High Windy for nothing). Of course, you probably shouldn't fly kites up the now due to the heavy transmitting equipment.

Tough for beginners, but worth the hike if you go all the way. Make sure you head out well before sundown, as even the moon can't penetrate the canopy at night. If you go too far, you'll hit the failed Tiger Woods development. It's a long walk out to Swannanoa from there (appr 12+ miles more) and you'll technically be trespassing.

Overall, a great hike for a lazy afternoon. Watch for bears and dear, but mostly be on the lookout for a mystery animal that can only be described as "White thang".