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the park is great but needs to have more detailed maps.

Did some climbing and hiking here. Really enjoyed the location and routes. Tones of great routes from trad to sport to TR. some nice 90’ routes and all levels of difficulty. Was pretty when we headed there on a Sunday afternoon, though still plenty of routes open to climb. Can’t wait to go back. Easy parking, cold working fountains, bathrooms and well maintained bolts and anchors.

Went today with the dog. Got there around 8am and parking was a breeze, but it started filling up by the time I was getting back around 11am (Sunday). Parked at the start/end and did Grindstone->Ledge Spring trail (right at the fork)->Jomeokee around pinnacle rock and back down the way I came.
It was pretty active with several groups climbing near the top, so it was cool to walk by them while they were doing their thing. There's a parking lot at the top, but I didn't pass it taking this route, so I don't know about the amenities there.

HARD but really great! Lots of interesting things to explore. There were tons of ladybugs in the cracks of the rocks at the very top, it was really something special to see. We went in November, but it wasn't too cold for hiking during the day. Would definitely recommend.

Quite easy trail once you complete Grindstone, but it just adds to the excitement. I recommend the views and sights for anyone looking for a good 6 mile hike when combined with Grindstone.

Amazing few from the summit. Trail is clearly marked the whole way through. You will definitely enjoy the elevation causing you to earn the joy of trekking this mountain. Beautiful panoramic views when you reach the top.

24 days ago

Great trail. My family hikes it weekly. Beautiful shaded hike- just no ‘views’

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this trail. You can do it slow or fast. Very easy did it in two hrs.

Pedestrian rocky pathway with hellacious vertical. A couple of stretches really worked the hammies and glutes on the way up. Not much to see other than trees on the way up; with all of the car traffic I would probably find solace elsewhere if I were a deer.

Love this trail!!! Gives you a great work out and it’s a beautiful. trail. Your mostly in the woods but you can see some amazing rock formation s. And there was one amazingly large black snake sunning himself beside the trail.

We started at the parking lot entrance to the trail. Mostly down hill at that point then turned left where the trail met Grindstone trail and kept following the yellow dots. This side was more strenuous with many uphill stone steps to climb. Passed by several rock climbers. We continued around the summit. Beautiful views.

We parked at the Corridor Trail parking lot, which makes this a 10.1 mile trail. It was good having a nice warm-up and cool-down with the harder bits in the middle. Made for a great day.

Fantastic views not only of the rock formations, mountains in the distance and the valley below, but the lizards sunning, song birds popping among the branches in beautiful melody and the ravens soaring, coupled with a fun trek up a rock ledge through 3 Bears Gully. What an enjoyable hike! Now one of our favorites to the Winston-Salem metro area.

Not to difficult for the most part, but steep at the end

Ledge spring up is tough with lots of rock steps but recommend this if your knees give you trouble. Grindstone has some steps too but nothing like Ledge spring trail
Lots of people drive up and just do the hike around the pinnacle or even just walk to the overlook point.
A bit loud and crazy so 3 stars. Too many people and non-hiking people due to the road up

2 months ago

Love this trail. Completed all on the same day trip after an overnight.

2 months ago

Easy trail around the big pinnacle. Worth every step. Views are awesome.

Excellent Trails. Took grindstone up from camp to Ledge Spring.

Excellent views, Rockclimbing on the Ledge.

2 months ago

Very beautiful trail. Peaceful. Not highly trafficked.

Enjoyable open woods hike...pretty rolling slopes inside of the wide spread tree canopy. Very unique pay off at the top. Do all the little spurs at the top, and def go down the back way

I really enjoyed this hike for the most part. I hiked the Grindstone Trail all the way up, checked out Little Pinnacle, circled Big Pinnacle on Jomeokee Trail, then returned down the mountain on the outer Ledge Spring side, rejoining the Grindstone Trail for the last couple of miles. I did find the last mile of Grindstone (on the way up) to be challenging, it being a pretty steep and prolonged ascent followed by dozens of steps, however I am glad I took this side up as I later found the outer Ledge Spring Trail to be mostly steep/high stone steps which would have probably a tougher climb up. There are plenty of great views around the top and especially along the Jomeokee trail. I felt like I was in some sacred temple space or something as I circled the Big Pinnacle, with its amazing cliffs, caves, and unique formations. The outer Ledge Spring trail was somewhat tough on the knees on the way down as the stone steps wind down around cliffs perfect for climbing, then it takes a steady and steep uphill route for the last quarter or half a mile to meet back up with the Grindstone Trail and loop around towards the summit. The trails were pretty wet from steady trickling streams and muddy in several areas. I did see a couple of climbers on the way down which was neat. You can hear the traffic hum from Highway 52 most of the way up as the park is not far from the highway. All in all not a bad hike.

Great trail if you're looking for a up hill hike! Good for trail running

I love this trail! If you are in good shape, you may enjoy this as a trail run - plenty of variety and rolling ups/downs - with the last part the steepest (think stairs). Beautiful scenery, from wooded forest to views appearing near the top. Out and back trail, not loop. Wear grippy shoes - loose rock and dirt abound. Such a gorgeous view at the top, you’ll have earned it! Bathrooms and water at top of trail is a plus. If you want to hike up but don’t like going downhill, take two cars and leave one up top.

Went yesterday (a friday) and ran into only one person on the grindstone trail before the Ledge Spring Trail (closer to the parking lot at the top). Definitely some effort required but not very strenuous over all, probably like a 3.5/5 on strenuousity (?). Definitely worth the hike vs. driving, and I would recommend doing the Jomeokee Trail around the Big Knob. It was extremely windy yesterday at the top which led to chilliness and hair in my face. Also I would lable this as out-and-back as well. You could take the Mountain Trail and add 4.5 miles and do the Ledge Spring Trail to add 2.5? 2.8? to make it almost completely new trails on the way back, but that'd be a hefty hike for sure. Overall a fantastic hike that I'd easily recommend.

Great Trail. Be in good shape for this one.

I loved this hike. We did it on a super foggy day which made it crazy creepy. Loved it

5 months ago

Corridor trail is very well maintained and an easy trek connecting Horne Creek and Pilot Mountain. We took two cars, dropped one car off at Pilot Mountain and then drove to Horne Creek to begin our hike. Normally I would rate a trail with a lower rating when it follows alongside houses, but I was expecting to see houses so I decided to only take away one star instead of two. I was disappointed that there weren’t any openings with great views of Pilot Mountain, in fact there wasn’t any long distance views at any point. There were several creek crossing and I was glad to have waterproof shoes on one of them. Keep in mind Pilot Mountain closes their gates at 6:00 and Horne Creek closes their gates at 5:00, which I think is kind of early. We parked on the side of the road outside the gate and I’m glad we did. We didn’t get back to our car until 15 minutes after closing.

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