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Huge waterfall, the largest East of the Rockies. Easy paved path to the falls top viewing and then nice stairs to the lower viewing deck . Not really a hike. It was very popular with children and families today. I only went down to the lower viewing deck bc you can’t see the falls if you go any further.

An easy walk. The full circle around the lake is 3.8 miles. Good place to run.

bridge out
3 days ago

About 0.5 miles in from the visitors center, boardwalk is damaged and closed. Don’t let this deter you as there is still plenty of boardwalk to explore.

This is an in and out, up and back trail. Endor iron furnace trail had parking at the Wicker St end and a gazebo at the other end but no parking. Easy trail cuts along Applebee's and the Shopping Center. Not crowded when I was here.

Very nice trail. Some city and some away from shopping centers. There is a creek toward the end of the trail and at the beginning, you will cross through some shopping center areas. It was clean and I saw 3 people on the trail. The only thing dirty was the build-up from a flood in the creek that held a bunch of trash. The trail kept count of miles every .2 miles. There is a gazebo near the end of the trail. I walked this trail after walking the trail at Kawana's Family Park. I used the bridge and walked to the beginning of the trail there. I didn't know there was parking at the trailhead.

6 days ago

nice easy paved hike. Some down trees and debris across pavement.

Beautiful day great easy hike to start out 2019,

7 days ago

Very nice walking/running path. I always feel safe walking this path - there’s a nice, friendly mix of folks you’ll encounter as you do the loop.

We were in town and mom took me for a unexpected walk. It was fun but it was sidewalks and I like natural trails better. It was too cold out for mom so it was a short walk. They were doing a lot of maintenance work so it wasn’t scenic. I need to go back when mom’s not cold & the construction workers aren’t there.

Beautiful falls but very crowded at times. It’s right off the road and you can pull over and see the falls without even walking down. I’ve been once and had no one around. I got lucky I guess! Beautiful places are popular for a reason though.

Nice paved trail. Pretty river views.

trail running
15 days ago

Decent place for a run or walk on a Paved loop trail

Wow! Awesome hike to a sprawling bald. Low effort, high yield. Just be prepared for hoards of people at the top on a nice day. Fortunately there are off-shoots and other trails in the vicinity you can explore to get away from the crowds. Definitely would do again, and would plan a camping trip to see sunrise from there.

16 days ago

This a great family oriented walk. Very wide well maintained trails. Part paved and part small gravel. Excellent place to get outside even in wet weather as the trail drains well and isn’t muddy. Better in the cool months as the bugs can be bad in warm weather months.


Great Wall with the kids. It’s paved all the way so it’s excellent for little ones that need a stroller. We saw plenty of people on bikes and it truly is a great biking trail. I highly recommend it to parents. You start at a children’s park and end at another children’s park. It allows you to take a break while the kids play at the park so you can walk back to your vehicle. The trail does get flooded during the rain season so that’s why I deducted one star.

This place is one of my absolute favorite! I did an overnight backpacking trip here and the view was beyond breathtaking. My now fiancé also proposed here at sunset and it was so dreamy! The hike isn’t bad and only took 15 minutes to get to the top. I would recommend wearing boots as it can be a little muddy.

Only hiked 1.5 miles of Greenway, but will definitely return to do more. Would be nice to have some signage along the way

paddle sports
21 days ago


22 days ago

Great walk around the lake on mostly paved side walks with great views of the surrounding mountains. Easy walk for a family and to take the dog out for a bit.

22 days ago

Nice stroll along a paved greenway loop around the main section of Cary Park Lake. Saw a great heron. Good for bikers, strollers, kids, dog-walkers, trail runners. Connects with other greenways.

23 days ago

Paved greenway between Kelly Road and Apex Jaycee Parks along Beaver Creek, through wooded flood plains and alongside and through neighborhoods. Can be underwater in spots after heavy rains and some areas get muddy. Moderately crowded with dog-walkers, bikers and trail runners.

Very much enjoyed the hike.

mountain biking
25 days ago

lots of fun uphill and downhill sections. it's a fun ride, and is pretty scenic as well. the paths are wide and well maintained

25 days ago

Fairly challenging trail - lots of steep ups and downs, it's definitely a workout if you plan on biking or running. Two main complaints - 1) The street parking near the beginning of the trail (where the app leads you to) is pretty much gone now - there's nowhere to park with all the "No Parking" signs around. I'd say ignore the app and try to find a closer parking lot within the park. 2) There's a TON of bikers on this trail, most of which zoom right by you at top speed without any warning whatsoever. Definitely keep your headphones low/off and be aware of your surroundings unless you want to get hit from behind.

December 27th hike around 12:00 noon.
We parked on the road not knowing about the upper parking lot and went in around the AT, I think.
Went up to the summit first, back down and then around the backside of the trail to the main parking lot.
We then walked back to our car down the road about 200 yards or more.

there was a bunch of snow and some ice, as well as crazy wind at the summit.
We loved this trail and can't wait to see it in the spring or summer.

Little muddy but good for MB

Giving this five stars just to offset the idiot who gave it one star for "no dogs". Nobody wants your dog here.

connected the trails to make a longer hike

Seriously disappointed. 75% of the “trail” is a sidewalk along the busy roads and neighborhoods and not even in nature. A woman was doing drugs in the bathroom. Trash everywhere, I have no idea how this place got so many stars

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