I chose it for the elevation gain and it delivered. I made the "summit" in 2:10 and the whole hike in 3:53. My All Trails app recorded it as 10.4 miles with 3,225 elevation gain. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. The steep, rocky parts are short. Most of the incline is pretty gentle.

As you drive in, the trailhead is on your right and looks like a dirt/gravel road. Parking is on your left about 50 yards later. There is a creek to cross at .3 that was difficult due to lots of recent rain, but I think during "normal" flow, it should be easy enough to jump from rock to rock to cross.

I almost did not do this one as there are no water sources past .3 and it was August, but I started at 08:30 and the temp was cool. There was a little spring at about 4 miles up that would offer dogs an opportunity to drink, but I would not count on it when we've not had rain in a while.

One yellow jacket sting on the way down.