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Nantahala, North Carolina Map
Monday, September 04, 2017

First off, let me say, if this trail is rated as easy, then K2 should be labeled as moderate given the same "labeling" scale. The first 45 mins of this hike is literally straight up the side of the mountain. There are absolutely no level points at all. Some of the trail is literally 1ft wide with briars on one side and a fall to your death on the other. There are multiple points where trees are laying across the trail that you have to cross either over or under. Once you do get past the initial butt kick of an ascent, you still are literally at pretty much of a moderate ascent/climb until you reach the falls, 2.7 miles later. There are multiple points of creek crossings on this trail with moss covered rocks. We even saw a snake in one of the creeks we had to jump from rock to rock to cross. At one point we even had to use a tree to pull ourselves up to reach the next level of the trail to get on to the Falls area. This is absolutely not a moderately travelled trail either. We didn't see a single soul on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. One part of the trail was fully over grown with about 6 feet of waist high bushes you had to wade through. I would say there was about 20 mins of this 4 hour hike that I can say I actually enjoyed. After seeing my life flash before my eyes on at least three occasions on the way to the falls, upon my arrival there, I was less than impressed. With all this being said, hike this trail at your own peril. If you're a hard core hiker that enjoys the thrill of adventure, with less than stellar scenery and one heck of a workout, go for it. Let me say though, this trail is most definitely not for kids or anyone that can't handle two straight hours of a strenuous climb. I pray you read the reviews of this trail before accepting AllTrails "easy" designation. I can totally show you the screenshot of my Fitbit dashboard if you need further proof.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Definitely NOT worthy of an "easy" rating. 1640 foot climb in 2.7 miles, in at times very rocky and slippery terrain. Trail at times seemed to almost go vertical. Scenery was nice, but this trail definitely should be rated as "moderate" or "difficult". The waterfall was nice and made the effort worth it, but I'm an in shape 50 year old and my wife and I have made other hikes including the Wiilliams Pulpit hike, and this one was insane.

Monday, May 15, 2017

We "only" hiked 3.2 miles in. First mile and a half is very very tough. Very steep climb. After it descends to run along the creek it is a very beautiful hike. Typical of the area with waterfall upon waterfall. Some you will be able to see very well. Most of the better falls were toward the end of our hike. It was worth the effort

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Awesome bike visiting my family--some steep climbs but beautiful views and so much green!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The falls as a destination is disappointing. There are better falls on the side of the road driving to there. The enjoyment is the hike along the picturesque creek and navigating the multiple creek crossings. This isn't anywhere close to "easy" level though. The initial ascent is brutal for 30 minutes - left me dripping sweat from my head in 60 degree overcast weather. The trail is over rocks, loose leaves, water, and roots with some parts requiring hand holds to pull up. It isn't for small kids but is especially good for dogs! The unimpressive falls put this at 2 stars for me though.

5 months ago