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Swimming hole!   Bring a towel and get your paws wet.  

This is a must stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway.   Get there early!   The parking lot fills up early.

Theres a fair amount of elevation change.  Fortunately there are stairs at the top, stairs in the middle and stairs at the bottom.  Lots of well maintained stairs plus a bridge and a bordwalk with an asphalt trail in between.   There's really not much of a trail to get your paws dirty.   Thanks USFS!  A great trail for older owners or owners with younger children. 

Four rest rooms in the parking lot if you need to do a quick change into dry fur before resuming your journey.   They're pit toliets but they're clean and well maintained if you need to do your business and can't sniff and pee along the trail like I can. 

Remember to practice safe waterfalling.  Stay at the bottom.  No climbing.  Finally, remember to always keep your owners on a leash so they don't get lost. 

Five woofs.

Panthertown is my home and is run by a great conservation group. This is a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. Don't be afraid to get your paws wet.

I took a guided hike led by the conservation group. A little steep in a few spots for my over the hill owners. They just took their time and stopped to breath a lot. The rest of the group had no problems. Those young bucks. Dog friendly.


Five woofs!

Get there early if you want a more quiet walk. Many families there by mid morning to tube in the creek. (Which looked fun!) The trail was manageable for my older parents and younger kids. The waterfall and creek make for beautiful photos with the family.

Have walked this trail several times over the past few years while doing some geocaching in the area. It's a nice little walk but can be a bit buggy at times.

My husband & I hiked this trail yesterday with an early start. Beautiful trail with lots to see. Love to hike with water features from the creek raging along the trail, waterfalls, & peaceful trickling streams trailing down the mountain, its here. Calm pools for fishing, wildflowers & rock formations, you won't be disappointed! Glad we arrived early as we finished our hike, loads of eager tubing fans were trekking up the trail to get a chance to ride the waves of cascading water in the creek. There is something for everyone here. A great day all the way around!

2 days ago

Not steep but long climb, the first mile was a very wide pathway but after that it was more of a trail. Overall good trail. 3 waterfalls along the trail. Some difficult parts but mostly easy

Heavily trafficked, and numerous storms and floods always damage the boardwalk went here alot as a kid to feed ducks nice nature walk but is damaged most of the time.

2 days ago

This trail has something for everyone, scenic views, fly fishing, water falls, and just enough incline for a slight challenge. The trail is well maintained and clean except for horse manure. Lots of trails in this area are horse friendly ( so watch your step).

Mostly a road trail. Took the Dutchman’s creek trail about 3-4 miles in, it connects to super tree at a lot of points, I thought it was a better trail.

one of my favorite easy trails .has interesting points of interest and the falls are small but refreshing..Lots of interesting flora..Not too heavily used the many times I have walked/run it..nice for easy biking, too

trail running
3 days ago

It was a fun trail to run for me and my dog. This was my first trail run and I thought it had some varied terrain, but nothing too difficult. There is canopy cover for most of the trail, so it’s doable even in the heat. The lake is pretty and there were not that many people on it. I’ll definitely be going back!

There is definitely some discrepancy in the length. Sign at the bottom says 5.5 to Cheoah Bald. Sign .5 from Cheoah Bald says 6 to the parking area off 143. I think I clocked 11 Total. It’s a beautiful forest hike, “rolling” up and down both ways. I’m sure the view at the top is spectacular, but between 11-12 today I couldn’t see much of anything. Beautiful wildflowers near the top. Trail was is great shape, though it is pretty narrow the entire way. I don’t think this trail is super difficult, but as a long distance runner I may not be the best judge! It was fairly busy today, a Monday.

The neighborhood section is nice for a casual ride or run. Connects to a nice park. The neuse river connection is a little more challenging and a great way to start the longer trail for serious riders.

Unless you are using it as an access point to the neuse trail, don't bother. Too confusing and tends to be rather trashed in spots.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Nice trail... this was my first bike in about 3 years so it was slightly more difficult than expected. Has some nice downhill to get some speed but some heavily rooted areas moving up. All in all good ride.

road biking
4 days ago

Fantastic trail to ride. From Falls lake in north raleigh to Riverwood in Clayton (and eventually further). Can't wait for the continuation. I have ridden the full length and it has many variations, spots great for the family or weekend rider all the way to challenging hills for the serious rider. It also connects to several other popular trails. Careful of some bridges as they are beginning to show some age. As I write this, they are about to start repairs on one of the bigger bridges between Buffalo park and Anderson pointe. No detour, so plan accordingly. Otherwise, enjoy. It's definitely my favorite trail in the triangle.

Reedy creek trail is for bikers, only becomes interesting when on loblolly. And that trail is recommended . Wouldn’t recommend this loop

Not the longest trail but most definitely a great time. Has some decent technical sections, a jump line, and a really awesome drop in that leads to a wooden berm that’s like riding a roller coaster. Always a fun time and worth checking out.

Great short loop. Beware if you have seasonal allergies, they will flare up!

Great hike , beautiful view.

This logged 5.42 for us on Map My Run, and once you get to the pavement take a left then right and walk thru the parking lot to get to Persimmon trail, we didn’t find it that clear once we left the woods.
We hiked on a Saturday mid afternoon and maybe passed 4 people and 1 bike, very nice trail wide enough for most of it to go side by side, love that you can see the water, a few spots to get to the water.
Will go again.

5 days ago

This use to be one of my favorite waterfalls but they had it roped off at the bottom of the stairs so you couldn’t walk out and chill on the rocks anymore.

Love the river!! Beautiful park for the family and dogs too!

Nice views of beautiful falls. More of a walk than a hike. Kind of touristy.

mountain biking
5 days ago

Good trail but runs in to a neighborhood

Nice trail and great loop by lake and in woods. Only downside is litter by lake side of trail.

I went in October with a group of friends. First trail I did after breaking my ankle and it was amazing

I went in October with a group of friends. First trail I did after breaking my ankle and it was amazing

mountain biking
5 days ago

this is one of our favorite bike trails here in Charlotte. love the feeling it gives off.

This is our favorite bike trail here locally. Absolutely LOVE IT.

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