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My review of this trail should not be taken as gospel because I did this on a very foggy and rainy day. I cannot speak to any views on the trails, but I do have a couple of thoughts. This is a bike trail. There weren’t a lot the day I was there, but I can imagine on a weekend or a nice day, it would be busy. Given that it is a bike trail, there is a ton of mud, which made it frustrating after so much recent rain. You will also get a lot of road noise from I-40. I imagine that the views of that could be interesting, but again because of the weather I didn’t get a chance to see.

Don’t let my review deter you, but honestly there are a lot of other good trails in the area that I would recommend over this one.

The trail is relatively short and not too challenging, and has a lot of great views of the waterfall, which was much bigger in person than I expected. Be sure to keep an eye out for trail offshoots that lead closer to the falls for even better views (we found one that put us literally right next to it).

1 day ago

Litter everywhere... oddly enough it was all MRE trash and blank link 7.62....

Trail is under construction - I’ll give it a “do over” come spring time

4 days ago

Great multiple usage Trail.
Primarily a mountain bike trail so pay attention to the hiking path direction so as bikes will be coming from the opposite direction.
Head on....so there’s plenty of time to see fast moving bikes.
Some real pro riders full speed ahead!
Appreciate the mixed usage. Thanks trail maintainers!

nice clean easy restful walk.

nice for trail running. steep at the bottom and levels off somewhat on the ridgetop. one of the most ridden bike trails in the area so watch out for mountain bikers

bridge out
5 days ago

My wife and I went as a photo hike. The trails were closed to the public so we took another trail nearby. I know the recent storms hit the area hard and it shows in these trails with many downed trees and debris along the paths.

excellent paved trail for hiking and biking

This trail is sick. If you are an intermediate mountain biker like me this climb is very good practice. It’s all worth it when you get to five points and you see the view. It’s a little narrow for riders the be coming from both ways but other than that it’s great. Ride on

This trail is sick. If you are an intermediate mountain biker like me this climb is very good practice. It’s all worth it when you get to five points and you see the view. It’s a little narrow for riders the be coming from both ways but other than that it’s great. Ride on

Great Urban Trail

on Jackrabbit Trail

8 days ago

This trail is good for hikers and bikers, total of 14 miles . I did the 3.1 white trail, it was hard packed, you saw part of Chatuge lakes peninsulas. The trail is a stacked loop design so all 8 trails are connected to a core trail , which makes it easy to build on. I really enjoyed this trail, I found myself stopping often to read the wonderful signage about all the forest landscape. What a learning experience too. Well maintained ,clean restrooms, easy to find and lots of parking.

8 days ago

Great trail but the natural part is quite roots w narrow path

I did this trail in December and mostly had it to myself on a rare sunny day in the middle of the week. The falls are huge and breathtaking. The trail is well maintained with some small inclines. There was a little ice on the inclines when I went which made it a little slippery in spots but not bad. The stairs down to the falls are worth the effort. A good short little hike and workout.

trail running
8 days ago

great trail. beautiful

I had this little gem all to myself one sunny January day in the middle of the week. Jill F below gives a perfect explanation on how to find the trail. It’s not very clear from the parking lot or even the trailhead map. Her directions are right on. I do consider this an easy hike. I’m not sure why people think the end was harder. I will post pics of the trail and which way to go for people curious. The falls were beautiful and peaceful, especially having them all to myself.

9 days ago

Not a bad trail maintain somewhat well definitely something that you can bring your family on. Not really that technical.

Very nice, hilly, trail that winds along creek. Can be muddy, one hill on SC side was slippery.

The dogs and I enjoyed this trail. There are a lot of mountain bikers on the trail, and we were hiking, but they were considerate of us, and I hope they feel that we were considerate of them. The trail is moderately challenging, and although there are some spots for great views, you have to wander from the trail a bit to find them. Otherwise, it is excellent for an uphill trail running workout, mountain biking, or hiking.

9 days ago

Nice walk. It is a steady,gentle, uphill walk up to Sunset Rock. There were some icy patches on the road up so use caution in the winter. Pretty view of nearby mountains and the town below.

10 days ago

I had walked to the marina on Nathaniel Greene Trail and I hate walking back on the same trails I just came from, so I took Turkey Trail back to my truck (Almost... had to jump back on Nathaniel at the very end). It was at that point that I saw the sign that Turkey Trail is closed. I don't think I did any damage as it wasn't muddy and I was hiking, not biking. Anyway, I saw deer and it was a good hike back. Longer than the other trail, of course, but both trails were very well kept up. There was one tree down across the trail if you were biking, you'd have to stop and get around it.

Beautiful trail with amazing sites

It was a bit rainy when we went but that just made the waterfall look even more spectacular. Great view of Rainbow Falls, didn't go all the way to Turtleback because we had the dogs with us and they weren't really behaving well that day but would love to go back!

My husband and I and our two dogs hike this trail all the time because we only live about 15 minutes away from LNSP. It's one of our favorites because we can keep it pretty short using the Short Turn trail or you can make it longer by doing the full loop. My dogs love it because there are lots of little beaches along the way where we can stop for a quick swim in the lake. Moderately hilly, you'll get a decent workout without it being too difficult. Very enjoyable any time of year.

Awesome all around trail

I built a 13.5-mile loop that started on Dutchman Creek Trail and ended with the Uwharrie Trail. It was an excellent hike, and my dogs loved it. The hills were moderately challenging, and there were plenty of streams for water. I recommend water treatment tablets if you choose to drink from the streams. As far as views, the trees prevent anything spectacular, but the terrain itself is pretty.

This was a very nice trail. If you go close to this date, you will need waterproof shoes still. The trail was well marked and I didn't have any problems getting through it. I did walk on the trail through private property, but I was guessing they knew the trail was there and it was well marked even with benches to sit on, so I went on through. Pretty day but the wind was howling!

Worth the visit. Very well kept and friendly folks around. Waterfalls are amazing. Would definitely come back for another run.

trail running
12 days ago

Better trail than I expected from reading the reviews. Much like other trails in Greensboro watershed trail system. Left from trailhead on Long Valley Rd. The first .9 miles are part of the Bald Eagle Trail. This part is flat, rooty and fairly marshy. We've had a lot of rain over the last month but it hasn't rained in several days and there were spots where you just couldn't avoid the mud. At the .9 mile mark you can turn off to the left onto the Bald Eagle Loop trail proper. This section is hillier, curvier and drier. Nice change of pace leaving the marshy area behind. At the 2 mile mark (total) you come back onto the Bald Eagle Trail near Lewiston Rd. .2 miles up from where you turn onto the Loop. Turning right you head back towards the trail head at Long Valley Rd. My Garmin gave me 3.1 miles total. if you want less mud and are fine with a shorter hike, I suggest leaving from the trailhead on Lewiston Rd. You'd only have to deal with 0.2 miles of moist area on the Bald Eagle Trail. Btw, as of 1/8/19 there were several trees fallen over the Loop portion of the trail. I only came across 1 blocking Bald Ragle Trail from Lewiston Rd to Long Valley Rd.

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