Important to read this before you visit this trail from Wilderness Cove Tubing Area....

First 1 1/4 mile is very good and moderate. About 3/4 mile is difficult to strenuous.

When you cross Cove Creek, Several sections of the trail were destroyed by the landslides, fallen trees, and washed away by floods. But few of the sections are in good shape so you can able to hike. When you find the disappearing trail or blocked trail, I recommend you to walk through Cove Creek’s Gorge.

Please do not walk on narrow trail (last section) where there is moss on rock ledge because there is very steep rock and no way to cross this rock and one slip COULD lead you down to rushing water !! It is BEST to walk through Cove Creek’s Gorge for your safety.

Do not go there if the waters are too high. I went there on August 11, 2018 and I was able to walk through the gorge and the height of water were various from ankle to chest.

I did enjoy this challenging hike but please take your time to explore through the gorge and be careful with rock scrambling and creekwalking!! I posted pictures.

I believe last 3/4 mile of the trail was destroyed by heavy rains of May 2018. Nothing can fix the trail.