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This trail was very difficult and unclear at times to follow. 70% of the trails were good and marked clearly...but the rest were beyond difficult. Somewhere around the rock hop trail the trail became extremely unclear. we ended up in a field and the trail was no where. towards the end, the blue trail dead ends and we had to double back. Follow the yellow trail at the end if you begin along the river. This trail should definitely be marked as difficult.

1 month ago

There was a small group of us that was going to hike this. We actually did get about a half mile or so before turning back. The reason was the one of the children. The gunshots had him a bit spooked. Anyway hard to hike with one and seven year old. I probably would not write a review but it is apparent that there was some washed out areas and downed trees. Not suitable for younger children. There trail would have been fine for just me and the other half. Just know there was at least three areas of rock/mudslide within the first half mile

Great trail. Path was a true hike with great scenery and steady climbs.

NOTE: Aug 18, 2018
Been here many times. However - !!!
After crossing Cove Creek, the trail has suffered significant erosion. We attempted to follow along Cove Creek Gorge (see post from Jennifer) and it was precarious at best. After searching for alternatives to the falls, we gave up. It's do-able.... but be prepared to work for this one.

Important to read this before you visit this trail from Wilderness Cove Tubing Area....

First 1 1/4 mile is very good and moderate. About 3/4 mile is difficult to strenuous.

When you cross Cove Creek, Several sections of the trail were destroyed by the landslides, fallen trees, and washed away by floods. But few of the sections are in good shape so you can able to hike. When you find the disappearing trail or blocked trail, I recommend you to walk through Cove Creek’s Gorge.

Please do not walk on narrow trail (last section) where there is moss on rock ledge because there is very steep rock and no way to cross this rock and one slip COULD lead you down to rushing water !! It is BEST to walk through Cove Creek’s Gorge for your safety.

Do not go there if the waters are too high. I went there on August 11, 2018 and I was able to walk through the gorge and the height of water were various from ankle to chest.

I did enjoy this challenging hike but please take your time to explore through the gorge and be careful with rock scrambling and creekwalking!! I posted pictures.

I believe last 3/4 mile of the trail was destroyed by heavy rains of May 2018. Nothing can fix the trail.

Having navigated this trail multiple times, I will say if you aren't patient and a bit adventurous you may get a bit nervous at both keeping on the trail and walking the narrow ridge. However, it is totally do-able and I have never gotten misplaced. The rock wall before the falls is amazing as well as the serenity of the falls. Great place to hang out for awhile. Would recommend getting there early to avoid the rock-climbing classes and the traffic that accumulates down at the tubing center.

While still a great hike, be aware that there has been some damage to parts of the trail due to recent heavy rains. There's significant evidence of mud and debris slides throughout the area and and exposed red clay mud areas especially along the first half mile or so of the trail. I would also rate the trail as moderate, not easy, due to 3-4 steep lengthier climbs. Pants are advised for anyone sensitive to poison ivy, as there was plenty bordering parts of the trail. Would definitely do it again despite the obstacles. Saw white bee balm and several other wild flowers. Enjoyed the boulder area at the turnaround point close to the Narrows.

More difficult then moderate but nice hike.

This is a great hike! I followed the directions on waterfallshiker and had little trouble finding the way. It's largely pretty easy, except for the last half mile or so. The trail is *quite* narrow and tricky right before the waterfall. We had a member of the party who has some balance issues and they took what could have been a pretty nasty fall without someone near to catch them, so be advised of that. The waterfall is so beautiful and the swimming is excellent, if you're inclined to.

The wildflowers were beautiful and loved the fact it stays so close to the river

This trail name doesnt exist. I followed the directions that led me to the gamelands on the green river. they have a map a few yards after the trailhead that is slightly difficult to see due to it being someone's driveway. Park when you cross the bridge, "trailhead" is directly across.

beautiful and fun hike

Trail is not marked and overgrown once you cross the river. Lots of blow down. Water was high, so you cannot cross with dry feet unless you scramble across a downed tree before the crossing. River is beautiful. Not a soul out there today. Packed some found trash out.

Should really be rated difficult. It's really steep up for almost 4 miles, then pretty steep almost the whole way down. Probably wouldn't do this one again, especially not in the winter. Not many views once you got past the river. To me, the hard part of this (Bear Branch and down) wasn't worth the effort.

Beautiful area, however, had to cut it short. It should be written on here that this is a hunting area in the fall/early winter. Encountered a very grumpy toothless old man with a shotgun who was displeased with my presence. Definitely bring bright orange clothing. Also no sign here that says anything about Bradley falls trailhead.

Really nice 8 mile or so hike. Great winter views of nearby peaks. Nice view of lower Narrows section of the Green river.

Beautiful hike along the river. Bear Branch should be rated difficult because of the significant elevation gain. Make sure you have a trail map. Some trail forks can be confusing.

Monday, August 28, 2017

There is a lot more trails in this area than what is on this site. To do a four hour, 7 mile hike begin at green cove, then bluff, then left on turkey gut, then west on spring trail, then west on ridge trail, then south on bear trail, left on puliiam, then left on green cove. The bottom and mid range area is a woodsy trail and the top is logging road with views of the mountains. There are a lot of spider webs and good views of the river. You can get wet in the river.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ran this trail today. Great and 100% runnable!

Monday, May 22, 2017

It is a nice trail, but I would not classify it as easy.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Great hike along the the Green River ending at "The Narrows." Moderate ups and downs, but this place is a poison ivy jungle. It grows everywhere.

7 months ago

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