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We did the the North Slope trail. It was a nice walk. Wet with recent rain but a great fall walk.

4 days ago

Great easy walk for the family. Clean and heated bathrooms were a plus.

Fantastic views! It was very hard to find the trail. We went up the opposite way as recommended to us due to recent rain. It was really tough to climb up in spots. There are ropes to use most of the way. More like climbing than hiking in places. Really fun!

Very nice area to hike on a day trip from Charlotte

Very cool trail!!! We saw a turtle! so if that doesn't warrant a 5 star rating I don't know that will.

13 days ago

Lover's Leap Loop trail is a relatively short loop hike that follows the French Broad River out of downtown Hot Springs, NC. The trail goes quickly from a flat stroll along the river to a somewhat rigorous hike up the mountain, but your effort is rewarded with amazing views of the river and valley through which it passes. A number of rock outcroppings including "Lover's Leap" allow you to take in the beauty of the valley and the mountains beyond or just take a breather and rehydrate. Due to it's relatively short loop, this hike provides plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the sights if sections become rigorous.

Scrabble up the rock side on the stepped rock path to the left as you come in. Ropes are there and you’ll need them. Continue on trail for easier climb.

15 days ago

A nice local trail with a variety of terrain and pleasant views of one of the lakes on the Greensboro watershed.

Great "hidden" trail that I've never heard of until AllTrails. Yes, the trail is a little overgrown and there's alot of forks in the road so it's easy to get lost, so keep your app handy to make sure you're on the right track. But other than that, this is beautiful and scenic, with nice vegetation and some cool animals - I saw a GIGANTIC bird of prey (maybe an owl?) and a few cute caterpillary things. Plus the trail is super quick - you can do it in 30-45 minutes, perfect for a lunch break walk.

19 days ago

Quiet, easy walk in the woods. keep an eye/ear out for oncoming mountain bikers.

22 days ago

Parking was easy but signage was a bit lacking. We passed some others who were confused about which way to go. It was a nice hike. We love Hot Springs and will be back when we have more rime to explore other trails.

Walked the Lovers Leap Trail in late October 2018 on a cool, windy and overcast day. Parked in downtown Hot Springs and walked over the bridge to the Appalachian Trail entrance to the trail. Easy to locate just over the bridge.

I would agree with several reviewers not to use the printed map you can get in the visitors center. This map does not accurately depict the trail, it is very diagrammatic and actually hard to understand.

I studied the map on All Trails, read reviews and comments and downloaded the map to my phone. There was no cell service for me in the area so I could not use the map but actually did not need it as the trail is easy to follow. As stated, I started at the Appalachian Trail end so I think this would be backwards from the map but I think it is easier to find, especially if you park downtown. The Appalachian Trail location and markers are very easy to find. The Trail starts out following along the French Broad River which is really nice and then turns up the hill. Just follow the white blazers, the trail is fairly steep and very well marked. There are several nice viewing spots of the river and town on the uphill slog. Lovers Leap itself is close to the top, great views and there are signs for Lovers Leap Trails and separate for App Trail. Take the Y left fork following the Orange markers which are very easy to follow. This down hill trail is all under cover and not exceptional in any way, there is a split in the trail so be sure to stay left and follow the orange markers. The trail brings you down to parking area of the Silver Mine Trailhead. Walk through the small settlement (someone called it the deliverance which is actually pretty accurate) and back to the main bridge, cross back over the river into town.

This walk is not very long but good exercise with the steep uphill section. Not particularly difficult but I would not recommend for small children. The trail is narrow, steep and rocky with some steep drop offs in places. Excellent views in spots.

Added benefit is you can go take a mineral hot tub soak at the nearby resort and spa. Not that expensive and well recommended.

poorly marked. it would help to be marked some how with all the creek crossings.

Began hike on the AT hiked for two hours to Pump Gap where we joined the Pump Gap Loop Trail. Hiked back to Silvermine Parking area. This was a beautiful hike. Took us a total of three hours. Highly recommend the hike. Great views of Hot Springs on the AT.

26 days ago

Wonderful paved walking/biking path along the Tar River.

29 days ago

Cool trail just dont turn down bent creek trail like we did and go all the way around that’s like 18 miles.Unless your up for that.

29 days ago

Definitely a workout. I found it pretty hard on the knees, optimal for biking I'm sure. Lots of wildlife. Quite the beautiful hike with many different types of terrain. Whoever has been responsible for clearing the Tropical Storm Michael damage from the trail, my hat goes off to you. There were so many trees down, but I never had to cross an obstacle on the trail. Job well done!! Looking forward to my next visit!

One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE hikes in the Asheville area! There is so much diversity in the terrain, elevation, and difficulty that it never gets boring! And the view from the rock is magical! Yesterday we had the entire trail and rock to ourselves - and it’s OCTOBER! Not as busy as I assumed it would be. Start the trail behind the visitor center - that is by far the BEST route. The trail markings get a little confusing in some areas - when you reach the line forest, make an immediate left. When you next cross the stream, make an immediate right. If you want detailed directions, check out “Romantic Asheville” write up in this hike - it’s awesome!

1 month ago

Great, well groomed carriage road leading up through pastures and rolling hills to the observation tower. The views to the east and north are very pretty. Perfect for solo, couples, families, children, dogs, horses, etc

Trail i is used for mountain biking so pay attention. Many root systems to watch out for. A very pleasant well maintained trail. Views are normal Forrest views. But I only walked in a mile or so.

Great walk through the forest. Was expecting an overlook view once I got to the top but there wasn’t one. Be careful of the mountain bikers! On a busy day it could be dangerous

1 month ago

Moses Cone is just such a beautiful setting! If you can get there during foliage season!!!

Great hike!!!

on Andy Cove Trail

1 month ago

Great lil trail off of Hwy 276, just behind the visitor center. It feels like your walking in a tree house and the suspension bridge is pretty cool too. Wish the trail was longer... I did a few loops to to lengthen up though.

Beautiful views!

Fairly easy well maintained trail with a
beautiful meadow part way up. All inclined up to the tower, nice views across meadow and up near top on switchbacks. Very windy, tighten your hats.

Great single track in most spots especially after the long climb up Pinnacle road. I missed a couple of turns, some areas lacked markers. Overall, awesome ride.

Warning! The yellowjacket nest mentioned by another hiker is now making the trail IMPASSIBLE. Sadly, the nest is just before you get to the waterfall, near the end of the trail. The trail is very flat, easy traversed UNTIL you pass the big field. Right where the trail becomes a narrow, woodsy trail, just after the field, is where the bees are. we all got stung and ran back to the car. :(

1 month ago

Nothing special on this trail. It’s the same concept as Rich Mountain and the other Cone trails but overgrown, unkept, and to nowhere. No significant views, no interesting features. About all I could see it being used for is horseback riding or extended your hike just for the sake of mileage.

1 month ago

Great hike other than the mosquitoes! A little rocky at the beginning (as others have said,) but the trail widens out nicely for the remainder of the loop. A few gentle ups and downs. I hiked at 0830 and only saw three other people on the trail. Quiet, peaceful, can't wait to do it again!

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