I hiked this about a week ago. The weather was very cloudy and a misty rain occurred briefly. We had the mountain to ourselves, possibly due to the weather. This was the best hike I’ve ever done. WEAR PROPER HIKING SHOES it is slippery and steep. I took grandfather trail to MacRae peak and took the Underwood trail back. It took almost 3 hours round trip. The trail starts with climbing steep rocks and doesn’t get easier. I am short so I had to climb with hands and feet in many parts. This trail is strenuous but doable. If you do have back, knee, elbow etc issues, I wouldn’t attempt this. The ladders toward the top and the small ledge I had to walk on was a challenge due to the height. I am a little scared of heights ( but more afraid of falling) and this part of the hike was tough for me- but I did it! Unfortunately due to the cloud coverage we didn’t have any views but it was beautiful none the less. I was not an experienced hiker but in good shape and was able to complete the trail. I can’t wait to do it again on a clear day. The entry fee is $20 per person. I feel the hike alone is worth the money but it includes a CD that has info on the mountain, a cultural center, walking on the swinging bridge and a few animal exhibits .