Linville Falls

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9 days ago

Completed the loop with a buddy and our boys 13 & 15. Epic adventure, this place is the real deal. We started at wolf pit Friday afternoon and made the first river crossing up to the shadow of Short off mountain the first night and set up camp. Got up and made it to Conley cove for the second night. Up and made the crossing at Spence bridge first thing in the morning, this required some doubled up 550 cord and a pulley for our gear and a swim for us. This was at the end of November so it was cold but not undo able. Dried off and made the epic climb to table rock for lunch then over to the chimneys for camp the third night. Had to pack water to this campsite from just under table top. (Water is marked there on most maps) this was the most unbelievable part of this hike. Everywhere you look is absolutely beautiful. Got up and made it to the top of short off mountain for lunch then to the car back at wolf pit by 2:00. If you plan to do this loop, make sure you are prepared and make good decisions and do not take short cuts. We made it without issues but did many hours of preplanning. I will return to do this again, it was amazing and worth the drive and challenging terrain.