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Linville, North Carolina Map

One of the most rewarding trails I’ve hiked. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, and wanted a challenge. This trail didn’t disappoint! The pictures of the ladders don’t do them justice, they’re straight up and down at points- a few in a row with only a tiny ledge to stand on in between and a straight drop down. Not for the faint of heart. I saw a few people try to attempt this with dogs, would not recommend doing that. Beautiful views, would go back in a heartbeat.

Hard and rewarding hike. It keeps things interesting with the ladders and cables, definitely would not recommend to someone who is not experienced.

One of my favorites in the high country. Really fun trail with stunning views. Generally like to connect this with Profile and treat it as a point-to-point, but traveling between the two points is tricky.

Awesome does not describe the hike. Not your average age hike.

One of the most rewarding hikes I've ever done. It's a tough one (especially on a windy day! There were times when we considered going back because we felt like we were about to get blown off the mountain into the fog below) and we didn't even get to see the views because of the fog. That's mountain weather though--the forecast called for sunny clear skies! When we finished this hike, I felt proud. I highly recommend this for anyone in or around North Carolina, but only if you're at least somewhat experienced.

I enjoyed this trail immensely. Pretty challenging and fairly technical in some sections. Be ready for lots of incline and some beautiful ridge walking. I started at 10 in the morning, took a bunch of breaks (waiting for friends to catch up), and finished by 5:45 at night.

Strenuous hike with a steep elevation gain, but amazing views. Definitely not for inexperienced hikers. If you plan on camping, get to the Briar Patch campsite. Worth the trek!

Fun, scary at times, worth knowing you accomplished it. I am not a advanced hiker, but I think I might have graduated to a new level? The ladders clouds and wind are a adventure to on their own. Icy at times coming down the other way, scrambles rough, take water.

2 months ago

Great trail with scenic views. Not for the inexperienced hiker

I love this trail. The ladder and cable system is incredible. Can’t wait to go back.

great hike with nice views throughout, able to take both my dogs on it without difficulty . moderate traffic .

McCrae Peak is beautiful and lots of great scenery. Watch out for the ice on part of the trail right before McCrae Peak.

Continuous great views and technical hiking at its best. Don’t carry any hiking poles on this one.

Awe inspiring hike with lots of excitement due to the use of ladders and cables to make your way to the summit-exquisite views, one of my favorite hikes of all time!

3 months ago

Difficult and challenging hike. Views were awesome. Highly recommended.

Love this trail!

short hike, fairly rocky

Great views from the top! Try out the ladder system!

Lots of ladders and being on the edge so if your afraid of heights STAY AWAY, can get slippery on the rocks so wear shoes/boots with good grip. I didn’t wear boots and I didn’t feel I needed to. Amazing view, getting to the peak feels amazing. TL;DR Hard Hike, Highly Recommend

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