Monday, October 26, 2015

I hiked the Flat Rock Ridge trail and the Bluff Mountain trail ending with the Bluff Ridge Primitive trail. Both Flat Rock Ridge and Bluff Mtn trails have good elevation gains. Some switch-backs are peppered around to help with the steep gains. It is a great trail though. You are mostly taking the ridge line up to the Blue Ridge Parkway if you start down at the trailhead on Long Bottom Rd. Once you get to the stop of Flat Rock Knob you get a great view across the way to Bluff Mountain. A great spot to stop and have lunch. The trail is not well traveled but easy to follow as it is well blazed. Flat Rock Ridge trail has a blue blaze while Bluff Mountain trail is Yellow blazed.

The Bluff Ridge Primitive trail is very strenuous. The trail goes down a steep ridge from Bluff Mountain shelter to the primitive campground off Grassy Gap Fire rd. This is known to be a "knee buster" trail. It is very steep and no switch backs to help with the elevation loss. Be sure you are up to the task for this trail. The primitive trail is brown blazed.