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Not much of a trail, all man-made stairs. Beautiful view at the top, though.

Beautiful hike to beautiful falls. Kids made it easily

17 days ago

Loved this trail, some areas that you would definitely need to keep an eye on kids. No rails and some very steep drop offs along the way. Love the waterfall, and the fact you could enjoy getting in so I would bring a towel, swimming attire, and water shoes. Be in the look out for snakes seen 2 the day we hiked. Overall LOVE this trail!

Nice clearly marked trail. Can see dramatic evidence of the 2017 forest fires. Bolder fields are interesting. The stairs to the top can be treacherous when wet. Overall a very pleasant experience.

23 days ago

Go anywhere else in the state if you want to see waterfalls. We were shocked to find out that the fee is $15 per adult and $7 per child just to enter the park.

Fees are set by a private company that the state lets manage the park. As far as we can tell, it’s the only state park in NC with such fees.

Want a better waterfall hike that won’t cost an arm and a leg? Check out upper Bradley Falls, which is fee and a lot closer to Asheville.

Really nice climb out and back. Gorgeous waterfall and the kids took a dip in the pools at the waterfall base. Beautiful! We took the connector trail down to the parking lot...it was a great little hike. Lots of stairs going down.

This short hike which is mostly comprised of stairs will take you to the top of the Chimney rock. Best views though can be seen from the Opera box and the Devil’s Head which are only a few extra stairs away. As of May 2018, the elevator is still out of order.

A. This is after you’ve hiked to Chimney rock. Not vice versa.
B. It’s not a hike. It’s 99.99% stairs with maybe 50’ in total of dirt.
C. View is beautiful.
E. Elevator still broken.

Short easy hike to a spectacular waterfall! Wish I’d planned better and brought a picnic!

First, we took the Outcroppings trail - the view from chimney rock is great. Beware, it is literally pure stairs (I personally don't consider that a "hike"). It is also extremely windy up there (at least, it was today). We went on to the exclamation point trail, which led to exclamation point. Another nice view, but again, almost entirely stairs - not real "hiking" for me. From there, we took the skyline trail. Finally, we were off wood stairs and on the ground. Peregine's point from this trail allows for a beautiful lookout. The end of the trail is totally underwhelming - you can see some little waterfalls through the trees. If I did it again, I would turn around at Peregine's point, personally. Overall, not a bad trip, but I probably would not visit again.

Took my husband and 3 dogs. The "hike" was almost entirely stairs (not a real hike to me). You're basically trapped on the stairs and it's pretty heavily trafficked. The view was cool. Overall a nice experience, but I wouldn't do it more than once.

Skyline is hardly worth the walk, and our least favorite in the park (id rate it a 2 out of 5 for “ worth it “ points) . That being said, exclamation point is very pretty and worth the extra effort!

Great view. Heavily trafficked.

Went in the early spring, 70 degrees and sunny. Trail is well maintained with lots of gravel. The falls are beautiful. Had it been a little bit later in the season we would have all tried to get in. Tip: bring a towel so you have the option to go in.

Nice gradual climb to massive cascade-type waterfall. Definitely best to come in the spring or after a good rain; otherwise the waterfall will be a waterdrip. Good hike provided you did not already use up all of your energy climbing to Chimney Rock.

Only way to get to Chimney Rock right now because the elevator is closed. 0.6 miles, almost 1000 stairs, and every bit as hard as it sounds. Still very popular: lots of families and tourists come here. Beware the $15 entrance fee. Many viewpoints near the top, and all of the views are fantastic. Worthwhile if you are physically able to make the climb.

3 months ago

No trailhead, no blazes, but the trail is well worn and easy to follow. Very rocky, very steep ascent but the view is great. No water source until the near the top. It took us 30 minutes to get to the old car.

4 months ago

Definitely strenuous but rewarding view at the end. The trailhead is not well marked and not much parking at the trailhead but overall we all enjoyed it

4 months ago

I loved this quick hike so much I did it two days in a row. To party rock, it is about 900 ft elevation, I suppose, all within a mile. It is a good, fun climb. Once you see the abandoned car on the side of the trail (how it got there and how many years it has been there, I have no clue?!), you are almost to Party Rock. Take the left trail to the lookout. The views are wonderful. It is the best view of Lake Lure I have found without paying to go into Chimney Rock SP.

Closed. Frustrating to pay to enter the park and have half the trails, bathrooms, elevator and places to eat closed. Dont go in winter. . .

Short, easy, great rock features along the way. Well maintained. Falls are impressive. Must pay 13 dollars to access trail in Chimney Rocks Park. Parking just past trailhead.

Cons: Ugly. Definitely designed for mountain biking, but full of red mud and lacking in anything resembling scenery.

Pros: Beautifully maintained, trail markers every .5 miles, very nice clockwise/counterclockwise system.

Loved this....it’s reviving from the fire nicely... awesome please and the boulders are beautiful !! ❤️❤️❤️

Came here the day after Thanksgiving and parking lot was packed with rock climbers. Never made it on the trail because the ranger suggested we go somewhere else

Fun trail, well traveled with exceptional views. The stairs are all the work. Once you get to exclamation point it’s easy sailing to the top of the falls. The view of the falls is limited because you can only get but so close. It’s a great workout climbing those stairs so I will definitely be doing this one again, but I’m not sure if I’ll bother walking to the top of the falls next time.

great for hiking and climbing

It was foggy so views were not too good. The waterfalls were beautiful!!

Great views, only a few people there at 8 30 in the morning in September. the trail is easy to hike but the view of the falls and the gorge are very nice.

Moderately easy trail with some stretches of incline. No dramatic vistas. Would not recommend this trail unless you were planning on climbing the walls and boulders nearby. Still a pleasant hike on a beautiful day.

very enjoyable. we took the east to west loop. first part of trail each way was gravel.at the top the trail thinned out, one small stretch was a little dicey but, overall, an easy trail. We didn't see any waterfalls.

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