Hiked this yesterday and can confirm it's currently open. Quick climb (steep in places) to get up to the overlook which offers a pretty view over the river and hot springs. don't sleep on the climb and wear decent shoes, not an easy quick walk!

I'm on the fence on giving this a good review, mainly the drive to the trailhead is on a gravel/compact mud road with potholes. the 6+ miles take about 40+ minutes each way. it's a bone jarring ride up and down no matter which road you take up. the main road is 1182 where the trailhead is. I had a small car so it might be better with an SUV, Overall, not worth the drive to hike 1.5 miles when place like Roan mountain have a better grassy bald if you like that kind of hike. not recommended for out of town folks visiting the smoky.

Great dog friendly trail highly recommend! Great 360 view !

Great hike! Foggy at summit today, but good views from lower elevation. Steeper than was expecting but that could be the elevation I’m feeling.

5 days ago

I would recommend this to anyone looking to fill about 3 hours of leisure time. Easy uphill and fast downhill!

Amazing place to view sunrise

over grown
8 days ago

Was there this past Saturday and Sunday. It was amazing as always

Can anyone confirm that this parking lot and trail is now reopened? Also, is there a water source anywhere close to the summit of Max Patch?

Most of the road in is gravel, unpaved. We also had TICKS on us after sitting in the grass for 15’ or so. Im waiting to see if we’re getting rashes or anything worse from this.

hiked for mother's day. it's reopen and beautiful.

Great hike. The direction I came from has you going approx 11 miles down a dirt:/gravel road (I passed the max patch summit along the way) before you reach a small parking area to pick up trail at Lemon Gap. The trail to Max Parch is gradually with beautiful wildflowers and a steam along the way. Many sections have a lot of roots. The AllTrails map has you crossing the summit then going down the south side to turn around and climb back up. No need unless you want to get in more mileage and a steeper climb back up. Otherwise you can stop at the summit, which is approx 5 miles from the start of the trail. The Max Patch summit is beautiful. 360 views. I can’t wait to hike it again.

Can someone please let me know if this trail is open???

Currently closed for COVID 19 pandemic as of 4/25

Is this trial accessible via the parking lot still? I was wondering For camping purposes. I wasn’t sure if the parking lot was closed To prevent camping or not during this time?

1 month ago

The view from the watch tower was well worth the hike! Trail was well maintained, free of debris, lightly trafficked. Definitely gets your heart pumping on the ascend but still able to keep a steady pace and not have to pause for a breather.

1 month ago

Our loop was a little Different and less miles. It was an awesome hike and the kids loved it. Check out our full review. eastcoasthiker.com/trails/maxpatch

Really great views! Pretty decent climb too! It can be a little slippery coming down so wear good shoes!

Great trail. Very easy. The trail is dirt so if it’s raining or has been raining be prepared for muddy conditions. On top you’re standing on a bald mountain so be prepared for a breeze. Great place for a picnic. Easy for kids as young as 6. My son made it round trip with no help whatsoever.

Heavily trafficked trail. Beautiful views. Great for hiking with dogs and kids.

2 months ago

Great trail with awesome views of hot springs and French broad river. Well marked trail the whole way. Just the end or beginning you walk on a small public road. Its not private property as others have said. It is a climb but we made it and we are far from in shape.

Great walk from The Trail-er owned by Jennifer Pharr Davis through town up Lovers Leap and finish at Artisan to get a ice cream cone.

didn't get to hit the whole thing due to a late start, but it's a beautiful trail! the start is very hard so if you're new be ready for a challenge. once you get 3 miles in or so you're in the heart of the mountains, it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop. around the 3 or 4 mile Mark there's tons of great places to set up camp. highly recommend it, just don't let the start discourage you.

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