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14 hours ago

Nice trail, easy hike and only a few bikers today. The river water was higher than usual, when crossing it got tricky since the water was higher than normal and slick rocks.

When last I did it it was from spindale to the lumber mill in Gilkey, so about what this shows. very fun trail for biking. Pretty good amount of traffic but nice serene environment in some points and a small town historic feel through others. It's a good walk if you're looking for a walking trail, but if you want real hiking you might be a bit bored

6 days ago

My mom (51) and I (24) hiked to the falls on March 4th and it was lovely. The hike is not super forested the entire way, but making it to the falls is worth it! There are tables near the falls to picnic if you’d like. There was a decent elevation gain but nothing my mom and I couldn’t handle. This trail would be perfect for mountain biking. This hike is easy to moderate (moderate only when gaining elevation). There are two lakes along the loop you can enjoy as well.

8 days ago

Hiked this loop trail on a cool, damp Saturday morning. Well maintained trail, well marked, easy walk, minor hills. It's a little rocky at the beginning but nothing major. Really enjoyed this trail.

Easy trail and with a sweet little falls that empties into a pool of water before it rushes out into a rather loud fast flowing river.

Ended up doing this trail by accident... but so happy we did! We went around to Little Green summit first and then down to the falls. The trail was definitely easy going for the first 3+ miles. A nice/steep climb to the top and then some AMAZING views. Got a little turned around on the summit thanks to some careless wandering but never got too far off path. The entire 4 hours we were in the area we only saw 4 other groups of people which made the experience even more perfect. Can't wait to come back for a weekend of camping/hiking.

11 days ago

Absolutely breath taking! Very easy and short hike to get to the falls. You can sit on the rocks at the second level and enjoy the view. Would highly recommend!

13 days ago

Incredible hike! Very much worthwhile, but heed Patrick's previous review. Hiking clockwise, the first 3/4 of the trail were lovely. A gentle incline and then a more moderate climb, some fallen trees but nothing crazy. After descending back into the lower parts of the trail and rejoining the creekside walking, things started to change. My girlfriend and I had to shimmy across a 20 ft. fallen tree suspended 10 feet above the swiftly moving Caldwell-Fork. That was quite exciting, but after meeting two other parties struggling to find ways across more missing bridges, we all found ourselves bushwhacking through dense foliage to find alternate ways to rejoin the trail. We eventually ended up fording the Caldwell twice, with a very fast-moving current. The only other choice was to bail back the way we came and rehike the first 5 1/2 miles going counter-clockwise. The river crossings were manageable, but definitely a bit sketchy. Be warned! As the water level subsides these crossings should become much more reasonable, but keep the levels in mind if you decide to attempt the Boogerman this spring. A potential alternative could be to hike clockwise for the time being to be sure that the section repeatedly crossing the Caldwelll is within your comfort zone. All in all, with improved conditions this is a gem of a day hike that's really quite diverse and with nice trail conditions excluding the downed trees and bridges. I can't wait to get back out there!

My wife and I started the trail around 12:30 yesterday (3/4/18). We did the loop clockwise. It was a really nice hike - until the last 2 or 3 miles. Most of the bridges on the creek were not there. I suppose they have been washed away. In addition, there are many downed trees on the trail. My guess is that the park service will try to clear them before the busy season in late spring. The water was high and the current strong to the point that trying to cross the creek was dangerous. The trail crosses the creek numerous times, so it was necessary to either find a way across on fallen trees or attempt to bushwhack through very dense vegetation to meet up with the trail farther down, which was typically unsuccessful. We finished the hike around 4pm, pants and shoes wet. I always enjoy adventures, however, this one turned out to be more than we had planned for, mainly due to the high water. I would not recommend this trip for the typical hiker until water levels are lower and/or bridges across the creek are repaired/built.

Excellent trails with great winter views from all ridge lines, not many views during summer. High shoal falls will have way too many people there, hit it early before the crowds then you can have the rest of the park to yourself, literally saw 5 other people away from falls.

Very nice hike - nice view from the Cone Manor, but most of the trail is a great walk through the woods and around the lake. We didn't know the trail as well as most - and since the trail really isn't marked clearly - it's easy to cut out the "maze" section of the hike and go up to the "apple barn".

16 days ago

It's actually quite easy, with the only real uphill portions being short and not very steep regardless. Definitely a great place for a family trip. We started the figure 8 with turning left for a clockwise loop and by the end of the lower loop, I *think* that the signs pointing you back to the parking lot are...backwards? I hate to say that because I'm sure it's me who read them wrong but I did the opposite of what they said after they led me back to Nook's portion, and I ended up at my car. (?)

19 days ago

This wasn’t as difficult as I was expecting. Nice views from the top. Wouldn’t recommend going when it’s too wet out because I can imagine the rocks getting pretty slick up there. Will do it again with friends/family but avoid bringing any little ones unless we stuck to the easier side of the mountain. Not the greatest views from below but would probably recommend for bikers.

Nice hike through the woods. Has a few small creeks to cross. Trail is easily marked.

I don't personally like this trail due to how heavily trafficked it is but I do believe it is a great place for dogs, children, or running. It is very easy regardless of the length you travel

22 days ago

Awesome trail! Directions a little confusing, but we took Buckhorn Gap to the falls and Avery Creek Trail on the way back to the forestry road.

23 days ago

5 mile short hike on mostly rough forest roads which is well signposted. Little in the way of steep ascents. Good day for hiking with temps in the mid 60' s by noon. Take care around the falls as the rocks are steep and very slick.

A decent weekend loop. The Forney Creek trail portion follows an old logging road, which is a little uninspiring if you’re backpacking. The creeks are pretty, and the terrain is nicely varied from the high ridge-top hiking along the AT to the hollows along Jonas Creek.

Easy 5.2 mile hike to campsite 37. Great waterfall views and great campsite. Plenty of firewood and places to get in the water.

If you want a nice stretch of the legs on a non- strenuous trail, this is it! A nice change from steep, rocky trails. Very peaceful and pretty. Plenty of water along the way for dogs. Not sure if the little streams dry up in the summer, or not. I walked it while leaves were still off the trees so was able to see the surrounding mountain tops. Very nice!

Great waterfall with a bench.

1 month ago

This was the first hike I had ever done in North Carolina, it was pretty easy, beautiful and the waterfall was worth the entire hike. We went late in January and only ran into one other hiker. It was cool to walk on the airstrip as well.

This trail runs from downtown Durham through the Getto. The drug dealers, the drunk people peeing on the sides of the path to the gang of thugs We had to turn back. Please google this trail before starting it. I think that t was a good idea when it was planned but not anymore. Truly take a big dog or a gun do not hike this trail alone Or better yet not at all!

1 month ago

First, my review is from the perspective of an amateur landscape photographer

Second, the trail itself is easy to find, well maintained, generally dry and free of obstructions such as roots and rocks. The trail is not marked but even a novice can stay on it. All the trail junctions are posted and point to major landmarks.

Third, most of the trail is typical eastern US forest and is nothing special, with the exception of the two waterfalls, Triple and High. I feel the Triple has the better composition potential. Make sure you take the stairs down to the creek. On the “con” side the falls are open, not shaded and you are shooting into the sun. Try to visit on an overcast day to reduce the extremes in contrast.

If you want to save some time and effort just do Triple Falls and bypass High. But if you also want to do High then you may also want to take the Covered Bridge Trail. At just 0.2 miles (one way) it’s worth seeing.

Great Trail Run , lovely view, hard but rewarding after you finish, we done a Half Marathon here.

1 month ago

This place is great with multiple campsites along the way. Take every side route because that’s where most of the waterfalls and balds are. The place is beautiful. There is a bald on salt rock that isn’t labeled on any maps I say and it’s a beautiful view must go to that.

Soothing and relaxing trail walk/run with multiple trails. The dam was really cool.

Very clean! Great for the family.

My fault misreading that dogs were allowed on this trail. Of course, it was in January when we visited and when we got to the trail to the waterfall, we discovered no dogs allowed. We walked the creek area and still enjoyed the little rapids.

Lovely, easy hike on wide, smooth trails. Gorgeous views at Cone Manor.

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