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Trail is well marked,and maintained. No water access from viewing platforms, but nice area to spash around at the bottom. The trek back to the top is most challenging, and the last leg of the trail has a bunch of tree roots. Very diverse group on the trail, everyone was fine though, moderate.

An easy little hike with several different platforms to admire the falls. The last fall is not nearly as impressive as the first two.

7 days ago

Nice easy trip down. Beautiful falls. Make sure you continue down to see all of the viewing areas. Saw a black snake tumble down the falls only to find rest on a rock a little shaken but fine. Nice to see from afar.

trail isn't overgrown or full of poison ivy. we read that review, decided to hike it anyways, and to our pleasant surprise it was amazing today. definitely hard work, but well worth it.

The trail that starts off the highway is not marked, with no “actual” parking spots. Right at the start is a creek that you’re going to have to cross. Either get your feet wet (not advised this early on in the hike) or go across barefoot. BRING EXTRA SOCKS!! The entire trail is covered in mud, brambles, fallen trees, spider webs, and ticks! Bug spray is also a necessity. When you get to the main fork that starts the loop, GO RIGHT then slightly left to stay on track. You’ll follow the trail down through more downed trees and brambles, then through a “mini loop” to the water. The converging rivers are beautiful! There’s some rocks to sit on and take a break, right at the center of the rivers. When you head back up, GO BACK THE WAY YOU CAME!!!!! I know it’s a “loop trail” but the back side of the trail is completely destroyed! All the trees are down, making the tiny trail literally invisible. We ended up bushwhacking our way out of the mess, nearly getting lost in the process. I wasn’t so judgmental on the rest of the trail after that. Overall, the hike was rough. Sure, it’s flat, but the lack of maintenance made the trail exhausting. The view at the water really is beautiful, “a little Montana” as we called it. I just wouldn’t advise taking kids, dogs, or anybody who isn’t ready to “rough it” a little.
Take-away points:
1. Extra socks
2. Bug spray
3. DO NOT take the backside of the loop! Go right at the fork then come back up the way you came to get back to the highway!!!!

Great challenging hike! We did get lost because there really aren’t any trail markers at all and the paths lead to different parking lots. It was very muddy at spots and you have to walk through the creeks at some points. Only saw 1 other small group of people though. It’s a great hike, just not the most well maintained trail.

the trail started off good. it was moderately challenging and not crowded which is,a huge plus the week of 4th of july. unfortunately we turned back a mile and half in to the trek because the trail was over grown and full of poison ivy.

25 days ago

The picturesque view from the precipice of the first falls is a must! Mid level and base are nice too. The last leg was not worth the effort, downed trees, rocky and not much at the bottom.

Glen Falls is absolutely amazing, there are several spots to stop and look at the different tiers of the falls. The trail is well maintained, except for quite a bit of mud around the viewing areas. It’s a extreme decline down some nicely placed steps, but every step you take down...you have to take back up. The walk back is not for the faint at heart.

1 month ago

I have hiked this trail a few times and almost any trail that has a waterfall at the end gets a great rating from me. I went past the base of the falls as another reviewer posted but once upon the downed trees and such turned around. It is uphill all the way back and there are a lot of tree roots underfoot so watch your step. Have seen people doing it in flip flops. Crazy!

We did this after hiking Scaly Mountain so my review maybe slightly flawed by the fact that my kids had had enough by this point.
Overall, it's a nice hike but I was a little irritated that I continued on the trail past the pool at the bottom for another half a mile, climbing over downed trees, only to be told by a group coming in the opposite direction that there was nothing down there except a campground. Don't hike past the post that has the word "falls" etched into it.

1 month ago

We did this trail this on June 3. It's a beautiful walk along the Chattooga river. I love this river and enjoy being in this area. Unfortunately, there is a lot of brush on the river side of the river so you can't see the river the whole time but there are definitely places to get to the river and enjoy the view. I didn't feel the trail was strenuous but you will be tired when you get back to the car. I expect the view may be better in cooler weather. Never the less, I enjoyed the hike very much. We did find Ellicott Rock without much trouble. Use the recordings logged on this page and it will take you right to the spot. The water was up a good two feet while we were there. When you get to the spot on the trail the rock will be directly below you (heading north it will be on your left) at the water's edge. It was partially submerged when we were there so we didn't climb down to it. The water was moving a little too fast for comfort. The pink ribbon marking the spot is not there but there were several items tied in the overhanging trees marking the spot. This is a very good walk and took us over 4 hours. You can park in the parking area at Burrells Ford or you can drive a bit further down the road to the trailhead and park on the side of the road. The foot-traffic was light particularly after the first two miles. This place is crawling with critters. We saw 4 snakes (2 Ring Necks, 1 Rat Snake and 1 Copperhead), lots of lizards, snails, butterflies, beautiful flowers, a gazillion millipedes and so on. Your feet WILL get wet and muddy. as there are several water crossings. On a hot day it is a much appreciated cool-off though. We went through over 3 liters of water on this day. Luckily we brought our Sawyer squeeze-type system and didn't have to carry so much water weight. There were several beautiful areas around to take a snack, a dip or rest break. The river is amazing. The trail was not really marked - no blazes but it was easy to follow. There were only a time or two where we took 10 seconds or so to figure out where the trail cut through a large open area. There are a lot of dead and down trees on this trail. Some old and some freshly fallen. Some have fallen from the trail taking a chunk of the trail with it. Some areas are very rooty and you have to watch your footing. In places the bushes crowd the trail making for a tight walk. There were gnats galore and lots of mosquitoes so bring your bug repellent if you are bothered by them. I brought a small towel and ended up fanning my head the whole time to keep the mosquitoes out of my face and the gnats out of my nose and mouth. I would definitely do this hike again.

trail running
1 month ago

Beautiful single track. Lots of climbing. Only a couple of “views” until the firetower.

I love this trail. It’s downhill for the trip back & then all uphill for the hike back. But it’s good for an afternoon hike or a hike when you don’t have all day to hike.

Beautiful day - excellent trail - very challenging!

It had been raining a few days so naturally the trail was wet and muddy. Very green, lots of trees and vegitaion, it was a beautiful hike. The falls are pretty sweet.

Wow. Great run/hike. Enjoyed this one lots! What a view on a clear day

2 months ago

This trail was very cool- you start off on the top of a waterfall and zig zag your way down. You run into the waterfall about 3-4 times at different spots on the way down and get to play in a pool at the bottom of the falls. This was a perfect hike to bring a water dog on!

2 months ago

Very well marked trail. Some trees are down after Irma.
Pretty sleep elevation gain, so it was a great work out. We did it on a foggy rainy Sunday and didn’t meet any single person.
Flowers along the way and mossy trees.

Beautiful hike and amazing views at the top.

Views at top are nice. Trail is not pleasant to walk. Not much of a hike. But, a walk up the road.

The road is very boring for kids. Only took about .3 of a mile for them to get bored.

The views are great from the top. The east view is beautiful and the west is a bit more developed within the view. Sunset is amazing. I will make the track again for a sunrise.

Head up early if you want to catch sunset. A lot of people go up for that.

Worth the views and especially for sunset!


3 months ago

Great trail, falls are beautiful with 3 or 4 different viewpoints. Keep going down, it’s worth the work to climb back up.

4 months ago

Cute little walk with the kids and dogs. Beautiful view! You used to be able to drive to the trail head but last time we were there you had to walk the road to get there.

4 months ago

We found it by accident but definitely loved it.

Definitely a tough challenge! Worth the experience especially at the top!

Was looking for a “hard” trail thinking it’d be fun and a breeze. This one was definitely tough for sure. The first half is the river part where you walk beside or across the river itself. Was pretty hard cause it was extremely slippery and the river was high and some had no places to cross so you just had to walk through. The second half is the straight up hill half straight to the top. Lots of downed trees but overall moderately to decently hard. My 3 month puppy had minimal issues keeping up. Ps. Lookout #5 is where it’s at, in my opinion the others are just a waste of a walk.

6 months ago

Perfect distance for what we were looking for. Took the dog and have great views at the top - there is not Summit sign to say you made it but once the trail starts heading down you’ll know when to stop.

7 months ago

Nice trail with a beautful view. This trail is most definitely NOT a loop, and is longer than the distance given. Just follow the blue blazes (which are spread out) and you'll be fine.

In my opinion, the best way to come to the falls is from the bottom of the mountain. It's way cooler than just walking down the stairs.

Awesome hike but not 10.6 miles nor a loop. Got lost and ended up doing 14.2 miles.

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