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This is a great trail with so much to see and so many places to explore. Our family of five with two teenagers and a standard poodle had a great time but we managed to get off the trail by half a mile by taking a fork in that appeared to be the correct direction but wasn’t. Still a beautiful, fun hike.

We absolutely LOVED this hike. Very lush, several waterfalls and great exercise coming back up.

So beautiful following the fairy dust trails! Views clear as day!

3 days ago

We visited with 2.5 and 3.5 year old boys, who loved being able to walk behind the falls. Beautiful and easy. Definitely not a “hike” but a lovely outing.

3 days ago

Most of this “hike” is a steep paved walk to the trailhead. It’s been a really rainy season and a wet day, but even so, the trail was essentially a mud pit/ creek run off. We turned around before the vista because it was just too slippery.

We got up there right as clouds/fog rolled in, so we couldn't see anything. Notthe first time hiking trail thankfully. Beautiful views if the weather is good. Relatively easy trail with great views so expect heavy traffic on weekends/holidays.

This trail is one that offers great vistas time and time again. There is an option to either hike the more technical trail to the right or take the gravel path to the left. We took the gravel path to the left on the way up and decided on the more rewarding technical trail on the way down. Don’t miss the technical trail because that is where the vistas are. It is crowded up there, but for good reason. I would definitely go back.

Great trail with great views/. Gravel road is A LOT easier than the trail. I would recommend taking the gravel road up to the top and come down the more difficult trail so you know what you are getting into before trying the more difficult trail...if you are unsure about which way to go.

8 days ago

See Andrew Coorr and Vicki Shepard reviews. Good for what it is. Expect heavy traffic given ease of access.

This was a nice quick hike but the service road is easy to miss. Falls were pretty and a great spot to swim and have lunch.

The gravel trail was pretty easy for us and our dogs. Based on advice of other hikers, we took the dogs back down the way we came instead of down the steps.

The trail that starts off the highway is not marked, with no “actual” parking spots. Right at the start is a creek that you’re going to have to cross. Either get your feet wet (not advised this early on in the hike) or go across barefoot. BRING EXTRA SOCKS!! The entire trail is covered in mud, brambles, fallen trees, spider webs, and ticks! Bug spray is also a necessity. When you get to the main fork that starts the loop, GO RIGHT then slightly left to stay on track. You’ll follow the trail down through more downed trees and brambles, then through a “mini loop” to the water. The converging rivers are beautiful! There’s some rocks to sit on and take a break, right at the center of the rivers. When you head back up, GO BACK THE WAY YOU CAME!!!!! I know it’s a “loop trail” but the back side of the trail is completely destroyed! All the trees are down, making the tiny trail literally invisible. We ended up bushwhacking our way out of the mess, nearly getting lost in the process. I wasn’t so judgmental on the rest of the trail after that. Overall, the hike was rough. Sure, it’s flat, but the lack of maintenance made the trail exhausting. The view at the water really is beautiful, “a little Montana” as we called it. I just wouldn’t advise taking kids, dogs, or anybody who isn’t ready to “rough it” a little.
Take-away points:
1. Extra socks
2. Bug spray
3. DO NOT take the backside of the loop! Go right at the fork then come back up the way you came to get back to the highway!!!!

awesome view!

Perfect for what it is. A short jaunt off the side of the road. You might get a little wet if you go behind the falls. My 4 year old made it on the climb back up.

15 days ago

This is a very short trail that is more of a scenic overlook type setting than an actual hike. I walked it in flip flops. You’ll park right off the road where there are small restroom facilities in the parking lot. You can go to an overlook of the falls, or you can take the steps and path all the way down and behind the falls. We visited on July 4th and it was crowded, but totally worth sharing the space and getting some really beautiful shots from behind the falls.
Highly recommend this if you’re close to Highlands. If you’re coming from downtown Highlands, you’ll also pass Bridal Veil Falls, which you can see clearly without even getting out of your car. :)

Great short trail! You can take the easy or challenging route up - we did the challenging of course hehe

Multiple great views as you follow the ridge line. Those with walking/knee issues can take the gravel path up and down, while others can use the slightly trickier path with boulders and some high step-up/downs.

25 days ago

Quick little trail, so much fun driving there and playing behind the falls.

easy and fun to walk

on Satulah Mountain

27 days ago

Great views

very nice trail and the views are amazing!

Absolutely beautiful falls, easy access and ample parking. Definitely a must see, especially after a good rain.

Super short path with a great payoff. Definitely stop if you’re in Highlands.

1 month ago

Awesome waterfall

not really a hike but it is a gorgeous waterfall

My husband and I very much enjoyed this trail. It was as easy to navigate and the markers along the way were very educational. It was pouring rain when we went but the falls are definitely worth the hike (even in the rain).

1 month ago

Very beautiful. We saw it after (during) rainfall and the falls were huge!

1 month ago

Beautiful waterfall! One of our favorites. We stop in every time we’re in Highlands. We went again today and the water was crazy. It’s been raining for days so it was really pumping.

Great hike! Great views! Unique experience with cabled fences on the bald spots on the mountain. Would definitely go again.

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