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Avoid this trail. Over a 1/2 mile of heavy logging underway on Oct 7,2018. No trail markings and in some areas impassable.

This trail is lightly traveled. It features a high bluff that looks out over the Eno river is some places. It clearly marked with white blazes as it doubles as the NCMTS trail.

Great short afternoon or after work hike.

Great hike to see the historic Pump Station ruins and great view of the river with lots of rocks there. We continued west on the trail and kept going on the Laurel Trail until we were across from Bobbit Hole (see the chimney ruins). The trail to that point was up and down ... sometimes along the river and sometimes branching away a bit. At the chimney ruins, there is a trail that goes down to the river where we were able to cross to north side of river by hopping rocks and then walked east on the Bobbit Hole trail and then Cole Mill Trail. We kept going east Pea Loop and Dunegun loop trails until we were across from the Pump Station trail, Crossed the river again, rock hoping, and then returned to the Pump Station parking. Fun hike.

3 months ago

Hiked this along with the MST trail to West Point. The folks at Penny's Bend Nature Preserve are improving the trail, with benches, open spaces along Penny's Bend trail, controlled burns to clear brush, and trimming the trail, although it is a bit overgrown in spots. Saw lots of turtles on logs, and there are a bunch of trees that have fallen across the river in this area. One ding was there were lots of spider webs, and as the trail is infrequently hiked, you need to use a hiking pole or walking stick to clear them or just eat the spiders.

I would recommend hiking this in the winter or early spring, as the trail is overgrown in several spots. Spotted some Poison Oak right next to the trail. Also a couple of big trees down to maneuver around. The best part of the trail is by the river and along the sewer right of way. Going all the way to the dam at West Point is worth the extra 0.4 miles. You can also stop at the old mill. There is a picnic table just over the footbridge and 50 yards down the paved path. Also watched a little bit of a cricket match at Old Farm Park along the route, which also has picnic tables. Good place for a snack and rest. Penny's bend offers some nice wild flowers and open space.

Walk just a little farther towards West Point and view the dam.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

This is one of my favorite trails. It is lightly traveled but well maintained. It is located in the Eno State Park and is part of the North Carolina Mountain to Sea Trail (MTS). It has a short but moderate elevation gain and many beautiful vistas.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Nice short loop takes you down along the river and to some interesting history about the Durham water supply – this pump station supplied water to Durham from 1887 – 1927. Be careful near the ruins as some of the areas may be unstable. Combine this with some other hikes, e.g. Laurel Bluffs, Pea Creek and Dunnagan to give you a great workout.

One of my favorite trails in Durham.

Great trail along the river bank. Not a lot of traffic. Foliage and terrain changes several times. Good watering holes for a doggo to swim.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We live adjacent to this trail. It never gets old.

I completed the Pump Station Loop, along with hiking a few different sections of the Laurel Bluffs Trail on a pretty New Year's Eve day. I started from the main trailhead next to the bridge over Nancy Rhodes Creek. There is room to park on the side of Rivermont Road. The loop is short and relatively flat as it heads down to the Eno River and back. The ruins of the old Durham Pump Station are fun to explore. As others have stated, Laurel Bluffs is a scenic trail that usually lets you get away from the crowds.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

I started from the main trailhead next to the bridge over Nancy Rhodes Creek. There is room to park on the side of Rivermont Road. The trail is short and relatively flat as it loops down to the Eno River and back. The ruins of the old Durham Pump Station are fun to explore. This is another good choice for trail running, and can be extended along the river several miles in either direction along the Laurel Bluffs Trail.

trail running
Monday, October 24, 2016

My favorite stretch of the Eno

Friday, July 01, 2016

Nice Trail.

This is a great trail especially for being in a pretty populated area. Be prepared for quite a few ascents and descents. What can I say, the name fits the trail. If you want a trail where you can rock jump and play in the river this is not the one for you, but if you want to be secluded in nature this should work. I was out on a Saturday and never pass another person on the trail. Note: it would be a great place to train for more difficult hiking. Also keep an eye on your blazes. They are the old school spray paint kind.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Great trail for kids.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Well maintained with beautiful scenery. I was a little disappointed when Laurel Bluffs Trail crossed a power line and under an overpass, but one can't expect too much seclusion so close to the city. The scenery makes up for it, for the most part.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Pump Station is a basic loop trail that can be used to access the Laurel Bluff Trail going east or west. The loop itself is about half flat along the river and the rest is either a dirt roadbed or single track trail. The trail leads to the old Durham water pumping station built in the 1880's. The remains of the building an outbuilding can be explored. This is a good place to bring kids, but they have to be supervised as the ruins have some drops. There are two trailheads for this loop, both on Rivermont Road - the unpaved sections. The trail is fairly well marked and easy to navigate.

There are two parking areas along Rivermont Road for the Pump Station access. An address of 4050 Rivermont Road, Durham 27705 will get you to the main trailhead. Dirt road here. There's another access point northwest about .2 miles. The Pump Station loop is short and fairly easy. A lot of it is flat along the Eno River. The remains of the old Durham water pumping station are along the route. Continue west from the loop for a more challenging hike on the Laurel Bluffs Trail, which is also the Mountains to Sea Trail - white circle blazes. The Laurel Bluff trail from Pump Station Loop is the least traveled section in my experience. It's a steady up and down with some flat sections along the river. This is my favorite section of the trail. Note: The map on webpage (as of 6/8/15) is not the route. The trail is marked south on the other side of the Eno River

Late winter hike from the Pump Station parking area, went down along the Eno on the Laurel Bluffs Trail to the bridge where you can cross to connect with several other trails, e.g. Pea Creek and Dunnagan, then came back and completed the Pump Station Loop Trail. Great hike and nice variety - the Bluffs and Pump Station make an interesting outing.

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