26 days ago

Definitely a moderate trail; lots of flat straight-aways with the occasional steep incline in-between, great place to go for a jog. Wonderful scenery and great views just yards away from Lake Brandt. There was enough tree coverage overhead that even though it was raining, I barely felt it.

I, personally, walk my dogs off-leash on this trail, for the same reasons I'm sure others do-- it is a bit less trafficked than other surrounding trails, and biking is not allowed here. I can speak for myself in that, I've given my dogs off-leash privileges because I've taken the appropriate measures to train them in proper hiking etiquette, both on and off leash. I'm well aware this is against leash laws, but my dogs have never, ever given me a reason to take this privilege away from them. If they did, they certainly wouldn't be off leash.

Generally, people are very kind and accepting about this here, despite the previous review and general sentiment on other surrounding trails. Any negative encounters I've had are almost always dogs mirroring their owners; that is, if you immediately tense up and exhibit reactionary, anxious (and often rude) behavior, so will your animal. If you calmly call out and politely ask me to leash my dog for the moment we cross paths, I'm more than happy to respectfully oblige.

There's plenty of trail around for everybody to share, in all capacities. Mutual respect goes a very long way.