This is our favorite trail! Although it says closed on here, if you visit the website listed, it shows it is indeed open. Very few people. We only passed 2 groups and they stepped off the trail as we made our way up. Plenty of room for social distancing during the hike and at the top. Pack a light blanket, some drinks and have yourself a picnic! The cows were in the woods and came out today too!

pretty hike, well built and maintained trail. the rock work to create all the steps is impressive. steep trail but views at the top of wildcat rock are worth it.

Fantastic trail and a real workout! The wild cat trail is across the street from the parking lot. Go down by a private orchard and walk around the fence starting by a beautiful river - and a cute bridge. The trail is earthy and clear to walk . Start gaining elevation and has many curated wood steps leading up towards the a wild cat rock and waterfall. Rest a while and continue up to the wild cat lookout - this is a steep climb with many curated rock steps. The lookout is beautiful and a great spot for lunch. Had to put Bella on leash because the rock was steep and didn’t feel safe for her. We did t continue to the mountain top because it started thundering. We went down back and last the falls when the trail got back to be earthy we ran all the way down. It was Peter, keren & Bella today!

Great hike there today. Most people being thoughtful and keeping a social distance. As always, there were a few people who just had no consideration for others. Great that it was open! We had a great little hike!

Lucy Williams if you read the message below it encourages people to use the fire service road

Definitely still closed due to Covid as of 5/8/20. Trails are roped off and the gate is padlocked. Choose a different trail for now.

closed due to covid, easy enough to step over the rope if you want. looks pretty from the parking area.

Nice trail. Kinda found a dead cow though.

27 days ago

We did this trail back in February, was very cold and windy and snowed on us. Good trail that's maintained well, was very muddy, has a few places that will get your cardio going. Enjoy!

28 days ago

Hardcore and strenuous is what the current signs say now, and they most definitely are, well worth it though!

Great views

1 month ago

Cows flew away

Holy moly! This is a hike. It was pretty dang steep and definitely gave me a good work out. I didn’t make it to the top this time but will for sure next. I would rate this hike as hard personally

My guy and I loved this spot! We went last week and came back just now but it’s closed bc of the corona virus FYI

Nice covered hike with the finale reaching a beautiful bald with a 360 view. Dog friendly. Be prepared to see a cow or two or to maneuver their manure, if they aren’t around. Bring your sunscreen.

2 months ago

Nice, short little trail. Devcent grade but not technical. View at the top is pretty good, nice meadow for a picnic or a game of frisbee or whatever. "Loop" is a gravel road. I'd almost recommend an out and back via the actual trail. Thank you to whoever owns and maintains this.

Great hike with Ryan. Fitw tower. Awesome view

2 months ago

Nice view, so many steps!!!!

Regular trail is still closed. Hiked the fire tower trail to the top, hike is all uphill. Not bad but definitely gets your heart pumping. Views from the top is amazing!

This hike was not worth it. The outlook is covered by trees, the view was not something to marvel at. And the waterfalls? Nonexistent.

This was an awesome morning hike. It had rained a few days prior and was below freezing the night before. The rock face was frozen over and had hanging icicles that were starting to melt. The view from wildcat rock was endless. Stopped at Turgua Brewery on the way home.

Great trail. Trying to get back into proper hiking shape, and this trail will be my baseline. Really enjoyed the fact by the time I reached the top my heart rate had been raised and I was breathing hard. Lots of stairs, but worth it to see the view from the top!

Would do again 10/10. I also recommend to visit the wildcat rock overlook it’s such a beautiful site and worth the 5 minute deviation

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