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Great hike down to the narrows, but be ready to scramble to the bottom. Definitely at the top of my list!

Impressive view of the Green River Narrows! From the trailhead, it’s just under 2 miles to the steep dirt path that leads down to the narrows. The path will be on your right. We walked right past it and didn’t realize it until we eventually got to another trail and turned back around. The actual trail is pretty easy...BUT as for the path that leads down to the narrows, holy moly! There are multiple ropes to hold on to but it is VERY VERY STEEP! Be prepared to go very slow on the way down and to sweat your booty off on the way back up!!! Take your time!! We enjoyed the views of the narrows and watched the kayakers.
Great trip! If you don’t plan on doing the trek down to the narrows, I’d probably skip this trail...it’s buggy, cob webby, and not all that exciting otherwise.

Nice trail - fun to see the goats

10 days ago

We hiked this trail with another family yesterday. If you stay on the trail itself it is moderate and kid friendly. If you take the rouge trail down to the narrows it is extremely difficult. There are ropes tied to trees to help you down and up. We had 5 kids complete that ages 14-8. Our 8 year old completed the whole thing with a lot of help from her Dad. Once down to the narrows you can sit and watch the kayakers tackling the Green River and there are numerous swimming holes. We will do this trail again some day but probably not include that rogue trail as it was intense and probably not safe to do with kids. We are glad to have done it but that is probably a one and done for us. Lol

15 days ago

This is a great hike but the trails are tough with a lot of them washed out from the spring rains. Also note the ticks are extremely bad with some of the trails overgrown. Our dog came off the trails with over 20 ticks and a couple of us had a couple too. As long as you prepare you’ll enjoy this hike. Also be careful trails in some cases are not marked well.

Family friendly trail!

worth it down the ropes to the bottom. great place to hang near the water.

2 months ago

One of my favorite trails, great for dogs. Longer hike with an incline towards the end that could be challenging to some. Absolutely beautiful.

2 months ago

Great hike with nice waterfalls on thexway you can climb down to. Trail down to narrows isnt that bad. Took my 8 and 11 year olds and they did great-kids are better climbers than adults. Lots of ropes, I led so they would fall on me but really would just slide into a tree. Way up was fun climb. Took about 15 minutes down and 10 minutes back up. Tons to explore in narrows and trail is much easier.

rock climbing
2 months ago

Nice little community park. Trail loops and intersects so you can take whichever path you choose. Small ponds and streams criss cross back and forth through the park. One large paved pathway and several gravel paths. Dogs welcome. Kids play area with rock wall, hills, ropes, and slides.

Would definitely do again, noce view at the end

Loved this hike! The wildflowers are in full bloom. Hike down to the narrows was fun. Wish I would have brought a lunch to hang out for longer!

Have hiked this trail several times. Not too difficult and very nice views from the top.

MAKE SURE YOUR DIRECTIONS ARE CLEAR! We followed the GPS directions (from the All Trails app) and never found the trailhead or anything. We really wanted to hike it but we gave up after driving around lost for about 30 mins. We would like to try again sometime though.

Was not expecting the beauty of that waterfall! The rest of the hike is easy getting there, but when you start that descent to the falls it’s a whole other story. The ropes are useful, definitely take advantage of them. There were quite a few people on the trail including families with children, not a trail for all kids-those kids were beasts! The falls were well worth the heavy breathing!

Nice hike!

This might have been a nice hike if it hadn’t have been for the large gather/daughter group of loud and obnoxious hikers on 3/4/18. They took up the entire trail, causing everyone else to have to move out of their way, were screaming the entire way, blocking trail signs and not letting people through. Every other hiker we passed were also commenting on their disruptive behavior. And when we reached the top, we couldn’t even sit to enjoy the view as they had spread out over most of the rock face at the top, children were running around and screaming and swinging sticks, and the parents were paying no mind to them. We waited for a half hour, to hopefully let them have their time and disperse, as older couples, and even teenagers left because of the noise and annoyance. But they simply stayed and took over the whole area. Pretty awful human beings ruining this probably otherwise lovely area. I would not recommend this hike for this reason.

Did this yesterday. Loved it. Nice little workout and definitely beer/cheeseburger worthy! Will have to go again when I can spend more time at the river. Pack a lunch. I don’t think it’s kid friendly unless they are experienced hikers

5 months ago

It’s a moderate hike in until the end where you have to scramble down a steep hillside to view the falls. Then, scramble back up to the main trail. That part of the hike was certainly not moderate. Someone fortunately tied ropes to the trees to make it easier.

The round trip was 3.2 miles according to my gps/map I posted here. I suspect that the original route was shorter (2.7?) however, it appears that the trail was rerouted long enough ago that the original route was overgrown. I looked for where it may have cut off from the current trail but couldn’t find it.

I was told by a local kayaker who was hiking the trail that the two falls visible from where I scrambled down the ropes were called Sunshine and Rapid Transit. Had I continued further on the main trail I would have come to Gorilla Falls. Maybe next time.

Love to hike the trails here. They are well-maintained with beautiful scenery. Don’t miss the goats at the Carl Sandburg Farm. They are precious.

7 months ago

Fantastic hike. You hear the rushing of the Pulliam Creek almost the whole trek down to Green River with a couple of easy crossings. Trail itself can be an ankle-turner - especially with the Fall leaf coverage, but it is well worth the visit. Nice trail for younger kids too.

We parked on the side of Big Hungry Rd maybe 25 yards from the trail head. But, there are lots of pull-offs for folks - saw 6-7 other cars when we got off the trail.

Nice post-Thanksgiving Say dinner hike.

Hiked the trail for the Green River kayak race. Fun trail, beautiful falls views.

Can someone give more details about the steep part. are we talking mud, hold on to branches, dig your nails into the dirt, or steep enough to debate about the path but safe or steep your out of breath but you don't have to search hard for foot holds with a clear path?

9 months ago

Very shaded, not very difficult trail. Enjoyed it. No people past where you past the first creek which made it serene, but carry a stick. A large amount of spider webs ha. Trailhead is difficult to find if you're not familiar with the area.

10 months ago

I'm not an expert hiker, but I am an experienced one, and this was one of the most difficult hikes I've done. This is not for children, and not for beginners. As everyone has already said, the Pulliam Creek trail leading to the narrows was not difficult. It's a pretty walk through the woods with the creek gushing down below. But the climb in and out to see the narrows was extremely difficult, especially on the way back up. I sat down for a rest at one point only for a copperhead to slither past me about a foot away from my hand! I think that it would be beautiful to see once the leaves are down. Just be very careful. It's extremely steep and the water is rough and churning. My daughter hikes with me everywhere, but I would not feel comfortable or safe taking her on this one...at least the climb to the narrows.

It is difficult to locate at first. From Big Hungry Road there is a tiny sliver of a gravel turn off on the right. If you look closely you will see the bridge tucked down in there. I missed it the first time. If you get to a big info sign for the Green River Gamelands with a larger gravel turn off, you've gone too far. Turn around and it will be just a little ways ahead and your left.

We love this trail, but I would not classify it as "easy". It is straight uphill and can be intense at times, but well worth it!

great little afternoon hike

Tough hike. Well worth the trouble though. The river is absolutely amazing. Not recommended for small children under six unless they are very experienced hikers

10 months ago

We really enjoyed this hike. It was peaceful and I bet really beautiful in the spring. Loved going in heat of summer because it's totally shaded. Be sure to take trail to the narrows -- we packed a lunch and sit on boulders --- got to see 3 kayaks go through. Getting to the narrows was strenous but worth the effort. Little hard to find but we used WAZE and it took us right to the trail head.

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