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17 days ago

Hiked the 4 mile Bay Trail that is a loop around Jones Lake. Had my 2 sons (20 & 10) along on a July afternoon. We were the only ones on the trail and only a few people were at the park. The trail was well marked and passed through a couple of different ecosystems which was nice. As others mentioned, some of it was access dirt roads, but that was fine as we still saw birds, different woodlands, & what appeared to be good sized coyote pawprints in the sand for a right good portion. No human tracks near them, so it wasn't a dog. Nice overlook spots to sit on the benches and take in a nice view of the lake along with a great breeze coming off of the water. Take bug spray, you'll have to reapply about halfway through your hike. This would also make a nice trail run for training. Park was very clean and we did see park rangers on a Gator 4 wheeler while on the trail. We'll be back fir some kayaking & paddleboarding too!