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trail running
7 days ago

Great trail. Went out around dusk and saw three Copperheads within ten minutes. Two and four-legged friends use caution as the sun goes down.

Easy 3 mike loop.
You’ll see dogs and families on this trail. Mostly flat with one maybe two inclines. No trash cans along the way, be prepared to pick up after your dog with strong odor trapping bags until the end of the trail when you come across a bin.

It’s a beautiful little trail with lots of shade.

8 days ago

Have only briefly walked on this trail, but followed advice from neighbors and friends to not walk trail alone. Heading north into Downtown Durham can get rough on the path.

Perfect easy hike,

Beautiful hike! Ending at the Eno Quarry was a real treat

11 days ago

I really liked this trail ... my favorite so far in the Duke Forest. Got a great view of the New Hope Creek.

road biking
12 days ago

Great Trail. No streets. Paved or good gravel. Lots of trees for shade. love it.

trail running
18 days ago

I love this trail because it's short, it's a loop, and it's usually pretty quiet. I love taking my dogs here and I like to read the labels on the trees

First trail I found using AllTrails - pleasantly surprised! Densely wooded narrow trail with tight-gripping plants, more developed and wider bike/running trail. 2 bridges with water paths alongside. I got bug bites! In the middle of quiet neighborhood.

I started on the Ellerbee Creek trail part off Albany Rd. A dirt trail through fairly thick and close vegetation. Heard LOTS of bird chirping and singing. You can also walk/run/bike along the wider asphalt(?) trail that runs basically parallel, but I went the explorer route.

Crossed back over Albany to the more developed Indian Trail part. This is where I saw the exercise stations. Another bridge with a dirt trail along the creek if you feel adventurous. Also a wide open grass field - frisbee/picnic/stargaze? There is a parking lot off Indian Trail Rd alongside Hillandale Golf Course.

I love Duke gardens, Battle Park, and Eno River, but this was a fun, quick, and secluded adventure!

trail running
1 month ago

Great loop! My dog loved the Eno river running along the trail so she could jump in when she got too hot. The signs and blazes make it easy to follow. Wonderful spot!

1 month ago

Did this one right after the longer one it shares a trailhead with. Goes under a (rather loud) overpass which is kind of cool but annoyed my dog.

In one area the trail was very thin and had a steep dropoff into the river, so may not be best for huge dogs or people with bad balance.

Very nice, easy trail. Pretty forest and river, I'm sure I'll be back again.

The whole thing a wide gravel road

Great hike with the kids. There are plenty of places where the kids can get wet and enjoy the water.

Easy lightly trafficked forest loop

Great pocket of lush and diverse forest right in the middle of Durham

The east side can be waterlogged for days after a heavy rain

Be prepared for mosquitoes

1 month ago

Nice trail but got difficult by the creek. Would have been fine but slippery due to recent rain. Dogs loved it

1 month ago

Beautiful walk along the Eno river. Good hills. Nice hike.

Took my two pups with me and the people were VERY rude. Not a bad place to go when not busy but definitely don’t see myself going again. I have two lab mixes and it was their first time and honestly can’t imagine taking them to such a hostile environment again!

Basically a nice 4 mile loop on gravel fire roads in lush and quiet Duke Forest. Some nice gradual ups and downs to a concrete bridge and another to a wooden bridge, and connected by a short stint on Whitfield Road between Wisteria and Sunrise at the fire station. I saw 5 skinks along the route, 1 blue-lined, 3 gray and 1 giant red skink - May must be the time they come out. Great place for a morning stroll, trail run or walking your dog. Not my idea of a real hike, but good place to get away. Good parking along Whitfield road on either end of the Whitfield Road segment; if one is crowded, try the other one.

2 months ago

A recent relocation and upgrade has helped turn this good trail into a great one. Gone are the super-steep climbs and descent from the peak of Cox mountain, replaced now with more gradual and less worn new trail. My guess is the relo has added about .3 miles to the original, but it is all great trail.
Highly recommended!

really overgrown

I can only comment on the trailhead on White Oak Church Road down to the south end in JordanLake Game lands. I rode my bike down and back by myself and felt comfortable. Nice ride, as others have stated, bring your own water. There’s no way I would ride north on the trail by myself into Durham.

Nice moderate walk with nice creek views and a bluff

it is perfekt to go with dog and without dog.

trail running
2 months ago

Great run. Some right turns and roots that’ll test concentration. Duke Forrest never disappoints.

Best trail I’ve done in the triangle so far. The rock scrambles were a nice surprise and the overall walk was great.

2 months ago

Highly recommend. Beautiful, very clean and well shaded.

3 months ago

Nice trail. Turtles on logs in river. Mileage does not include fanny ford extension shown on red trail map.
Easy to leave off with short connector trail. Quite a bit up and down. Rough terrain. Suggest older hiker like me (73) use sticks and good hiking boots.

trail running
3 months ago

Loved it! This really felt more like a playground than a trail. I had loads of fun scrambling along the rocks on the bank, running up the hill near the entrance multiple times bc I missed the very obvious turn off to where I parked, and finding different ways to land in the stream (note: I highly recommended using the cheater stick that someone kindly left by the tree crossing...especially helpful if your legs get shakey on the return trip). I lost my way multiple times though each was totally worthwhile. It’s all well marked, so if I’d been paying attention rather than playing, there wouldn’t have been any reason to double back or run in circles.

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