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10 days ago

A beautiful hike with numerous changes of scenery. A great way to start a fall day.

It is well marked and a nice walk

26 days ago

Rated four stars for the views, it’s nice to walk along the river for so long. But it’s a very easy trail, definitely not moderate. Only a few climbs, everything else is flat, wide trails. I think I’ll do a little trail running next time.

29 days ago

This is an amazing trail. If you enter from Continental Rd, and park on side of road, upon reaching the fork on the path, take the right path and not far ahead is a small cemetery on the right . There is a Headstone of: P. Catherine Dunnigan Born March 7, 1826 and Died Jan 6, 1914. There are rock markings next to her grave with no name . The steep climb is not so bad, as it levels a bit before going up again . The walk along the river is quite beautiful. A great find :)

30 days ago

The trail is a nice, light exercise with some great views of the Eno. If you live nearby it's certainly worth an outing!

Great trail, few inclined loved the view. An amazing cut out log in Memory of at the end curve. Great water view w small rapids :)

First time on this trail .. working here from out of state had a day off . Loved the trail. Very well marked, and lovely scenery with all the fall colours

Really enjoyed this trail and the walk along the river

Very nice stroll with great views

This trail is well worthy of its intermediate rating, as it has some pretty grueling switchbacks. lots of uneven terrain and loose material. and some slightly treacherous downslopes.

But you do get some nice vistas, the power lines kinda take away some, but still nice.

Bits of advice: Take Your Time! Also either carry a camel back or bring a gallon of water, because you WILL need it. Dehydration is no joke, it's early symptoms are subtle, but it gets bad quick, headache is a clear sign that you are not drinking enough. take lots of breaks and drink plenty of water. When you get back to your vehicle it's a good idea to have a Gatorade or Powerade, you need to replenish those lost electrolytes.

nice trail. we hiked it. it was more of a walk in the woods next to a river than a hike, but it was a morning well spent. I would rate it as easy instead of moderate. this would be a GREAT trail for running. I would run on it every day if I lived near by.

2 months ago

Nice trail! 5 miles with the Fanny Ford extension - which is a must for the beautiful water views!

3 months ago

Good workout trail! It’s well maintained and it was moderately trafficked by people (and dogs on a leash) Go early (park opens at 7:00am) the parking lot will fill after 9:00am...

one of my most favorite secluded hikes.

It’s was very fun and pretty easy, Nice for an afternoon hike... went with some children who enjoyed it a lot as well

Fantastic trail for the area. I'd recommend hiking as much of the new hope creek trail down by the water as possible, going all the way to erwin road following the creek.

Do note, though, the .8 section of trail between concrete bridge and wooden bridge passes across an incredibly steep and rocky hill. This hill section is unmarked and I would not try it without going down on all fours and it's pretty hairy even then..

trail running
6 months ago

Great loop! My dog loved the Eno river running along the trail so she could jump in when she got too hot. The signs and blazes make it easy to follow. Wonderful spot!

Very nice, easy trail. Pretty forest and river, I'm sure I'll be back again.

Great hike with the kids. There are plenty of places where the kids can get wet and enjoy the water.

6 months ago

Beautiful walk along the Eno river. Good hills. Nice hike.

7 months ago

A recent relocation and upgrade has helped turn this good trail into a great one. Gone are the super-steep climbs and descent from the peak of Cox mountain, replaced now with more gradual and less worn new trail. My guess is the relo has added about .3 miles to the original, but it is all great trail.
Highly recommended!

7 months ago

Highly recommend. Beautiful, very clean and well shaded.

7 months ago

Nice trail. Turtles on logs in river. Mileage does not include fanny ford extension shown on red trail map.
Easy to leave off with short connector trail. Quite a bit up and down. Rough terrain. Suggest older hiker like me (73) use sticks and good hiking boots.

Very pretty easy hike! Particularly loved the portion by the river. It follows a beautiful section of the Eno river with pretty rocks here and there.

Great Views by the river. A detour so it’s a little different then the map.

Fun hike

Nice hike up and down a bigger hill. Little walk along the river on the other side and back.

Great hike, lots of time by the river. Moderate traffic.

Pleasant, easy trail. Not busy at all on a weekday morning. About half is walking along water which is very nice. Saw a big heron and turtle during our journey. Great low key hike.

Great moderate to hard hike that is easy to fit into a slow Saturday. Over half the trail meanders with the creek and it can get very rocky at times.

If you are bringing a dog make sure they are very well trained on the leash. There are plenty of great spots along the creek to climb around.

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