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Trail is pretty boring but great to take the dogs or if you have any elderly relatives with you. We enjoyed the scenic views by the river and getting to take a picture with the National Park sign.

it's a two if you were looking to extend hike to road prong trail and on two chimney tops. from trail head it goes down whole way, so does road prong. if you don't have a ride at chimney tops trail head then you have to walk up for miles to get back. forest is ok. in summer water falls would be cool hangouts to swim and hike rating would go up to 3.5. I won't do it again.

Love this trail! The fir trees are gorgeous!

on Andrews Bald Trail

4 days ago

one of my favorite hikes. very whimsical and magical forrest scenes

Quaint and pretty, nothing mind blowing but it was quiet and peaceful

11 days ago

This quick jaunt is well worth the beautiful falls!! Climb 158 steps (we counted) up from the parking area and over to a little bridge where you can look up the falls. They were flowing well today. Thankful for the tribe's upkeep and sharing of this gem.

Nice early morning hike to Andrews Bald. We beat the crowds but missed the views because of fog. Had breakfast at the bald though. Great hike. Will definitely do again.

13 days ago

Nice hike this morning to Andrews Bald. We arrived at Clingmans Dome parking area at 0800 to be the crowds. We succeeded in that but barely any views due to early fog. Wish we would have waited till later in the morning. Love the trail and the forest we passed through. Will definitely be back again!!!

16 days ago

RIP Mitzie Sue "Susan" Clements.

This was the first hike I’ve ever done and it’s still one of my favorites. It gets the blood pumping, especially on the way back since it’s mostly downhill on the way there. I was honestly speechless by the views. Just beautiful. There were a lot of bees once you got to the bald, but that’s to be expected. Most of the trail is covered, but weather does roll in and out quite quickly. It poured on us for half of the hike and there was a stream coming down at us while we hiked back. This made it fun for us and it cooled us down, but be well prepared with good shoes.

24 days ago

I like to add stops on long drives so I added this on my way back to Knoxville when doing the deep creek trail. It is definitely worth it. It is a large beautiful waterfall. The steps suck of course but small price to pay for such a quick walk to see such beauty. Definitely would go back again if i was in the area. Just be sure you take the time to appreciate it for a bit vs only take a pic and turn around and leave :)

this trail is beautiful. it's the first trail I've ever hiked that starts by descending for roughly one mile. my view at the top was disappointing, it was so foggy that I couldn't see anything, but I also kind of knew the weather would block my view before I started it. the entire trail was gorgeous and I cant wait to go back to the mountains.

1 month ago

A super short hike if you’re trying to do something easy. The stairs are long in the beginning but immediately after that it’s flat ground and then you’ve made it. Went pretty early in the morning and still ran into quite a few people.

Took Forney Creek down, camp 70 was a great spot! The hike up to sliders bald and mount buckly was difficult but so worth it. The views are amazing. Great 2 days in the smokies!

Made a 3-night, 4-day loop of it.
Day 1 - Left from Clingman's Dome and stayed first night at #68. Pretty steep down with a few water crossings. Two sites to chose from at #68, both decent and right on the river.
Day 2 - Several river crossings, some waist high water and a little worrisome, but overall a beautiful hike. Stayed at #70.
Day 3 - Hiked up Jonas Creek Trail, to Welch Ridge to stay at Silers Bald shelter. Up-hill the whole way and makes for a long hike, but pretty good views the last few miles.
Day 4 - Hiked the AT out back to CD.

Decent hike, lots of roots and a few rocks. You are hiking along a ridge yet don’t have many views. Along the way you’ll find a lot of backpacker’s “pit stops”. I agree, you should continue onto the Charlie Bunion trail if you have the time.

Hiked this trail on 9/2/18. The trails themselves were well kept and well marked. It is a steady climb to the top and the trail gets pretty narrow at times. It took us about an hour or so to get to the top at a fairly steady clip (2 hrs exactly round trip), so for those who have small kids, pets, or prefer to hike slowly will easily take 2.5 to 3.5 hours total. Unfortunately, the firetower itself was fenced in and locked up behind barbed wire so we were unable to actually climb up it. It actually looked like there wasn't even a platform to stand on once you got to the top anyway. All in all, lotsa hard work for little payoff. Admittedly, it would have been way more fun on a mountain bike. The trails appeared perfect for that.

1 month ago

Went last December just to kill some time. Pretty nice looking falls. Awesome icicles all around when we were there. Plenty of down trees and logs to climb on too. Definitely had the most people of all our hikes at this one. Kids enjoyed it.

easy on the way in but walking back is what will kill you. bring lots of water

This is a beautiful hike we have done a few times. It is easy going to Andrews Bald but moderate/strenuous coming back up. The views are spectacular. This is a trail you can be all alone on or it is packed.This is a definite must hike if you are visiting the area.

1 month ago

We love this waterfall. It is so beautiful any time of year. We go here frequently as we live in the area. There are around 170ish stairs to get here and it is a short hike. This is a must see for anyone visiting the Great Smoky Mountains area/NC area.

1 month ago

Great little hike, stairs most of the way, bridge at the end of the trail for a great view of the falls. The entire trail runs along the stream, wonderful cataracts to hear and see.

2 months ago

What an incredible waterfall and a bit unexpected as you reach the bridge and witness this incredible natural beauty. This rainy year has made these waterfalls especially beautiful. An easy hike but about 160 stairs to climb. So worth the stair climbing.

Easy .4 walk just a lot of steps but beautiful, shaded walk up.Totally worth the amazing waterfall.

Well maintained trail. Pretty views from the bald. Weird to be climbing up on your way out, but doable & lovely.

2 months ago

Peaceful hike to a gorgeous bald with stunning views. The day we went the parking lot was packed but everybody else went the other way, we had the trail to ourselves, literally, all the way down and back up. Loved the hike. Not too strenuous, and took us under 2 hours.

2 months ago

A pretty walk, but nothing spectacular. Really close to the road, so we could hear traffic the whole time.

2 months ago

Definitely a fun and challenging trail to do! There were several creek crossings which was a welcome break from the mostly uphill walk. The trail was not super well maintained and was overgrown in many places (and even had a section that was just walking upstream in the river). Though there were not any mountain vistas, the forestry and rivers made for beautiful scenery. Don’t underestimate this trail though - we were in for a surprise since we had expected a flat trail along a winding river. With a 25+lb backpack on, it made for a moderate to difficult hike. If you’re in the area though and want to get away from heavily trafficked trails like Chimney Tops then this is it! We saw only one other group the whole time.

It was a good trail, but I would not recommend it for anyone’s first time backpacking or camping. It had rained the few days prior to me and my gf doing it and the creeks were so full and crossing them was pretty dangerous. But overall a great trip. Plan for it to take 2-2.5 full days to complete the trail if it has rained recently.

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