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I always ignore the trail and rock hop right up the river. one of my favorite places

Long and at times fairly steep but well worth it. Great views!

Having done the Profile Trail many times over the years, I was surprised to see the new entry off the highway, registration area, restrooms and parking area. Wow! Very nice! The 1st 1/2 mile from the registration area is new trail. It’s a nice warm-up but it tacks on the extra mile round trip which was unexpected. We went past Shanty Springs this time and had heard it was extremely difficult. We found it to be the best part of the trail. It’s challenging but really fun..not scary like I thought.

You go up the side of a mountain to a beautiful view. not hard, just an incline. super easy 45 minute hike up!

Great view. Definitely not strenuous but a nice walk. The AllTrails description says there is a cave but we didn't find it.

Amazing views of the mountains and multiple waterfalls. Hiked this trail but didn’t hike all the way to the top of grandfather because I had my dog with me (can’t get him up the ladders). I recommend using poles when it’s wet or icy in winter!

1 month ago

The view at the top is gorgeous. Definitely worth it. I wouldn’t say this is a very hard trail, but rather more moderate. It does get steeper toward the top, but it’s nothing too bad. Overall its a nice little hike and because the view is so great, I’d say its one of my favorites.

Great moderate to hard hike that is easy to fit into a slow Saturday. Over half the trail meanders with the creek and it can get very rocky at times.

If you are bringing a dog make sure they are very well trained on the leash. There are plenty of great spots along the creek to climb around.

Love doing this trail starting at 105 or the brp then going up and to the bridge then back down

Great view payoff

This trail was hard, but rewarding, the steps going up to the top of the Mountains are very very steep. We done a Half Marathon Trail Race here January 6th, 2018. Great place beautiful Waterfall.

Soothing and relaxing trail walk/run with multiple trails. The dam was really cool.

Great place close to house. Short hike.

I hiked this in October 2017.. I am also afraid heights. I was ok with the climb and elevation just rest if you need to but the ladders were a big challenge for me considering they are on the edge of the mountain. but I am so glad I did it. It is beautiful at the top . McRaes peak and attic window are amazing views.. lots of great hiking here.

Well maintained trail. Winter wonderland for sure. Trails were iced over, trekking poles were a big help.

Great hike and work out. Used profile trail to the top and went over and down Daniel Boone Scout Trail . was amazing in the snow and ice. Definitely trekking poles were nice, wish I had brought ice grips though. Trails were covered in ice.

One of the most rewarding trails I’ve hiked. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, and wanted a challenge. This trail didn’t disappoint! The pictures of the ladders don’t do them justice, they’re straight up and down at points- a few in a row with only a tiny ledge to stand on in between and a straight drop down. Not for the faint of heart. I saw a few people try to attempt this with dogs, would not recommend doing that. Beautiful views, would go back in a heartbeat.

Hard and rewarding hike. It keeps things interesting with the ladders and cables, definitely would not recommend to someone who is not experienced.

I love this trail. I have done it a few times in the past but never in the winter. I did a quick up and back on Jan 14. The trail was icy and the temps cold but the views were amazing and well worth the effort. I highly recommend trekking poles for this trail and they're necessity when it's slick!

2 months ago

I love this waterfall! Once you find it, it is easy to get to. It is close to my home so I like to take friends to it.

2 months ago

Heavy traffic. Well defined traik

2 months ago

Moderately strenuous. Gradual incline all the way up for 2.5 miles. Over 800 feet in elevation gain. This is at the western end of the Brushy Mtn range. View at the top is pretty sick...main reason I'm giving it 5 stars. Overlooking Lenoir with the beginning of the Blue Ridge Mtns in the backdrop. I was able to see Table Rock Mtn, Hawksbill Mtn, and other peaks in the Linville Gorge from here. Also, the creator of this page didn't draw the route or get it approved by AllTrails, so Thank You to him or her for letting me do that part of it to increase my reputation score.

Steep and challenging. About as hard as a hike can get in terms of gaining elevation quickly. Wouldn’t expect to finish this one in under 4 hours. Can easily take 5-6 hours if conditions are less than ideal. Make sure you have an entire day to spend. Would not recommend during the winter as it can get icy.

One of my favorites in the high country. Really fun trail with stunning views. Generally like to connect this with Profile and treat it as a point-to-point, but traveling between the two points is tricky.

2 months ago

Pretty easy trail to a cool view overlooking Lenoir.

Great trail! Everything is currently frozen making for an amazing hike!

Loved this trail. The falls were beautiful with ice. As others have said, lots of stairs going along the High Shoals Falls Trail.

Absolutely my favorite hike so far! A physical hike with one of the best views I’ve ever seen at the top! We did this hike at the end of December so the summit was brutally cold. Prepare yourself for that so you can enjoy it longer.

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