I’d been to Black Balsam Knob several times before taking this specific hike and you get many more great views. The trail itself is rocky with lots of shrubbery, but once you get to the high points, the sky goes on for miles. Be sure to pack bug spray and sunscreen, or at least a hat. The trail isn’t blatantly marked, so having a map of the trail (like the one included on this app) is super handy. Black Balsam and Tennent Mountain are each breathtaking. The views are amazing, they’re perfect spots to take a break, and it’s super rewarding once you complete the loop. I’d suggest going on a day when there hasn’t been a rainstorm the day before or isn’t currently raining because the trail gets slippery and the loop on the way back becomes more creek than trail (waterproof/resistant shoes are useful). Overall, I had a wonderful time hiking and exploring nature and definitely recommend it for future hikers!