11 hours ago

This is a steep rocky 5mile hike. It has beautiful waterfalls though. Harder than expected.

Fantastic hike. Very different from the other hikes we have done in GSMNP as it is rockier and through more pines. Reminded us of Colorado hikes. Started at 10am and returned to the car by noon. Probably one of our favorite short hikes we did while in GSMNP.

Easy. Parking lot was full when I arrived at 10:30 I was expecting a crowd, but as with many trails once I was a half mile in there were few people on the trail. A pleasant walk.

Paved trail, pretty steep hike up but breathtaking views

Awesome views at the top! Half mile incline going up was steep but very doable

3 days ago

Hiked on 6/2. The trail wasn’t too crowded, though parking was very limited at the end of the Clingmans Dome road. Nice short hike with exceptional views at the end. Would absolutely do again.

Tunnel was cool. Lake view was nothing spectacular; muddy bog. No matter which way you go first, you are gonna go downhill, then of course, uphill. Definitely gets that heart rate going.

Has become one of our absolute favorite hikes. The evergreen scent will take your breath away as will the views from the bald. Will go back time and time again.

5 days ago

Thoroughly enjoyed this trail! The view is beautiful but not unlike the one at the parking area at Clingman’s Dome. However, the forest was the most beautiful with all the mosses covering rocks and fallen trees - I called it the enchanted forest.

6 days ago

Great trail! It was moderately inclined coming back out but not to bad. The views were amazing. Perfect day trip hike!!

Nice loop with 3 waterfalls. Beginning portion is perfect start for trail run (you could keep going not on the loop to run). Loop is easy well maintained trail.

Very pretty view of the Smoky Mountains at the top. hiked memorial day weekend on a clear day. Steeper than expected, difficult for smaller children

I went on 5/23 around sunset. There was no view due to fog. The park website has a camera that shows the view. You might check it out before heading up.

So worth the hike! It was not an easy hike for me but there were places to sit and rest during the walk. Definitely take a sweater if you are going to watch the sunset- it tends to get cooler up there. The sunset was breathtaking and just beautiful.

Great short loop hike not too long not too short took around 2 hours and that’s with stopping taking pictures not rushing!

The best part was coming down from Clingmans Dome via the Forney Ridge Trail. I’d skip the paved part next time and go up and back this way.

Nice trail no view today because of the fog but the birds were a bound And the side trails are fun and there’s deer and fox and red squirrels

Great trail. Indian Falls is beautiful and mostly by the creek and would classify that stretch as moderate. Martin’s Gap is strenuous and will want to take your time.

How is the parking for this trail?

It was a foggy day and you couldn’t see real far but it was still a good hike. Today it wasn’t very crowded which was nice. This hike has lots of places to sit and take breaks which can be nice.

Steep yet easy walk up a paved path. Very foggy day so no views.

Fun trail but the lake view was disappointing. Lots of trash in the water.

10 days ago

This is not a moderate trail. This is ADVANCED. This trail includes backcountry campsites. We backpacked to the first one, site 68, which is only 3.5 miles into this hike and it was intense! The terrain is tough. The decline going in is extreme. There are treacherous water crossings and many down trees to get over or under. The rocks are slippery after it rains so it’s a slow-going process. It’s very common for hikers to intend to go further only to stop at the first campsite. But the waterfalls at site 68 are just gorgeous, and a wonderful way to spend the rest of the day as well as have coffee by in the morning. Hiking back out is also strenuous. Challenging, but if you are resilient, you will enjoy it!

Great trail, we stopped at campsite #60 for the night. Even with all the rain we’ve had the trail wasn’t washed out, just muddy along the way. Lots of salamanders, a box turtle, and some snakes kept us company. The waterfalls along the way we’re beautiful, and we had plenty of water sources.

11 days ago

The trail was a little muddy, but in great shape overall. Enjoyed the falls and the wildflowers.

Definitely not an easy walk. Paved the entire way which is nice, but .5 of straight vertical walking. If you can go on a day with clear weather the view will definitely be worth it

Easy quick walk up to the observation deck. Amazing 360 views of the mountains at the top. Incredible. I recommend checking out the sunset here.

12 days ago

wide paths, 3 falls, nice area, was a little crowded

12 days ago

Not the most amazing falls and going to it from parking lot is crowded and steep.

Great trails for those who are less adventurous or cannot tolerate the steeper trails. Enjoyed the falls, and the coolness of the shade, and all the pretty sights along the way. Stay on the main areas as the woodsier trails are straight up and less traveled.

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