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One of my favorite hikes. Strenuous but not too long. Fantastic payoff at the top. Excellent half day outing.

Really good trail for an out and back that isn’t too easy. Good amount of challenge for a great payoff at the top. Took my wife and I (and carrying my 15mo old) an hour and 40min to the top and an hour and 15min down. Great spot for a quicker morning hike.

Swimming hole! Bring a towel and plan on getting your paws wet.

Easy path down an asphalt trail that is super short. Its steep but it's all accessed via stairs with good handrails. Take your time if you need to. There's no rush.

No excuse not to enjoy this magnificent fall other than you couldn't get a parking space. It gets really crowded.

One of many beautiful stops on 276 from Brevard to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Five woofs!

5 days ago

Pretty positive these pictures of the view are from the John Rock loop, which is part of this one but eventually you have to go on a different trail. Cat gap has no/limited views, and is the same distance.

My son (age 4.5), husband, and I did this trail with one modification in June. It was a great backpacking loop for us. The first day we hiked in about 1.5 miles and started to look for a campsite, which we found 0.6 miles off the loop at the intersection of cat gap bypass and cat gat loop. Not liking to back track, we hiked around cat gat loop to get back to the planned route, which we then finished as defined here. The waterfall on this trail was pretty spectacular-- when you are right up close to it to view, it is REALLY LOUD. The trail is pretty, lush, and varied, lovely for a warm weekend with a child in tow. There are no scenic views on this trail. All in all, a trip worth doing but probably not one to do multiple times unless you live close by. On the second day we hiked from 8 am to 3 pm with plenty of breaks for water play as necessary by a 4.5 year old-- his longest day yet at 7.3 miles, but that just goes to show how easy the trail is.
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10 days ago

on Pink Beds Trail

13 days ago

Really awesome in fall. Definitely worth it.

Loved this hike! Great cardio getting up there and the view is amazing.

Fun hike to great view, even when it's a little rainy and very foggy.

Going up is an amazing workout with one of the best payoffs I've experienced once you get to the top! if you are clumsy, stay along the treeline at the top of the rock.

really excited about the hike but could not figure out the loop for anything. I'll try again with a map. trail not blazed well.

nice hike. got off on some paths that ended up not being part of the trail. ended up making my hike more like 7 miles. a couple down trees on the trail. but easy enough to get over.

Whoa! My body hasn’t worked that hard in a long while! We arrived at the trailhead around 9:30 AM and it took us nearly til noon to get to the summit. I would suggest hiking early in the summer heat/humidity. Took us less than 2 hours to get back down. There are long range views for miles and miles at the summit!! I agree with a previous reviewer though, that the hike is a little monotonous with ALL the switchbacks. I prefer more mountain views. Regardless, my body is sore so I know I got a good workout. Take more water than you usually would. We drank everything we had and shared some with a guy who had none. Wouldn’t recommend for young children unless you intend to carry them!

Overall very good hike. Very well-maintained trail. Sort of reminded me of a shorter version of the Alum Cave Trail to Mt. LeConte. Starts off in a very pretty forest then ascent begins without any views until you reach the top. But, the view at the top is truly spectacular. Takes some getting use to walking on the top of the rock (i.e., vertigo). Take care not to venture too far down the rock face. Popular spot so start early.

Okay trail but you'll spend the majority of the trail going up dirt switchbacks with no view. About half way to 3/4 way there is a cool rock outcropping that is used as an emergency helipad when needed. This is a perfect place to picnic or rest before going to summit. The view from the top is very nice though just a very monotonous trail to get there.

3 star because of all the traffic and ease. Get there before all the tourist do! Amazing waterfall right off the main road through this portion of Pisgah.

Great climb and well maintained!

Very easy hike, takes less than an hour & a half to complete. Best to park at the visitor center and use Exercise Trail. Nice raised walkway and cool suspension bridge. Trail follows alongside the river and campground where there’s a nice swimming spot. Dog and bike friendly.

great hike with an amazing view but it is a 6.8 mile hike and the Garmin agrees. it's a hour and ten to an hour and twenty hike up and I'm feeling it today (day after). would highly recommend for experienced hikers or anyone in decent shape and up for a bit of cardio. great hike!

20 days ago

I think this was my favorite hike of those we did in Pisgah and DuPont. We measured this at 5.2 miles. More than half of the hike takes you along side the water cascading down the mountainside, with several places to access the stream. There are several primitive campsites in the first couple miles too. The waterfalls at the end were a nice bonus.

We measured it as 6 miles round trip. It’s a workout for sure! Steady uphill for 2 miles with switchbacks. John’s Rock was a nice place for a short rest before hiking the last and toughest mile to the top. Lots of rocks and roots in that last mile up. The view at the top is breathtaking and a nice reward for the work to get to the top.

Tough hike because of the steady uphill climb, but the view at the top is great. There were a few springs on the way up that our dog enjoyed. Take plenty of water. GPS showed 6.1 miles.

Hard to find no signs of any kind. But very fun!

Hard work getting up but absolutely worth it. Incredible views from the top!

24 days ago

Nice easy long hike done twice in less than a week

Nice hike. Starts off moderate but like the gentleman we met at the beginning said, it scares a lot of people away. We left at 8:15 and it was almost 10:00 before we met our first biker. Quite a few on this trail.
The trail is marked very well until you get to the top. Either we missed the sign or there is none but we were about 10 minutes to the turn-off to Burl Mountain before we checked All Trails. Little farther than we planned but the walk was nice.
Lots of rhododendrons and some creeks here and there.

26 days ago

My husband and I (in our early 40's) took our dog for a 5.3 mile hike (according to apple iWatch) and thought it was a great trail. We cruised through in about 1hr 45mins (~pace of 20min/mi). We didn't run into a lot of folks/dogs for a Sunday in June which we were grateful for. Great creeks along the way for our pooch to get her tummy wet and cool off. We were lucky to be there on a day where it hasn't rained much as I can see how it could be a very muddy mess if it had. Great bridges to avoid the creeks if you so desire. Be careful of your footing as there are a lot of tree roots in some parts of the trail. Fun hike and great workout. There is a great picnic area at the trailhead - fantastic for a snack/rest after your hike.

Challenging but not too laborious for a moderately fit person. There is little view on the way up, but once you reach the top, everything suddenly clears out and a mesmerizing view expands before you. The rock at the top is quite slick though, so beware.

My first solo hike. Literally took my breath away when I made it to the top.

Amazing view!

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