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This is a strenuous hike, but it is very well worth it. There is an incredible view at the end and lots of beautiful flora and fauna along the way.

I must have hit this trail before the crowds started for the season. It was a perfect May evening. We hiked up with packs and landed one of the only three campsites that I saw. This site was about 100ft. from the lookout and the incredible sunset on the lookout made the strenuous hike up completely worth it.

6.2 miles, round trip. The last mile before the peak is the toughest. Nice hike. SImilar to Stone Mtn NC when you hit the top...just not as much real estate. The trail peaks, then you have to hike back down before you hit the viewing rock face.

10 days ago

this trail was suggested by the park ranger as one of her favorite. I would certainly agree. We went counterclockwise. The trail has a wide variety of habitats. These included woodland forest, evergreen forest, laurel and rhododendron coves, blueberry fields, stream crossings and waterfalls. I would certainly suggest taking the John Rock Trail and having lunch on the rock face with the beautiful views. once complete are short stroll through the hatchery and exhibit area completed a very enjoyable hike.

10 days ago

Pretty Hike, nice falls, but nothing crazy. Nothing strenuous...we carried babies on our backs - very doable

Hard hike but so worth the views!! Spend some time on the top, it only takes about 30mins to climb back down.

11 days ago

Nice waterfalls in the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, NC

This is a great workout, bring lots of water. The view is fantastic. Be careful on the rockface. Mileage is more like 6.5 not sure where alltrails came up w 5.

We did this hike with our family we have ages 17 to 55. . The trail was super clear and plenty of room to walk. Took us about an hour and a half to make it to the top and there was basically no views during the hike up . There is a helicopter landing close to the top on the left-hand side about 28 minutes before you arrive. Seem to be not so bad of a hike if you are in good cardio shape. One of my sons anteloped it all the way to the top 15 minutes before we are arrived after he grew tired of waiting on mom. With that said there was a little vegetation for us to chitchat about of the way up perhaps due to the season . But when we arrived at the top it is breathtaking. It is a very special and beautiful and we even got to see a couple getting engaged how awesome is that. Don’t want to get too close to the edge however And the view at first glance is truly dizzying. We too were celebrating a special event our daughter turning 35. Blessed
May the force be with you:)
May 4th 2018

16 days ago

Nice trail with good variety from streams, forests, nice long range views. We added the John Rock loop which made it more challenging (for a 60+ yo) but we kept a good pace of about 2.5. I agree with the comments below about too few blazes and some spots we pulled the map out to confirm.
We will do it again.

Incredible hike with an even more incredible view. We are not avid hikers, but two moderately fit people and this hike was the perfect challenge for us. It was difficult towards the top but definitely doable if you’re up for a little challenge. The view at the stop was stunning, we stayed with some snacks and a hammock for about an hour. We did the hike on a Tuesday afternoon in the beginning of May and had the whole thing to ourselves! Highly recommend this hike! We will be doing it agin on our next trip to North Carolina.

Great view!

22 days ago

One of my favorite hikes out here in WNC. There are no “smack you in the face” views like Looking Glass Rock. But there are consistently beautiful views of streams and a large waterfall. Not a difficult trail if you start left, but go right and it can be challenging!!! My dogs loved it because they could play in he water!

Be prepared for "are we there yet" questions. Good luck not asking anyone how close to the top you are. The hike itself isn't that tough, just longer than you realize. After a few false hope finishes, you will get to the top and feel like you just found the portal to middle Earth. Extremely rewarding view. Just remember, you have to go back down...finishing the hike back down is the most satisfying.

mountain biking
29 days ago

A nice little climb on the way up followed by some intense riding on the way down. Theres a pretty challenging portion with lots of roots, rocks, and sharp turns followed a much flowier portion next to a creek. I entered behind the stables and just kept making right turns until i made a loop.

29 days ago

I got to the trailhead just before noon on a Thursday so it wasn't very crowded at all (I saw hardly anyone coming back down). It was in the low 60s with a good breeze which was nice to keep from getting too hot. The first half or so is full of switchbacks and a steady uphill climb, though like others have said it's more moderate than hard. If you're not an experienced hiker and want a good test of your fitness level then this is a great choice. The view at the top is incredible and well worth the trip. It can get incredibly windy up there and the rocky endpoint of the trail is very steep so watch your step.

short but sweet

Looking Glass Falls is an excellent second stop after hiking the Looking Glass Rock trail or for those who really like waterfalls. The track shown on this page is misleading in that most of the "trail" is actually just roadside parking. When not too busy you can park right next to the falls and get great unobstructed pictures from there making this an excellent ADA waterfall for those unable to walk far or navigate steps. You can also walk down several flights of cement steps (not many) to get progressively better views and can actually get all the way down to the water. In April the falls were roaring and there was a lot of mist in the air, which felt good. Due to the close proximity to the road and the easy parking and access, this falls is a good one to visit.

The Looking Glass Rock trail is very popular and is advertised in local tourism magazines. The parking lot at 35*17.411'N and 082* 46.631'W holds no more than 10-11 cars. On an April weekday morning I was first at sunrise and the lot was packed when I got back down... so go early. The climb is scenic and goes up countless switchbacks so there is no place that is steep, but it's a lot of uphill. Near the top is a helipad at 35* 17.945'N and 082* 47.328'W that is right next to the trail. Next you'll reach the summit, which is an open, sandy clearing. Go beyond the summit and descend a ways to reach the viewing area at 35* 18.262'N and 082* 47.680'W. The viewing area is steep with no fence or barricade so watch the younger kids!. Due to an abundance of rocks and roots at the higher parts of the trail, boots are advised. And you'll also want the extra traction on the rock face. The view is exceptional and gives a 180* panorama to the west. For the classic view of Looking Glass Rock as you leave, turn left onto US 276 and go 5 minutes up the road to the Looking Glass Falls and take pictures then continue up the hill to the Blue Grass Parkway, turn left, and go to MP417. There is a designated pull-off and other nice views of Looking Glass Rock nearby.

30 days ago

As of April 21, the trilium is out in great numbers. Solomon seal should start blooming in the next day or two. Iris, wild geranium, wild yam are all out in abundance. Do the trail starting at the left trailhead, away from the fish hatchery, going clockwise. On the downhill stretch, you definitely need to pay attention to avoid losing the trail.

1 month ago

No waterfall on the trail to the top, but the view from the top is gorgeous! Looks up at the parkway and black balsom area.

1 month ago

Amazing view at the top. Well worth the strenuous hike up.

What an incredible day. Mild temps (60-70’s) and sunny. Went during the week, so the trail was empty the majority of the way there and back. The view was remarkable and the hike was challenging in some areas but definitely doable. One of the best hikes I’ve been on.

1 month ago

East going trail ideal for older folks who may be unused to hiking. Can be longish for them. Hiking poles useful for traversing rooted areas. Wild flowers and birds.

If you staying at the campground and just start walking around to visit the Ranger Station or see the Church, all you have to do is walk/bike the front of the northslope and you will finish it all. Didn't realize that I had completed it all in couple of walkabouts while staying there. Nice walk, take the dog or bike see lots of others just doing the same.

really fun trail, our 6 year old had a pretty easy time. kid friendly!

Awesome trail with a breathtaking view at the mid point. Not an easy hike but worth it.

Very fun trail, 1:15 up and and 1:10 down for two able-bodied 28 year-olds. Down took longer than expected because it was just about noon and there were more groups on the trail.

We got there at about 9:45 and there was only one other car in the parking lot. By the time we got back at 12:30, the lot was overflowing.

Very well marked trail! Great views at the top. A little tricky at times with rocks and roots, but not bad. Do not go careening off the side of the Rock and die, please.

Somehow when I was a camper we did this hike in 3 days (???).

Loved the hike, went from the campsite out to the connector and back into the trailhead. The connector was tougher than expected but I saw a big buck run across an opposite ridge. Well shaded, with only small areas to get a vista view. Nice walk in the woods for four hours

We did this hike with our two kids, ages 8 and 11. It took about 1.5 hours to the top, views were amazing. It took a little less than an hour to return. Not an overly crowded trail.

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