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23 hours ago

Beautiful views, but rather crowded on a Friday morning. Finished in just over an hour with multiple stops for pictures.

3 days ago

All the other reviews will tell you about the great views and they are all correct the views are wonderful. Here’s what I think might be helpful, this trail can be hiked by young and old. I saw one lady carrying an infant papoose style and I saw some people so old that I expected to see the Grim Reaper right behind them. You don’t need any special equipment or gear. It’s about 45 minutes to the peak, but it’s a steady uphill climb. taking some water would be smart but I saw lots of people without anything at all. It’s a heavily hiked trail and you'll pass people every few minutes. it’s listed on AllTrails as moderate but that is primarily because of the steady incline and the rough terrain, there are some real ankle twisters if you don’t watch where you step.

Ez, quiet hike following the stream up to the falls. After the first couple hundred yards it’s a heavily shaded hillside trail so if you go following rain, expect lots of muddy spots; nothing strenuous, not much scenery, just an unspectacular short hike. Best in the late spring with the rhododendrons in bloom or only if the water is really running.

I wouldn’t rate this trail as hard. The trail was thin and had obstacles, but all manageable. The only difficult bit was the creek you have to cross and the bridge was out.

5 days ago

Great, well groomed carriage road leading up through pastures and rolling hills to the observation tower. The views to the east and north are very pretty. Perfect for solo, couples, families, children, dogs, horses, etc

6 days ago

Moses Cone is just such a beautiful setting! If you can get there during foliage season!!!

Great hike. Took four girls ages 11-15. They were thrilled. Wife went with as well and was less thrilled but she’s not a big trail fan. She made it without issue. Nice views and while perhaps not the best hike for a total trail junkie it’s a nice family hike with just enough difficulty to be interesting but not enough to wear you out. As mentioned in other reviews to get to the falls you need to take a left before the metal bridge as your following the BFT around to the right from the restrooms.

8 days ago

The Top of the falls is a great spot to relax. Would only rate this trail as hard because of the bridge outing but otherwise is very manageable. Took about 2 hours with frequent stops to take in some of the sites. All in all a real fun hike.

Beautiful views!

My wife and I love this trail! Recent storms have made it a bit more difficult but well worth it!!

Fairly easy well maintained trail with a
beautiful meadow part way up. All inclined up to the tower, nice views across meadow and up near top on switchbacks. Very windy, tighten your hats.

Because this hike is very popular, suggesting to hike weekdays. The views are super amazing on a clear day, but so if not clear. It is upward so just go slow and stop often if you need to. There are wooden steps and rails in some places, others are rock steps. Go completely to the top to get the best from this hike because about 3 locations you think you are to the top but you are not. My #1 favorite BRP hike.

Because this hike is very popular and parking is limited, suggested to hike week days.

This is my favorite short hike on BRP. the views are amazing. It has steps and rails in different places. a few spots with rock steps. Upward all the way, just take your time and go completely to the top because about 3 times you think it is top but it is not. A clear day is best for the most fabulous view.

15 days ago

Nothing special on this trail. It’s the same concept as Rich Mountain and the other Cone trails but overgrown, unkept, and to nowhere. No significant views, no interesting features. About all I could see it being used for is horseback riding or extended your hike just for the sake of mileage.

15 days ago

Great views on a moderately difficult hike. Kids and dog enjoyed it. Certain portions were extremely muddy and had quite a foul odor but those portions were few and far between. Very crowded.

Like a mini Boone Fork Trail

I loved this trail. Very happy I listened to others and did the loop backwards with the steep climb at the beginning. From the trailhead / lookout parking, cross the BRP and go maybe 30 yards to the left. The first half mile is very steep and can be precarious but I'd much rather do that stretch going uphill.
Loved the balds/meadows and Sims creek. So much to explore. At one point the trail literally turns to creek as water trickles up from the ground.
Bring good waterproof hiking shoes or be prepared to ditch them as the trail crosses the creek several times.
Ignore the bad reviews for this trail from people who should be in a photography forum vs. hiking.

19 days ago

Beautiful views, and a fairly easy hike. Great f you only have a little bit of time to spend or want to take a quick break from driving in the car. Some of the best views around, though it can get pretty busy.


great trail, we started near the small lake, by the way we were greeted by a otter who so happened to be feeding and swimming. loved the small streams of water along the trail. open field was like a scene from "The Walking Dead" your also are going to feel like you've gone off the path and onto someone's property " In that momenti thought I was going to read a sign 'Trespassers will be shot on sight', but you didn't your fine. all and all it was all good. Hope you enjoy your hike!

We love this trail. It has beautiful views. Great footing. It’s decently trafficked even in the winter so I never get creeped out hiking alone with my toddler.

22 days ago

Beautiful view worth going I love this place enjoy going with my family today we even took our dog (on leash) she did very well lots of muddy spots but fun.

23 days ago

Beautiful views. The trail is very wet with some mud and pooled water is spots. The views are worth the hike.

26 days ago

100% worth the work getting there! Views are abundant. However, come prepared with hiking boots. This trail was mostly foot to unlevel rock all the way up. The wet and sandy rocks require your constant attention to avoid a twisted ankle. Some folks i saw wore flip flops up it....
REALLY bad Idea! Plenty of places for photos but because we were there on Sat. morning in late Sept. it was crowded and some vistas were hogged by other tourist who refused to budge. The animal waste smell was present throughout much of the trail. Clearly pets were on this trail but should not be given its difficulty. This is a MUST do trail and I'd love to do it again to capture the views in different moments and seasons.

28 days ago

was super stoked to hike this trail today
the view from the top made it worth it for sure

*rocks on the trail were a little slippery and muddy but nothing too bad!

28 days ago

Great hike and beautiful seeing the sunrise. Just watch out for your early morning crazies. Went out before sunrise and heard a blood curdling scream. 3 people eventually emerged after the fact and told us they were "screaming at God." As far as I know no human sacrifices were made as we later found no bodies. Either way, mega creepy. Trail itself is beautiful

Beautiful waterfall at the end! Took 2 hours, not an easy hike!

1 month ago

Great walking trail. Easy, flat and semi smooth trail. Perfect for a walk with our lab. Enjoyed the walk. Hoping in the future to fish the lake.

1 month ago

One of my new favorites off the blue ridge parkway! So many spots to look out and see the 360 Mountain View’s!!!

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