Photos of Black Mountain Hiking Trails

I completed this route counter clockwise. All the leaves were off the trees so once you got about 1.5 miles in, the views were wonderful nearly the entire time. It was a quiet mid-week hike. I only saw a couple of other souls...trail runners all.

As others have said, I recommend the short additional hike up to Walkers Knob. They have a sign up that says 10 minutes up, but it was half of that. The views from there are well worth it.

The trail was a little tough to follow at points, particularly the last 1/4 mile before you turn up to the summit to Graybeard.

Coming back down the backside is no joke. With leaves on the ground, it was extremely slick and lots of spots where you have no choice but climb down rocks. The views on that ridge though are worth it. A great look at the Black Mountains the entire time. Be Careful!

Towards the 8 mile is where I think the person saying it was over 12 miles may have deviated. I'm guessing that person took the full West Ridge Trail and did not break off on Big Piney Ridge. That would add another 2.5 miles or so.

Note that at about 3,300ft on Big Piney Ridge, the keepers of this trail have restructured it to drop down to Little Piney. The remaining route shown on AllTrails is still there, but they have clearly tried to block it off. I went down the old way and can tell you that it is not maintained and I do not suggest it. It is steeper and I found myself surfing down leaves at times. The last mile of this hike is through a neighborhood on a gravel road.