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If you are looking for an easy trail that gives great 360 views- this is one of the best in that regard

on Craggy Pinnacle Trail

7 days ago

Great short hike to the summit from the parking area. You ascend around 400ft over 3/4 mile so not to bad. The trail is dirt and rocks. Great views at the top.

I found this to be a difficult hike but well worth it.

(kids pov) Really liked the trail, would do it again, "this trail rocked, haha" (lots of rocks).
(mom) This was a really cool trail, but I'm not going to lie - the hike up from the picnic area was rough. Constant climb and lots of rocks. From the pavilion up is easier and gorgeous. So green, informational placards, and a lovely natural spring on the side of the path. Pretty wildflowers! Blueberries weren't ripe yet. Best dog drinking fountain ever! Would do it again.

Nice short hike, it took maybe 10 minutes to get to the viewpoint. If you’re able to get up there on a less cloudy evening for sunset, it’s an incredible view!

NOT ticks! Don't worry! They're weevils.

Great short hike with spectacular 360o view! Only 0.4 miles up (the trail sign said 0.7 miles, but my GPS only measured 0.4mi). Wildflowers on trail. I went on a Tuesday late afternoon, and it was only lightly trafficked.

Short hike. A little steep but a great 360 degree view.

Ok so if you’re going to do this trail start at the picnic area and head up from there. I made the mistake of starting at the visitors center and heading down, only to find some picnic tables overlooking a parking lot! Kids were not pleased. The grassy knoll was nice, saw some people hanging out up there in some nice spots. That’s easily accessible from the visitors center if you just want a nice easy spot to be....never found the waterfall either

Such a short hike with such a big payoff! I know one reviewer said that they had been swarmed by ticks the other day, but I was just up there today and the little black bugs that were up there were NOT ticks, they were weevils!! It’s gorgeous, best around sunset if you can!

trail running
1 month ago

I only did 6 miles (RT). I started at the Walker Knob overlook, off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Take path to the Left that points in the direction of Big Butt. You will be on Big Butt Trail. In 6 miles (RT), you can ascend and descend Pt. Misery (no view), and climb to Little Butt Overlook. There is a rock outcropping with a view here. I kept going pass Little Butt overlook for another half-mile. The trail is a bit less well-maintained after Little Butt, but still very obvious for the additional half-mile that I took. When I got to 3 miles, I turned around and returned to parking lot. Nice trail. Enjoyed the hike. Ran for much of it. Do this is you want a great walk in the woods. Trail has lots of steps--see photos.

I'm not getting it, but I totally didn't see a waterfall. There was a juncture, off this path, that leads to Douglas Falls in 3.6 miles. But, I didn't see a waterfall on this 1.9 mi (RT) trail. Trail was well-maintained. Start at the picnic area parking lot. When you get to the "Visitors Center," which is a pavilion, go thru/under the shelter to continue straight. If you take the path to the right, it leads to a dead-end about a quarter mile up with a below-average overlook. The straight path will lead you to the juncture already mentioned or to the start of Craggy Garden Trails from the overlook. This is a nice path for a walk in the woods after a picnic. I did this as my last hike of the day, so I didn't have enough in me to take the Douglas Falls path for what I assumed would be a 7 mi RT. I only did it because I thought I could get a waterfall in under 2 mi RT.

Beautiful trail but when we got to the top we were swarmed by ticks. Not just a few. Each of us were covered with 20 to 30. What was weird was that it was at the rocky part at the top. People were running down screaming. Weirdest thing ever.

1 month ago

Gorgeous 360° views. You can get the most amazing panoramic shots. Very mild and brief hike.

Watch out for ticks! Went up July 4th around 7 PM.

1 month ago

Scenic even though low clouds limited visibility and views. I want to do it again on a clear day.

Lots of old growth. Hiking down seemed harder than the hike back up.

1 month ago

We hiked from Craggy Gardens visitor center and was 6.23 miles. Beautiful secluded trail and narrow at some parts. Vegetation undergrowth at some parts is beginning to overtake the trail so pay attention as you get closer to the falls.

The waterfall was underwhelming and the hike back was tough. Prepare for 3.24 miles uphill on your return.

1 month ago

Both the Craggy Garden and Pinnacle are about equally difficult. A much better view from the landing at the top of Pinnacle

Great app

Hiked in from Graybeard overlook. 7.42 miles there and back. Beautiful wild flowers out today and the fall was running. Great hike, the way back is tough but not as bad as you might think. Worth the effort!

The trail is easy to follow. No tough forks or question marks. Enjoy!

Great hike with beautiful views. Lots of flowers. Took us a long time because we stopped so many times and for such long times.

2 months ago

Tough but fair, pretty technical with rocks roots and mud but the falls are exactly mid way and a great reward. I had a pack with me so without a pack I’m sure it’s easier. A great training trail!

Totally gray and misty day but a great hike with the family. Pretty certain we saw some fairies...

Spectacular views! Nice, short trek for the family and dogs! Fun driving up to as well!

Do not take inexperienced hikers. I went with an inexperienced hiker and from the Craggy Visitors center to falls and then back to the visitor center took 6.5 hours. It’s a fun trail, rough terrain, twisted my ankle multiple times. At a certain point on the trail one of the many falls intersecting the trail consumes the trail. At this section I would advise to take your socks and shoes off and cross. This section seemed dangerous, there used to be a metal wire rope but it broke, and is hanging in the falls. This is the excitement the trail brings. Something to think about too is the view of the sunset from the craggy visitor center is spectacular. So plan the hike perfectly that you can see the falls and the sunset. But make sure to give yourself extra time if you want to do both. The hike is not easy.

Tough but fun and worth the view at the end.

Great trail to take non hiking visitors on (probably why it’s often crowded). Views are wonderful. Take a jacket. Even in summer the temp can be a little unpredictable.

trail running
3 months ago

Very tourist-y

Easy and kinda busy but beautiful views!

3 months ago

Uphill all the way headed to the pinnacle (all downhill coming back) with several spurs - takes about 30 minutes altogether. Highly recommend.

This is a very tough hike. You start up very high at Bear Pen Gap just below Craggy Gardens. You park in the parking lot and the trailhead starts on the right pass the bathrooms up near the picnic area. You will have major climbs, rock ground, and some nice views! The terrain is almost always rocky and rooty. There are a few sections of smooth, grassy trail but they don't last long. This trail is a workout and very strenous!

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