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11 days ago

This is a nice, shaded and easy trail to hike. It was not highly trafficked on a Sunday afternoon, and only a handful of bikers passed us. We accidentally came very close to a bear with cubs on the trail about half way, and were forced to turn back the way we came. The Ranger later told us that there is a bear den very close to the trail, so be on the lookout if you decide to hike here. Make sure you know what to do if you encounter bears on a hike! The National Park Service seems like a good source.

Nice and shaded. Poorly labeled trails. A few dogs...none on leashes.

a lot of ways to get fall off the big loop...but not ruinously.. so keep your All trails map close and your cellphone charged. fun times

This hike is by no means difficult, it’s a short trek to an old radio tower with beautiful 360 views. You can climb the tower about 4 stories and get some awesome photos. Worth a short mile hike, nothing strenuous.

I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE the grounds of the Biltmore. it's so worth it to get a season pass just to walk here whenever you want (and in all the seasons!!!) I highly recommend getting there very early in their high traffic season and go during the week. I rarely ever went on a weekend because of crowds.

23 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Needed something easy that we could get a quick 5 miles in in the morning.

Let me first put a warning here. There is a $14 parking fee at the Arboretum (where the trailhead is) if you are not a member. There is a way onto the trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway, however it puts you at a weird starting point to loop and will change the mileage from what is in here. It is also not marked in any way there to know what trail you are on. We went ahead and became members for $50 so we can use the parking lot and explore the other trails and such.

Moving on. It is an easy trail, however you can get kind of turned around since you have to go through a gate, which puts you off of Arboretum property & into Pisgah to continue on the trail. I want to say it is a few miles in. You will see a call box by a fenced area. Go through that gate to find the map details on the other side. There is no sign outside of the gate. The trail continues and does do a decent ascent to get a bit of work out in before reaching the top. At the top, turn left and it will circle you back around to Hard Times Road. You will go through one more fence to get return to Arboretum property.

The trail is nice and easy. I do different levels. Very pretty and lightly traveled in the morning when we went. That is nice as it is quiet and relaxing. We will definitely be back and have marked this as something to do with visitors

Just okay, too short, gravel trail with all upgrade. The view from the fire tower was not exceptionally beautiful. Loved the wild flowers and butterflies. I can’t figure out the name. Why frying pan? My mind was telling me it was going to be a very hot hike, like sizzling in a frying pan...nope. I thought, well, maybe it has to do with being flat like a frying pan...nope. After hiking it I think it’s because someone found a frying pan up at the top of the hill and called it frying pan, sounds as good as anything.

Great little trail segment.

Too close to the road. Mileage not marked well so I had no idea it was as far as it was to a “view”-when I literally could’ve parked not even 1/2 a mile and walked up for the view. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the hike but I didn’t go until later in the day because on All Trails it says around 3 mikes and it’s much longer than that. It’s also mostly all UP, so be prepared for that. All in all from the Folk Art place it took us 2 hours there and back. We stayed at the lookout rock for about 10 minutes but the rest is all hiking.

The view is amazing but if you don’t want a pretty rigorous hike park closer.

Great trail, look forward to doing it again.

Great forest area with mixed use trails (walk, bike, hike, run)

Gravel and rock trail that is, for the most part, and easy walk. Not a lot to see along the trail except for the wildflowers and butterflies, which my girlfriend's daughter found quite attractive. The view from the tower is great, even on a cloudy day. The tower platform is still locked but you can ascend to the landing just below, which offers grand views. I wouldn't call this a destination trail. But if you're in the area it's worth a little time.

Beautiful forest views and running creek. Signage could be better, we had trouble finding our way back.

1 month ago

Only hiked up to the Elk Mountain Scenic Highway Crossing and turned back (2 Miles each way). Pretty mountainside trail, some nice wildflowers, but very little views. A couple nice creek crossings. There’s a hard to find spur trail down to the Tanbark Ridge Overlook on the parkway, but I didn’t take it. Noise from vehicles is consistent throughout the hike, as the trail is just above the parkway.

Why does the description say it's located in Hawaii? Isn't it in North Carolina?

The view at Haw Creek is worth it! It’s beautiful. Nice hike, I will say the first half is uphill. But it’s great. The highway is buzzing through most of it but I just put in my iPod and thought.

trail running
1 month ago

The trails were beautiful! But, like others have said, they are poorly marked. As long as you go into it with a good “I can get lost and it’s ok!” attitude, you’ll have fun. I took my dog and he was the only dog we saw on a leash. Not a problem for us, but if your dog isn’t friendly/doesn’t like random dogs running up to it, maybe don’t bring yours!

Thank you thank you Eileen for your review
I don’t know if we would have found it if it were not for your detailed instructions

We enjoyed this trail
Our last day in Asheville
It rained all day
But wanted to get one more hike in this pm
Perfect after heavy rain

Half the trail is pea gravel. The other half is over rocks and stumps. It’s intense. Good ride.

(from kid's point of view) We didn't do the whole trail, but not our favorite. a road crossing and walking alongside the BRP - kind of nervewracking with 2 dogs and 3 young kids. Road noise and lots of invasive plants (English Ivy, Wisteria) which might improve as you got further in.

mountain biking
2 months ago

The area is nice for mountain biking. There’s quite a network of trails, some harder than others. Good for a day of riding when DuPont is not an option.

This trail never gets old. Within the last twenty-five years I guess I've ran, walked and plodded Hardtimes on a weekly basis.

I took my four year old with me on this hike. It was perfect for her. We went on a rainy Sunday and passed multiple people. The top was a nice view but I’m not sure I would go back. Also the watch tower is closed, however you can climb it to the closed stairs door. It was great for a rainy day adventure.

Despite some of the photos, it really wasn't very scenic. We went about 3 miles in and came back out. Any valley views were obstructed by trees and road noise from BRP was quite distracting. Reasonably strenuous, but if you're looking for a quiet hike into the woods, this isn't it.

Great trail for mountain biking! (And, there is heavy bike traffic.) I was walking and trail running. Parts of this trail are on a gravel road. Look at photos so you know what you're getting into. No mountain views. Wooded forest area. What I found most cool is that this trail goes through the Bent Experimental Forest (Pisgah National Forest), and there were interpretive signs explaining various types of forest management: single tree selection, group selection, clear cut, etc. If you are interested in forest management practices, definitely check this network of trails out. The loop I did (see recorded) provided a 4.2 mile walk. In retrospect, the descent at the end was fairly hard (on my knees!), and I wouldn't choose to do it that way again. I should have consulted the topography better before selecting the route.

The trail through dense woods, did not provide many scenic views, and is mostly used by mountain bikers. The bike traffic made for hiking uncomfortable at times and I expected more views of the surrounding hills.

I really want to like this trail more, but just can't fall in love with it. The entire, brief hike up is entirely on a rough gravel road, leaving all sorts of little stones in your boots by the time you summit. The tower, while an interesting feature, is locked at the top and bars entry. You can climb up the steps a bit, but it only has so much appeal. The trail is also gaining in popularity, and you'll find yourself competing with quite a few others to take turns climbing up the tower steps. Speaking of the competition: There's no formal parking lot for this trail. You'll be fighting for a spot on the side of the road. I found the views really comparable to a pull-off just a half mile to the south on the BRP, and regret not putting my time on another trail instead.

2 months ago

Reading the reviews, I think people took a wide variety of trails in the area and mistakenly thought they were on this one. I’m not surprised, because the trails and trailheads are not well marked. The actual Pine Tree Trail Loop has no water crossings and there is no field. Instead it’s a relatively easy hike through woods and rhododendron. It goes alongside the creek part of the way and then circles through the woods most of the way. The trailhead can be hard to find, and your hiking time can double accidentally which probably happened to a few people. Here’s how you get to the Pine Tree Loop trail. From Alltrails, if you open the directions in google maps, it will get you to the right parking area. It’s labeled Ledford Trailhead. From there, do not walk up the dirt road. That’s the wrong direction and a completely different trail. Instead, park your car, and return on foot to the paved road, and keep walking the direction you were driving. This takes you towards the campground. You’ll go past the ranger station, past a four way stop sign, then you’ll see the trailhead on the right. Follow the blue blazes to stay on the Pine Tree Trail. At the end of the loop, it puts you back on the road in a different location from where you started. This is disorienting, but you’re close to the original trailhead. If you turned right down the paved road from there, it would take you to the lake. You want to turn left to head back towards the ranger station and your car. So, plan on an extra mile of walking on the paved road in addition to your trail time. And it doesn’t hurt to bring some water and a snack along, in case you find yourself on some of the intersecting trails and doubling your hiking time, which I think is pretty commonplace.

Absolutely beautiful even with a lot of people around you still can find those solitude spots for awhile

This trail takes you through a beautiful forest. It is easy, quiet, and lovely.

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