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Good views, mediocre “hike”

Just returned from hiking at the park. The trails are now marked and it's very easy to find your way in, and out. Thank you everyone that made this possible.

Easy and pretty, nice walk

Only climbed from start to first peak but was kinda disappointed that it took us to Blue Ridge Parkway.

20 days ago

Decent hike. Short distance so I went around 3 times to get more miles in. It always good to get outdoors.

Good wooded hike but no real destination or vistas.

Nice easy trail, great views, just too short.

Best spot I’ve found so far to watch the sunrise. Simply stunning.

1 month ago

Quiet, easy walk in the woods. keep an eye/ear out for oncoming mountain bikers.

1 month ago

Pretty woods and a view of the river and train tracks from the bluff. A nice walk. Not strenuous at all. A good place for a hammock and a book (or a nap) (or both).

Oh, and the disc golf course is excellent!

But, as mentioned by everyone else, the trail is marked terribly, so be willing to wander a bit or keep the trail map open (no trouble getting service while walking).

Enjoyed this trail. Wooded trail with a smooth path 2.8 miles out and back. Took our time and enjoyed the sun filtering through the trees. There is no real place to sit and have a snack. We did not see any vista views, but a long walk in the woods at 60 degrees was a great treat for this Texan.

great trail, I agree, the directions to where it starts isn't correct. it's on your right -you'll see the signage. it just stops at the blue ridge parkway, but if you take a left once you hit it, you can walk down to Haw Creek Valley Overlook. it's not too far down, just be careful.
our dog loved the trail!

1 month ago

Cool trail just dont turn down bent creek trail like we did and go all the way around that’s like 18 miles.Unless your up for that.

Trail i is used for mountain biking so pay attention. Many root systems to watch out for. A very pleasant well maintained trail. Views are normal Forrest views. But I only walked in a mile or so.

Great walk through the forest. Was expecting an overlook view once I got to the top but there wasn’t one. Be careful of the mountain bikers! On a busy day it could be dangerous

Very noisy with the trail being so close to the highway but other than that good.

Great single track in most spots especially after the long climb up Pinnacle road. I missed a couple of turns, some areas lacked markers. Overall, awesome ride.

It was nice to be in the forest, but as others have said, there weren't many views. The first half follows the road and even at the summits (Rich Knob, etc), there are no vistas because of the thick woods. I would definitely start farther in and probably wouldn't do this trail again.

Beautiful trail right under 2 miles. Beautiful lake and nice trail for a run

2 months ago

Calling this afternoon’s slow amble around Pine Tree Loop a hike would be an exaggeration of that word. It was a walk in the woods. The loop really is a slowly falling and rising bike trail.

So save this one for a rainy day. Literally.

Indeed, cool rainy sunsets might be invitations to slowly sip bourbon on the patio, but everyone should keep a local forest walk or three for warm rainy afternoons like today’s. It’s okay: get wet. Your clothes will dry after you replenish your soul.

Walk slowly, look around, and stop frequently to listen to the symphony of water. The white patter of raindrops on the canopy, the occasional and inconsistent drips from laden leaves, the burbles and gurgles and swishes of creeks dancing.

Today I had the trail to myself except for some birds and squirrels, and I watched a fox play in a puddle and deer sip from a low bank.

And then, amid the green ripples under the changing percussions of falling drizzle, an older tree noisily added some twenty degrees to its ongoing topple. I’d swear that I heard a few wood nymphs cheer a life well- and long-lived and celebrate the many potentials of the new chapter in the resulting clearing.

Cute trail, but way too close to the road.

3 months ago

This is a nice, shaded and easy trail to hike. It was not highly trafficked on a Sunday afternoon, and only a handful of bikers passed us. We accidentally came very close to a bear with cubs on the trail about half way, and were forced to turn back the way we came. The Ranger later told us that there is a bear den very close to the trail, so be on the lookout if you decide to hike here. Make sure you know what to do if you encounter bears on a hike! The National Park Service seems like a good source.

Take your time, pay attention to cyclists, don’t get mad at slow drivers ahead of you, bring food and hiking shoes (even if you had planned only to drive), and pull over every time you want.

Nice and shaded. Poorly labeled trails. A few dogs...none on leashes.

a lot of ways to get fall off the big loop...but not ruinously.. so keep your All trails map close and your cellphone charged. fun times

This hike is by no means difficult, it’s a short trek to an old radio tower with beautiful 360 views. You can climb the tower about 4 stories and get some awesome photos. Worth a short mile hike, nothing strenuous.

I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE the grounds of the Biltmore. it's so worth it to get a season pass just to walk here whenever you want (and in all the seasons!!!) I highly recommend getting there very early in their high traffic season and go during the week. I rarely ever went on a weekend because of crowds.

3 months ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Needed something easy that we could get a quick 5 miles in in the morning.

Let me first put a warning here. There is a $14 parking fee at the Arboretum (where the trailhead is) if you are not a member. There is a way onto the trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway, however it puts you at a weird starting point to loop and will change the mileage from what is in here. It is also not marked in any way there to know what trail you are on. We went ahead and became members for $50 so we can use the parking lot and explore the other trails and such.

Moving on. It is an easy trail, however you can get kind of turned around since you have to go through a gate, which puts you off of Arboretum property & into Pisgah to continue on the trail. I want to say it is a few miles in. You will see a call box by a fenced area. Go through that gate to find the map details on the other side. There is no sign outside of the gate. The trail continues and does do a decent ascent to get a bit of work out in before reaching the top. At the top, turn left and it will circle you back around to Hard Times Road. You will go through one more fence to get return to Arboretum property.

The trail is nice and easy. I do different levels. Very pretty and lightly traveled in the morning when we went. That is nice as it is quiet and relaxing. We will definitely be back and have marked this as something to do with visitors

Just okay, too short, gravel trail with all upgrade. The view from the fire tower was not exceptionally beautiful. Loved the wild flowers and butterflies. I can’t figure out the name. Why frying pan? My mind was telling me it was going to be a very hot hike, like sizzling in a frying pan...nope. I thought, well, maybe it has to do with being flat like a frying pan...nope. After hiking it I think it’s because someone found a frying pan up at the top of the hill and called it frying pan, sounds as good as anything.

Great little trail segment.

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