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Albemarle, North Carolina Map
22 days ago

Enjoyable hike if in the area. We had a good time but not worth multi-hour trip by itself.

23 days ago

Went counterclockwise. Pretty at outset, with trail right right right up against the river. Rocky, rooty, and many many many trees down throughout the hike - evidence of storm, evidence of prescribed burn - easy to get past or around, though. Mostly shady. Averaged encounters with other hikers about every 30 minutes - nicely uncrowded for the Labor Day weekend. Welcome breeze and semi-blocked vista for picnic at top, about halfway in.

Decent trail with sharp elevation changes. Very well marked. As an experienced hiker, I think this one is mislabelled. Don't let the easy rating fool you, it has moderate parts. The mountain you scale in the SW arm of the trail is quite challenging.

1 month ago

Nice hike in a beautiful State Park on a HOT summer day. Well marked but with 19 trees down across the trail none to difficult to maneuver.

Easy family-friendly hike even after all the rain we had. I went backwards through the trail. lt was a great idea because it was super muddy red clay starting out and ending up back at the start of the trail all the mud was gone!

if someone actually did the Sugarloaf trail it is NOT easy... Sugarload is strenuous!!!! and morrow trail is moderate.. do not trust the difficulty for whoever created this trail info.

nice little trail for the area.

2 months ago

One of my favorite hikes. A lot more big trees down across the trail since last time I had done it. Some were difficult for this short 65 yr old out of shape hiker to do in heat, but I was able to do the entire trail.

2 months ago

A few more trees down this year, but manageable. Great day to start early and involve the family. Wife and 9 year old had a great time. Deer, chipmunk, Turkey, and Squirells.

2 months ago

Fun hike only draw back for me personally is that it is a down and back. I prefer loops or distance hikes. But in all it is a good hike. Not really any steep areas, but a few moderate hills can be expected. The option is there to take the red loop (long loop) to extend the hike. Long loop is also a horse trail so watch your step.

Not a bad 2 mile loop to warm your legs and get the blood flowing. I would assume it is steep for the area and if you are new to hiking outside the city parks.

Good trail. At some points challenging navigating the downed trees (almost got lost close to the top), but overall nice. Clearer markings around the massive downed trees would have been nice, but this is a trail I will definitely do again!

Good hike and the dogs loved it! Great views of the lake

It was okay. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a good view when we got to the top. It was a hard climb for very little reward. You had to go off trail to see a view. Wouldn’t do again. Great workout though.

3 months ago

Great for a weekend hike and not far from home. This will become a normal for me. Up a mountain and along the lake. Love it!

Incredible! Please be mindful of the first leg up to the summit. Many of the trail markers were missing as the trees holding them had fallen however that part of the trail is marked with orange tape tied around various trees. It will get you back on track

Very steep! I went counterclockwise and I thought I had gotten lost, very many trees down and not really marked

There are quite a few trees down that you’ll have to nav around, or hop over. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy with a gradual incline and nice views on the way up when you can see between the trees. Keep your eyes open - we saw a rattlesnake on the trail and a wild turkey.

4 months ago

Perfect for training down and up hills especially if you include Mt Morrow Loop

5 months ago

We knew to follow the blue triangles but still got turned around. There is a sign before the incline at the end and after reading it it seemed to me to take what ended up being the turn that takes you up the road to the top. It was too late to turn back. Probably my fault but as a newbie to hiking I feel the signs could have been more clear as to where to go. The viewing area for the best photo is not very big, a small platform. It would have been nice to have more of them or a bigger one. Going down the mountain was tough. I rolled on the small gravel a couple of times as they were very pebbly.

Awesome afternoon hike. Takes about 1.5 hours at a good pace. The trails in good condition and the views are nice. I suggest going counterclockwise if you prefer having a steep short climb toward the top, and then a gradual descent.

on Morrow Mountain Trail

6 months ago

Nice hike through the woods. Has a few small creeks to cross. Trail is easily marked.

We had plans to do Sugarloaf but due to the weather we decided to just do the loop and have a small picnic. The views were breathtaking and my son had a blast hiking the loop.

I went the weekend after the controlled burn. Lost the trail for a little ways when I ambled around that giant felled oak near the peak, but I moved toward the ridge and picked it back up. It was unbelievably beautiful despite the ash, with amazing views of the valley and the lake. Most of the trail is pretty easy, and the strenuous segment (maybe 2/3rds of the way through the loop) is well worth it. I picked up the trail on the Bridle Trail side (the first right turn once you’ve entered the park). Can’t wait to go back in Spring to see the regrowth.

Easy walk, some nice views along the river

Great hike, a bit cold but not bad. Great views with no leaves on the trees and saw more deer than people! The parts of the trail going up the mountains are pretty steep but both are fairly short (

9 months ago

This was an easy hike on a well marked trail. Some nice views and wonderful in the fall foliage. Great starter

This is an easy trail but you have to watch your footing. Views of the valley are unmatched in the fall.

Morrow Mountain has several trails and I his one is moderately easy with only a few climbs. The views are fantastic and the trail is well marked.

9 months ago

For the most part moderate is correct. The uphill 1.5 mile at the end is rough on 60 year old man

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