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North Carolina Map
12 hours ago

Hiked today. Beautiful scenery, walking along Creek was peaceful and everyone on the trail was friendly. Few muddy spots but overall it was great.

washed out
13 hours ago

Hiked on 12/31. Agree with the below poster. Due to lack of government funding, there were a lot of blow downs. It took significant time and patience (barely had any left after this loop) to get through the trail. I had bloody legs after from all the scrambling through blow downs. It was worth it and is definitely a great loop, but the blow downs weren’t fun. I did see about twenty elk while hiking in the woods though. They’ve retreated from the fields and into the backcountry this time of year.

The Parkway was closed so I came up from 221 on the Asuiti trail. Some ice but more mud. Great winter views. The Calloway trail and Nuiti trail are closed for supposed “storm damage.” Well I might have gone down both to make it a loop and didn’t see any storm damage besides one fallen branch. The park service is saying they won’t open till July. It would be nice to know the real reason they are closing these two prime trails for such a lengthy time. It certainly isn’t storm damage. Overall a good steady climb but I wouldn’t recommend it without poles. If you solo hike like I do and you fall be prepared for a being in the woods along time before anyone finds you. Extra clothes, lighter, whistle, etc.

This is an easy trail with multiple areas to start or stop along the Roanoke river. Mostly flat with some hills. A lot of people bike the trail. It is dog friendly. There are places to fish along the trail. I have also taken my kayak from start to finish which is nice. There are some class1 or 2 rapids when the river is low at the very end in Weldon. It can be busy during nice weekend days.

16 hours ago

This is one of the best trails. The elevation change is nice. Moderate is accurate even with snow and ice on the trails. Hiking poles were helpful. The trail is very well marked. The views are spectacular regardless of weather. The fog rolling in & out gave a wonderful changing view.

Hiked this trail a few months ago, November I think! Way too close to the road. Never worry about getting lost. Just follow the traffic noise

18 hours ago

Trail was very muddy but enjoyed the hike except for all of the unleashed dogs. Just a reminder to folks with dog. Even the most friendly dogs will bite. I’ve been bitten so I am a leery of unleashed dogs and I carry pepper spray for this reason. Please keep your dogs on leashes!!

23 hours ago

Short, but Amazing. Best spot for sunrise and sunset. Use the app “Waze” and it’ll take you right to the trailhead

Beautiful views of the water falls. Most of trail covered by trees. Extreme solitude. Multiple options for trail lengths. Rough and slippery terrain.

Well marked easy to follow trails. A few blow downs and a lot of muddy areas. Numerous creek crossings. Quiet and well maintained. Great time in nature.

Trail is under construction - I’ll give it a “do over” come spring time

Family stopped for restroom break. Saw about 15 elk, really cool experience.

The address took me to a circle drive so I went looking for the park entrance. On the trail, I walked by the circle drive and someone had, indeed, parked there to start their hike. I didn't see the spot when I was in the circle. Hike was busy. About 20 kids hiding behind each tree at the park trailhead. Was funny to walk up on each one. I liked the creek/falls and the huge tree that is still standing but the top has fallen out of it. Easy waking. The little trail down to the cascades needs attention if you have children. It's basically straight down to the water and back up. Lots of roots, some muddy places but was able to get around quite easily.

Nice hike on gravel road. the views we good, even on a cloudy, snowy day.

Lots of switchbacks but still pretty steep. Fairly difficult but the view is worth it.

mountain biking
1 day ago

My fastest time someone came and cleaned up a lot of the debris

Nice trail. Some sections are marked. Others are not so take a trail map. There are currently trees across portions of the trail. One area at the stream has been marked with survey tape. Without the tape we would have had trouble keeping on the trail.

Suggest if you’re on a winter day trip start before noon. It took us longer than expected due the trail detours.

2 days ago

Great multiple usage Trail.
Primarily a mountain bike trail so pay attention to the hiking path direction so as bikes will be coming from the opposite direction.
Head on....so there’s plenty of time to see fast moving bikes.
Some real pro riders full speed ahead!
Appreciate the mixed usage. Thanks trail maintainers!

2 days ago

Pretty winter hike. Trees and shrubs at higher elevations were dusted with ice crystals. As others have said, the trail is quite steep and rocky for a little over two miles. After the turn to the Pinnacle the trail gets much easier and your legs get a nice break. Great views at the Pinnacle - be sure to follow the small trail through the underbrush to reach the Pinnacle at the very end. I had a Raven circling right over my head at the top, calling. The steep downhill on the way back takes a toll on your legs. I’d recommend extending trekking poles on the way back. If you’re finishing in the dark, like I did, be sure and take a headlamp. The rocks on the trail look like they’d make great ankle-turners.

2 days ago

This was a tough trail due to the incline going up. Lots of nice openings where you catch a glimpse of small town Sylva. Once you get to the “top” where you break off and go toward the pinnacle (1.4miles I believe) it’s cake. Every drop of sweat was worth it when you walk out of the clearing for the view. It was amazing. Brought my jet boil and had some lunch and tea and made my way down. It was cold (35) but that was nice while hiking up. Definitely doing it again in the spring!

2 days ago

nice easy paved hike. Some down trees and debris across pavement.

Beautiful day great easy hike to start out 2019,

Beautiful day great easy hike to start 2019. Lots of trees down and a couple of land slides, but the road is in good shape.

My wife and I hiked this trail today in great but seasonally cool weather. It was still muddy in places, but overall in pretty good shape. We are in our 60’s, but seasoned hikers and found the upper section of Big Piney challenging but certainly a good hike. We only hiked Big Piney in and out, which was a great afternoon hike.

Amazing and tough.

I haven't been on a hike in some time so it was somewhat hard at times but I enjoyed it! would definitely recommend this hike!

nice clean easy restful walk.

moderately steep to steep. the best view is about halfway up on a sloping rock. not much of a view at the top but making it to the top is the fun part

this is one of my favorite short hikes. hiking through fir forest to the rocky outcrop at the top. has some of the best views around. the black mountains to the north, craggy mtns to the west and greybeard mtn to the southwest

3 days ago

starts off easy but gets steep in a hurry. one of my go to trails for an afternoon hike. the views at the rocks on the ridge top are awesome. on clear days table rock and hawk's bill in the linville gorge can be seen to the east

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